Departures and Boardings

What was the soundtracks, Cassie?  Okay, there were three:  Duke and Selling England by the Pound, by Genesis, and then to change things up a bit, Remain in Light, by Talking Heads.  I realize that Duke is a repeat, but that’s okay ’cause I like it.

I’m gearing up to have my characters leave Schiphol Airport like nobody’s business.  I finished the business between Ms. Rutherford, my chaperon, and the headmistress of the school, then got the kids on the bus to take them to the plane.  Reason for that is the plane is not docked at one of the gates, but is sitting on the tarmac all by its lonesome.  Don’t worry; I know where, and I know I can do it.  If you look at the airport on Google Maps–and I have–you’ll see where one can do this.

I’m moving into a long scene here–really, a bunch of scenes.  I’m considering just stacking them together in one text box, or just setting up a card when I need it and stacking it under the main scene that I pretty much just finished.  I’ll know how I want to do it by tonight; it’s not a big deal and I’ll have it worked out probably before I finish my walk into work.  Scrivener will let me do it however I want, so no big deal.

Within the end of the prior scene I pretty much gave the names of everyone who will be at the school, save the few who are traveling on this particular flight with the headmistress and the students.  Those few people will turn up in a few scenes, and then I can get this plane in the air and the show on the road.  Believe it or not, a lot happens in the air–well, maybe not a lot, but enough.  Then it’s two more scenes, what I hope is an awesome ending, and Chapter Two and Part One will be history.

I’ll also be about twenty-five thousand words into the story.  Oi.  Wordy sucker, I am.  I’m already close to a third of the way to fifty-four thousand, and I’ll hit that point tonight.  Given the way my daily totals are going, I will end up low nineteen thousands tonight, and skip over the twenty thousand word mark Friday.  Twenty-seven thousand is my half-way point, and I can see hitting that by Sunday.  If I’m not writhing in pain on the floor by that time, that is.

Soon my characters are off to their third location, Boston, which is just a stop over.  Though Salem and Rockport, then on to the big enchilada, and I can settle down for some good times.  And probably wonder just how big this sucker will be.  I know some scenes will be smaller, but at the moment I’m looking at a huge novel, and my inner editor is starting to nag me to cut stuff, or at least stop being so wordy.  And I know I have some long scenes ahead–

Like the one I’m in now.

Don’t worry, I’ll figure this out.  Imma writer.

Daily word count:  2,137.  Total word count:  17,167.