Fast Write at The Burg Times

Can’t say what it is, but I’ve had great sleep the last couple of nights.  First Sunday, then last night, I’ve not only managed to sleep well, but I’ve had some vivid dreams.  Of course, last night had to do with two people trying to kill me with rifles because I was trying to get tested for hormones–what’s that all about?  Really, last night’s dream was all about running and being chased by people who wanted to kill me.  it was like I was in an episode of Boardwalk Empire.

I was back into the story last night, putting dates and times to some of the cards, and I realized, as I went along, that I needed a few more scenes.  I’m also thinking that, before I lay out a regular school week, I may need to change a few of the chapters.  This is what you get when you are flexible in your plotting:  you see a hole, you fill it, and if it’s necessary to build a bridge, you get out the bricks and mortar.  Oh, and a first week in a school of “special children” will involve moving several hundred pounds of bagged manure as their first day in Botany and Life Sciences class.  Magical elixirs, my ass:  we’re getting down and dirty.  I would add, “No shit,” but that’s what the scene is about–ba-da-crash!  Thank you!  I’m here all week!

Other than plotting I have the novel ready to go.  I do need a total number of students for the year, but that’s easy enough; I can whip that together in about an hour tonight.  “Won’t you just make up numbers, Cassie?” I can hear someone saying.  Oh, no, no.  I’ll figure out how many F Levels came in the five years earlier, the work out their drop-off percentages.  Then do the same for the other levels.  If I’m really crazy I could also figure out where most of them come from–and I am really crazy, so that’s likely to happen as well.

It’s stupid little details like figuring out total enrollment that make my world seem real.  It’s not just an arbitrary number shat out and applied.  There’s some real reason behind that figure–or at least it feels that way to me.

I told a friend the other day that I’ve probably put more work into putting this story together than any other story I’ve written, including the two Indonesian horror stories I have written that both required a whole lot of time Google Mapping locations and figuring out what I was seeing when I put things down in the story.  The second one was written for last year’s NaNo, and I’ve yet to edit that sucker.  Yet.  I think it’s time I did, because it’s a good story, and once it’s out of the way I can write my next Indonesian horror story.

‘Cause that’s what you keep doing:  writing, then publishing.  I’ve been lax on the second part, particularly when it comes to getting covers, but it’s getting there.  I have reason to get myself out there more.  Because . . .

Well, I’ll talk about that tomorrow.