Rainy Day Monster

It’s been raining in The Burg all night, and it looks a bit horrid out there this morning.  This is sort of a sucky position for me today, as my eyes are totally running with junk–have been since last night.  I’m trying hard not to rub them because they’ll itch all day if I do.  Not the sort of crap I want to deal with today.

But, I’ve found a recording of the Monster album on YouTube, so I’m jamming along with R.E.M. as I write.  Yeah, sometimes life can be good when it looks like hell around you.

Lot’s more plotting going on last night, and I’d gotten so foggy at night that I was forgetting how to put part/chapter/scene together.  Usually I’m good with that, but last night I kept returning to what I’d done, realized I’d done it wrong, and turned around and did it right.  It was all a big frustrating and not a bit madding, but that’s how this game plays.  Sometimes you get it right the first time, sometimes you screw things royally and it becomes necessary to unscrew said work.

But unscrew things I did.  I managed to get the story moved up to another big event in the school’s history, and boy, when these happen do they seem to be bad.  It’s the way things roll in my world:  everyone’s out to knock Salem off the top of the pyramid, and when thugs come calling, Salem pushes back.  Hard.  And nasty.

The one good thing is I’ve found the line that my main tween male character will say that will drive his girlfriend, the main tween female character, right up the wall and make her shoot laser beams from her eyes at another female-type person.  Give her a few more years training, and she’ll actually be able to do that.

But I know where the story is at right now, and where it’s going.  I know this educational part that’s occupying the first part of the story is going to give way to a bit of a personal interlude before everyone comes back to the school and . . . hey, you really think I’m giving things away?  Needless to say, there are a lot of nefarious things going on in the world, and in My World, and if you’re good, someone’s going to notice and want to–well, you know how it goes.

Onward and upward, right?  Finish this plotting stuff out in the next week, then I can do something else.  Maybe rest, maybe write.  I have Monday off to honor a murdering, genocidal slave trader, so maybe I’ll write an article about something close to my heart that will likely piss a few people off.  Tomorrow I’m likely to say some things that will get some hairs raised, but it’s been a while since someone angrily threw out the rhetorical question, “Who do you think you are?”

That’s an easy one, my friend:

I’m the one who wrote something that pissed you off.  And you didn’t.