Weekend at Salem

I tried to get a little done last night, but it was Project Runway night, and you know how that goes.  Well, I did get something done:  I updated some fifty role playing games that I’ve bought over the years and never bothered to newer version whenever something was done to the pdf.  So there; I’m up to speed.  I can’t say, “Hey, I got fifty games I gotta update,” any more.

There is no games, there is only SIGEL.

Here’s what I have left for my next book:  I need to finish my characters names.  I have maybe six or seven people who need to get put into the system, because they may, or may not, have a speaking part.  Even if they don’t have a speaking part, I need them now, and maybe I’ll need them later.  I can say, right now, I know I’ll need three of the characters, so . . . do them.  Oh, and I need to fix a few names–no big deal, because I sort of know what the names should become.

Spell, powers, science:  I’ve got maybe thirty things on my list all ready.  As I come up with ideas, I’ll throw them in, because it’s not all that hard to imagine things.  What I won’t do is stare at the list and go, “Hey, do I need this?”  No, that’s counter productive.  I have access to many forms of communications to leave notes to myself, so if something pops up, it’ll get filed.  Simple as that.

Everything else is in place.  I could probably put down a few places in Salem and nearby Rockport and Gloucester that would be of interest to people in the story.  In my lead-in novel I did a quick trip around Salem, and I have a couple of places that I know the kids would visit.  I mean, they could take a picture of themselves in front of Samantha Stevens, or they could stand in front of the Crow’s Nest.  There’s one particular place that’ll show up near the end . . .

Lastly, however, there is the story itself.  I need to lay it out.  I have a time line, so I know what goes where.  I know the important places that need mentioning.  I have some family things to discuss at some point.  So the time has finally come to get out the corkboard and set upon it the cards that are The Foundation Chronicles:  Welcome to the Fishbowl.  Or something like that; maybe I need a better title.  Welcome to the Madness?  Into the Mouth of Magic?  Everything You’ve Learned Up Until Now is Bullshit?  That last has New York Times potential . . .

Either way, I finish this up.  My kids have been waiting long enough; it’s time to let them shine a little.  My grand edifice has waited in the shadows for a long time, and it wants to clap its flippers and bark like a seal. ’cause yo, happy times are finally here.

There are only so many weekends left in The Burg, and you gotta make them count.