Under the Channel and to the Airport

Tell us, Cassie, what was said sound track you listened to as you typed away last night, Why, it was Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and Don’t Shoot Me I’m Only the Piano Player, both by Elton John.  I point out that Goodbye Yellow Brick Road was the first album I ever bought, followed by the 2001 Sound Track.  Strange kid, I was.

Little back pain and feeling far more ready to slap down some words than the night before.  I wasn’t perfect, but I was better.  And whenever I felt like my back was a few moments from screaming on its own, I’d get up, walk around the studio, maybe sit in the easy chair for a few, then get back to writing.

I made it through three scenes last night.  First, I got the kids into the Chunnel, where something nice happened.  Second, I had a moment with Annie where something special happened.  These two things brought about the end of Chapter One, and so with that I launched into Chapter Two and brought another character onto the stage, one who is conducting business with Ms. Rutherford, the children’s chaperon, and who will be on and off the stage of this story for the rest of the book.  They met in Grand Cafe Het Paleis, in the departure area of Schiphol Amsterdam Airport while the kids–all the ones from Europe, Africa, and a couple of Western Asia–cooled their heels in the KLM lounge right above them.

It’s flying day.  I’m eager to get to this point.

I made my way through a quarter of the story–sorry, I should say, a quarter of the fifty-four thousand words I will write before the end of November.  The NaNo site is telling me, however, that I’ll reach my goal by 17 November.  Don’t know if that’s real or not, but I’ve always finished my stories ahead of time, and always with more words that expected.  It does seem likely that if I keep at my pace of about two thousand words a night–a goal I’ve only missed twice so far, and not by much–that I’ll hit my goal and be well over fifty-four thousand by the time I leave The Burg and head home for the holidays.

Today is going to be tough, however.  No back pain last night, but when I headed off to bed my thighs were hurting like mad.  I rolled about for a while, took some aspirin and tried sleeping in the easy chair, and finally dozed off into dreamland about three AM.  At the moment I don’t feel like I’m about to collapse into a heap, but come noon time it’s likely going to hit.  I’m probably going to struggle a little getting my two thousand in tonight, but I will try.  If nothing else I will get seventeen thousand, my daily minimum, and then kick back to watch American Horror Story deal with zombies and burning witches.

I haven’t wrote like this in a long time.

It’s feeling wonderful.

Daily word count:  2,155.  Total word count:  15,030.