Ready, Steady . . .

After the big roll out yesterday, the final cross on the “T”, so to speak, I sat around Laputa last night wondering what to do.  When you’ve spent months prepping–off and on, of course, no way would I have done this all in one stretch–and you hit the “Pause” button so you can recharge and regroup, you find yourself going, “Hey, what’s next?”

What’s next is niggling little things that poke at you and the worry in the back of your mind that you’re going to miss something.  You start looking at the sky on certain dates to make certain that things are going to look right.  The last two scenes in my story involve characters looking at the sky at the same time, and one seeing something completely different.  I knew one would see the sun setting, but the other–I had to check Sky View Cafe just to make sure it was dark, ’cause I know how surprising sunrise and sunset can be in Europe during the summer–as in, they come earlier and later than you’d image.  I was fortunate that I’d figured right, and that I didn’t need to move anything around there.

I checked time tables for trains.  There’s two train trips at the beginning that I wanted to locked down.  I changed the time for one–I was off by about five minutes for what I wanted in the scene–and for the other . . . it’s really easy to book passage on the Eurostar these days, a lot easier than it was when I was putting together a train schedule in 2006.  If you look hard enough, you can find out how much time it takes to go from Downtown London to the English side of the Chunnel.  Answer:  not very long.

Just in case I need any of this information, I plugged in a few of the websites in my novel project, so if I need to look something up, I have it.  Once more I recommend the site Time and Date, because if you ever need to see a date or time for a location, or you need to know what time it is in Omaha, Nebraska, when you’re in Osaka, Japan, this is the place to go.  If you have globe trotting characters, this place can be a live saver.

It’s all last minute squirming about, wondering if everything is in place and ready to go.  It is, but when I get to this point after a long set up, I tend to OCD all over the place, hoping against hope that you didn’t miss anything.  I know I did, I know there are a couple of scenes missing, but I’ll get to those as I come to them.  It’s not as if the story is going to run off in the middle of the night, or that my characters are suddenly going to open up a branch of the Hellfire Club in one of the various basements around the school grounds.  Besides, if they do, who do I pick to be The White Queen?

It ready, it’s steady.

All it needs now is the go.