The Philadelphia Experiment

I was back to the grind last night, deep in The Foundation Chronicles, for which Book One is now called A For Advanced, because I like that better, and given that kids coming into the school are known as A Levels, and they are getting advanced, so there.  I like it, I’m sticking with it, and I’ll try to tie in each level somehow–meaning the next book will be B For This is a Bitch, or something along those lines.

But it was laying out parts and chapters, and getting the scenes down, and my head was starting to hurt, because I’m seeing images in my mind of what’s suppose to happen, and then I’m figuring out when, then I’m coming up with a cute metatitle so when I begin to write the scene, I know what it’s about.

I didn’t work up a complete count last night, but I’ve now worked out twelve parts and thirty-four chapters, which means there are approximately one hundred and thirty-five scenes.  Three hundred words per scene equals forty thousand, five hundred words, and I know I’ll have more than three hundred words per scene, so even lowballing this thing, I’m hitting fifty thousand easy.  Actually, it’ll more likely I’ll get closer to five hundred words a scene, so sixty-seven thousand, five hundred words right now, and I’m pretty much assured to hit one hundred and fifty scenes by the end of the novel.

There is work ahead of me–

But not a lot today, for I am on the road again, which is why I’m working on this post at just a little before six AM.

In a little less than an hour I’ll leave Laputa–my Castle in the Sky–and walk three blocks to the train station, where I’ll get tickets for The Keystone to Philadelphia.  Pull out of the station at 7:20, and just about an hour and forty minutes later I’ll pull into the 30th Street Station.  After that I’ll take the Market-Frankford subway line to 5th Street, and just like that I’ll pretend I’m Nic Cage looking to rip off the Liberty Bell, only with far less insanity and no bees.

This is something I’ve been thinking about doing for a few weeks, and today–while the weather is cool and there’s no rain–is a good day to train it.  I’ll leave out of Philly on the 1:55, while gets me back home for dinner before four PM.  And since I’m on the train, I can sleep if I like, and not have to worry about being tired at the wheel while driving back on the Turnpike.

I did my research, and I know my way around pretty much.  Since I’m going to stick to that part of the city, there isn’t a lot I need to look up.  I may leave the return open, and catch the 2:45 home:  I don’t know.  Right now I’m debating.

Either way, I’m once more out of the house and looking around.  And I can add one more city to my list of “Been There” while my Weeping Angel guards the house.

If I see anyone stealing the Constitution, I’ll get pictures.