From Home to Holmes

Late start today, but it’s staying dark outside longer, and I’m sleeping better.  Don’t know why the later is taking place; maybe I’ve got a hell of a lot of stress out of my life, and it’s letting me rest and dream.  Whatever it is, I’ll take it.

Soundtrack listing for the writing experience:  Outside and Scary Monsters and Super Freaks, by David Bowie, and Honky Chateau by Elton John.  Yes, I had to go with three album, because writing.  It was taking some time.  Also, I started looking things up, and that took time, too.  But for the most part I stayed away from the outside distractions.  It paid off, believe it.  By the way:  Outside?  Brilliant.  Give it a listen.

Both my main characters are on stage, and I’ve brought in another character with a speaking part.  I’ve moved the action from Bulgaria to Cardiff, Wales, to London, where my characters are now staying in the Park Place Sherlock Holmes, which is a for real place–though if you roll in from the Baker Street side it looks a lot different.  But the kids love it, and I know when one of my characters leaves the hotel to do things he’s been asked to do by his chaperon, he’ll hum a certain tune as he’s winding his way down Baker Street.  Yes, I have to do that.

Even with the prep work i did prior to writing, I still found it necessary to look up a few things for the last scene and a few scenes coming up.  I needed to find the hotel, which paid off nicely.  I need to see tailor shops close to the location of the hotel, and found quite a few–including the shop of Sir Tom Baker, which means the shop is probably far bigger on the inside than the outside.  (And least you think I jest–)  I have my characters running off to buy equipment for their chemistry class–and, yes, they will need The Erlenmeyer Flask–and after that it’s off to order books.  Now, I found the perfect book store, and I’m considering using the real name, but I have a backup just in case.  Maybe I’ll put it in–yeah, hell, put it in.  I can always remove it later when I become well known with this story.

Already I see one scene I’m going to cut, because I don’t need to go into detail at that point.  I’m only considering removing it, because I don’t know if it’ll make any sense or have a need.  The novel is going to be long enough, though a thought is forming for what I could put there should I write it.  I’ll know tomorrow, because I’ll probably reach that point tomorrow.

During a short chat last night I reminded myself why I spent so much time planing this story.  For one, just locations alone keep me hopping about.  And two, a little over six thousand words and three scenes into the novel and I’ve already presented eight characters with speaking parts.  Two more are going to show up in the next few scenes, and in the next chapters there will be three more with significant scenes and three who will have a few words here and there.  There are at least two dozen characters with speaking roles, but don’t worry, I won’t get them mixed up.  Much.

Word count for last night:  2,702.  Count for the novel:  6,733.  Rock me, baby.  It feels like old times.