Wander Out and Bad Backs

I got the music listing right here, Queen, Queen II, and Shear Heart Attack by Queen.  I almost got into A Night at the Opera, but I thought I’d leave that for tonight.

Sunday didn’t fare any better than Saturday for the writing thing.  If we’re looking at it from the standpoint of total words out, I’m averaging about two thousand a day–probably more like twenty-two hundred a day, but close enough.  Five days in I’m a little over eleven thousand words, so the next goal is a quarter of a way to fifty-four thousand words, which is thirteen thousand, five hundred.  Lets see . . . if I do good tonight, I could hit that.  If not, I’ll be there tomorrow.

The biggest probably I had yesterday was back spasms.  My writing chair isn’t really a writing chair, it’s more a, “You shouldn’t sit at this for more than an hour” kind of chair, and long hours in front of the computer do nothing for my back.  I had to stop and rest a couple of times during the afternoon to let it heal up, but even with that, by eight o’clock I finished.  The back wasn’t willing, and the energy to come up with anything interesting was gone.

But I managed to finish one scene, complete a second, and start a third, so it wasn’t a complete loss.  My kiddies (it sounds better than “My main characters”, and they are eleven year old kids) were given the chance to spend the day doing whatever they wanted.  Two of the kids decided that being turned loose in London wasn’t their bag, so they decided to stay in their rooms and veg before the telly.  My kiddies, however, were on a mission–well, one was, and he sorta, kinda, maybe dragged another along for the ride.  They took the Underground, they walked, they saw, they photographed, they rested here and there–mainly because the boy of the group, while he wants to get out and see things, isn’t keen on his cardio–and at the start of the third scene they’d settled in for a late lunch at a cafe in Russel Square.

Now a little talking, a little chatting, and a little spoken knowledge that both kids are sorta on to what’s happening–no, not in the gist of the overall story, but by what’s happening to them in London.  No, Chapter Two is coming, and that’s more travel, then comes Part Two and Chapters Three, Four, and Five lay it all out–after a little mental torture, of course.  It should, it could, be interesting.

This is the first NaNo where I was working a “normal” job while writing my novel.  That’s not that big of a deal:  I did that through most of 2012, when I was working at The Undisclosed Location.  Right now I get up to blog, then head to work, then come home and write from about six to eight or nine PM.  It’s a living, what can I say?  And until I sell a few novels, it’s what I have to do.

Daily word count:  2084.  Total word count:  11,105.