Layout Lowdown

It has begun.  Besides all the other stuff I did yesterday–and it was a lot–I started laying out my next novel.  I know I should have managed more, but I didn’t because I was busy chatting with people.  Sue me.

But the novel is getting laid out.  And the moment I started laying things down, I figured this is either going to have a huge number of chapters, or it’s going to be a monster.  Or both.  That has been known to happen with me.

I’m using a format that I adopted last year for my first novel, which is to break everything into parts, then break that down into chapters, then set up scenes within each chapter.  In the past I’ve written chapter by chapter, all one big thing, even if there were difference scenes.  This time I’m going scene by scene, which was how I did it when I wrote the lead-in novel for this novel during July Camp NaNo.

As you can Layout Stating 01see on the right I’ve my title page finished–though still not sold on the title, but I’m not sweating that–and I have two parts laid out with the third to comes.  Looking down the binder on the left, one notices the chapters inside each part, and the scene cards laid out.  You can also see my Camp Novel, The Scouring, right above The Magic Fishbowl, and somewhere below that is a folder labeled Book Two.  One project:  many stories.  That was my intention when I decided to write about this world, that I’d keep all the stories here in one place.  Now, if I need to go looking for something that happened years before, I know where it’s located.

When I get Layout Starting 02into each chapter I find my scenes looking like the ones I have here.  These are all nice and neat, without any metadata written upon each card.  Then again, the chapter tells me when it is, and the title of each scene tells me where I’m at, so the metadata is actually in place.  Those are my writing prompts, and with a little more information I know exactly what needs to be said.  More or less:  the mind is tricky, and by the end of the day my kids go from discovering magic to setting up their own meth lab and start cooking.  Not saying it would happen, but . . .

In getting Layout Starting 03this post together I discover one of the reasons I love Scrivener so much.  I decided to change the name of one of the scenes as I set up my pictures, and that made is necessary to find out the name of the regional transportation group in the Boston area.  Quick Google Search and I find it’s the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, or MBTA.  Now, I’ve used their website before, but since there’s always a chance I’m going to need it again–because, hey, my kids need to get around–I decided to set up a card with the interactive website feature, and–ta da!  Now when I want to get around the Boston area, I just go split screen, pull this up, and start plugging numbers.  Never know when I’ll want to send the kids off to Innsmouth–I mean, Ipswich.  Innsmouth isn’t a real place–or is it?

I’m not going to finish this all this weekend, but it’s started, and I’ll finish before I know it.  This won’t get dragged out to the end of the month–oh, no.  Another week and I should have this feline in the proverbial loose container.  But I see the end.

And right behind it is the beginning.  Yeah, that’s how it goes . . .