Give Me a Home

Yes, I know I said I was done, but . . . I lied.  Well, not lied, just stretched the truth a bit.

It seems if you get me to thinking about something concerning any of my stories, I’ll find something that I need to add.  For example–home.  Or better yet, homes.  Where do people live when they aren’t at the school sponging off The Foundation?  (Which, by the way, isn’t what one might think.  I figured out operating costs versus net revenues, and . . . no sponging.  And it’ll make a great line later.)  It’s also needed because when The Foundation is flying kids back and forth around the world, it’s a good idea to know which instructors are flying on which planes.  Instead of, you know, just pulling something out of my ass later.

To the maps, then, while pulling up my instructor’s list . . .

Now, a few of these were already done.  I knew one instructor lived in Chicago; another lived in Colorado; one lived outside Prague; another lived in Berlin, New Hampshire; two lived in Oregon and Hong Kong respectively; one lived in England while her partner sometimes lived in New Zealand; and one lived in the south of France.  As for the staff:  one in Salem, one somewhere in England, another in France, and as I’d established in my Camp Novel, one in Palm Springs, California.

Given all that, it wasn’t difficult to find places for everyone else.  I pulled up their card and wrote their homes in the Document Notes found in Scrivener’s Inspector, and like that I was finished.  On to the next, find a place, write it down, and . . . done.

That left just one person . . . one of my main characters.

I’ve always said that this particular character lives in Cardiff, Wales, and I even knew just about where in the city, because I’d seen the location on Google Maps.  But there was nothing ever concrete.  So time get to it, right?  Yes, I did.  I pulled up his card, found the location, and wrote it down in the document notes.  Then, just for the hell of it, I googled the address, because there is a method to my madness, and . . . wouldn’t you know it?  There are houses for sale in that area.  Besides telling you how much the homes are going for–in this case, £285,000 for the home I wanted–nearly all of the realtor sites show you–

Floor plans.

Ergo, rather than dream up what the inside of the house looked like, I just clicked on the Floor Plan tab, did a couple of quick cut and paste, and there you have it:  instant layout.  And just so I wouldn’t lose anything, I went into that card’s Document References–also found in the Inspector; the little set of books icon to the right of the notes–and set up three links:  one external to the home location link in Google Maps, and two internal for the ground and first floors.

With that my work is done–well, pretty much.  I need to come up with the names of seven people tonight, which is no big deal, and then I’m really though.

Until I come up with something else.  Probably today . . .