Spellin’ Time Has Come

Don’t know what it was last night–maybe the stars were just right enough to keep the Great Old Ones out of our world and to allow the creativity to flow.  But I was on a roll, and that roll wasn’t pumpernickel.

It became time to get the ducks lined up, not so they could be blown away by a gigantic gun because I’m insane, but because I have a novel to write, and there are a few threads hanging that need to be tidied.  I had a few cities to add, a couple of people to name, and some spells to list.  Not a lot of work, mind you, but it’s one of those things that you sit on for a while, and if you’re not careful, before you know it Halloween is rolling into town and you’re still wondering what to name the Night Nurse.

So it was project time.  Brought up Scrivener, loaded the project, went to the notes . . . and I was off.

I finished up my headquarters listing.  It was a matter of getting a few more cities from a round the world, but it’s strange how it comes down to, “Eh, better not use that one–” cause of one reason or another.  The Middle East will probably hate me, ’cause I have no people there save for Beirut, Lebanon.  Sorry about that, guys, but no way would my Foundation leave people on the ground for you to perhaps mess with.  Of course, I could always pull a djinn out of a bottle and sic them on someone’s butt . . .

Then I had some people to name.  They’re not real people; they’re Clockworks.  Then again, they are free Clockworks, but . . . never mind.  They get paid to do a job, they’re people.  I needed a couple in security and a couple in the hospital.  I’m also going to need kitchen staff and grounds keepers who’ll report to the Headmistress and the Librarian directly, so I should get them named–like tonight.  What am I, HR?

Then came spell time, and . . . well, I thought I was going to have some trouble writing things down.  I have thought out a few things here and there, but I didn’t put anything down, ’cause I keep everything in the head until that time.  I had the table up and ready, and started writing . . . before it was all over, I probably had two dozen things written down, in my own terminology, with minimal effects, where they feel in the teaching realm, and at what grade level you could expected to see someone learning said spell, mixture, or power.

I knew they were there, but I hadn’t realized I had that many hanging around in my head.  And that’s not all of them.  I know I’ll add to the list tonight, and add a little more tomorrow, and maybe the night after that.  But that will get finished, and probably not over the course of three weeks as sometimes happens.  No, I want this done so I can move on to other disasters.

Two ideas go in, one spell comes out.  Spellin’ Time has come.