Limping Towards the Chunnel

Before anything else, I hear you say, “What’s the soundtrack, Cassie?”  As promised, it was A Night at the Opera and A Day at the Races, both by Queen.  Both great albums, and I have a scene in this story where one of the characters sings a song from one of those albums–and it’s not the one you’re thinking right now.

But the writing wasn’t what I expected last night.  There was a lot of back pain last night, and a lot of getting up from the chair every three hundred words or so to stretch and try to get the pain away.  There was a lot of head scratching and such about what I was saying through my characters.  And then I made the mistake of turning on the TV . . . damn.  Above the Law is a cheesy-ass movie, but it’s one of those train wrecks that you can’t pull your eye from–

Though by that time my back was screamin’ at me so much that I couldn’t write much more if I wanted.  And I did want, because near the end I was getting on a roll.  It wasn’t meant to be, however.  Sometimes the mind is willing, but the body tells you to piss off and get some rest, and that was my body last night.  I wanted to watch TV.  The gimpy bastard.

I’ve got my kids on a train–not a boat; you know where I’m going with this–and it’s the Eurostar screaming towards the Chunnel.  I know the route, I’ve followed it on The Maps, and it’s nothing at all like Mission Impossible with a single tube and helicopters flying in because they are somehow hooked to the train.  Nope, nope, not gonna happen here.

What is happening is (a) indifference from the Irish kid reading a football bag, (b) the Scottish lass is being snippy, (c) the Bulgarian girl is getting huffy, (c) the Welsh-American kid has no clue whatsoever other than he figures out some kind of “thing” is happening around him.  In a few minutes they’ll hit the tunnel and something will happen, something that will set up a very short scene at the end of Chapter One–yeah, I know, I’ve said short before, but I mean it–and then it’s on to Chapter Two, Schiphol Airport, and the flight out.  Exciting stuff, yes?

Maybe not, but I’m getting there.  I didn’t think I could write this far in five days, but I’m doing it.  Why couldn’t I get here?  Because figuring out what to say; knowing where to take them.  Trying to alter my style as I’m writing, attempting not to do certain things as I develop the prose.  So maybe times I’ve wanted to put in a “said” or “asked”, but I’ve found away around.  Now I have to try something, because writing.  It’s all about getting better and being better.

And getting your word count in at the same time, which I have.

Nice, daunting task if you can get it.

Daily word count:  1,770.  Total word count:  12,875.