The Unruly Children

The musical accompaniment for the evening were the albums The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway and Duke, both by Genesis.  A while back some people on the NaNo group wondered what sort of music one listens too while they are writing.  So, during the period of this novel–at least for the NaNo portion of the writing–I’ll give you my album choices.  I normally don’t write with just individual songs from various groups playing; I find it too distracting.

It’s also nice to throw on a long album (at one time we called them “double albums”, because they shipped on two vinyl platters) followed by a normal one, because it gives you more time to write.  That’s the other thing I’m trying to do this time as well:  since my time at night is limited, I’ll write while the music plays.  When it’s finished, I’m finished.  Unless, of course, I want to write more, then I’ll find another album . . .

I finished the first scene.  I needed a few hundred words, and it wasn’t difficult to write them down.  I knew how it would end some time back, and I pretty much nailed it.  Then I introduced my other main characters, and things didn’t drag–oh, just the opposite.  They flew.  What I wanted to say flew onto the page:  the words were easy to find.

The funny thing is, you didn’t see my second main character right away.  The majority of the scene considered of a Mr. Mayhew speaking with the parents of the main character, explaining how sending their son of to this private school in America was going to be the greatest thing for the kid, he was gonna grow, he was gonna thrive, he was gonna be a star.  Well, maybe not in those very words, but the dude was doing the sell.  And ever so slowly he was getting the parents to come around.

Then the main character walked onto the stage, and by that time it was getting close to the end, where I needed to stop for the evening, but I was able to get a few of his definitions down before shutting down–

Normal sized, looking a little lost, doesn’t wear anything but black jeans, red hair, green eyes, glasses.  Gives his dad a strange look when he’s ask about chemistry.  And lightens up when he starts talking to Mayhew about MIDIs and synthesizers, because here’s a kid with an interest in music.  But he has issues with someone in his family as well, just as my other character has issues with someone in her family–something you sort of see played out in her bedroom.  Ah, you gotta love it.  To be a preteen once more . . . no thanks.

The prologue is nearly out of the way, and then it’s on to Chapter One, and I get my characters together, meet a few other people, decide if I need a particular scene–I’m already thinking I don’t–and then . . . flying time, and I bring on a whole lotta other people.

It’s gonna be fun, I can assure you.

Word count for the evening:  2,167, bringing the total to 4,031.  Not bad for a couple of days.