If I Go the Plane Way

Before we get going, I know some of you are asking, “What did you listen to while writing, Cassie?  What gave you inspiration?”  The music last night came from Jazz and News of the World, both by Queen, and then to change it up a lot, American Stars and Bars by Neil Young.  Really, I think I was all over the music map last night.

So, scenes on the plane.  I the night before I finished the scene where I get my kids on that big silver bird that’s gonna fly them to America, and so I had to decide:  how do I work this with the rest of the scenes.  What I decided to do was group all the other scenes in behind the main one.  What do I mean by that?  Let me show you.

Since Scrivener looks like you’re writing on a bunch of cards, it’s also designed to allow you Grouping Oneto stack and groups those cards however you like.  One way you can do this is within a folder, like if you had a physical one with a bunch of cards in it.  You do this by moving cards around in your binder, on the left, placing them where you like them.  If you look closely under the Over the Pond card, you’ll see something that looks like there’s more cards stacked underneath.  That’s the grouping.  And if you look in the binder on the left, you’ll see the two additional cards/scene right below.

It’s really in Outline Mode that you see all the cards and the meta data attached to them.  Grouping TwoIt’s also here that you can get to them the easiest and do whatever editing magic you want to lay on your story.  Or you can add more cards to keep writing scenes.  Yes, everything I’m writing could have been placed inside the Over the Pond scene, but this way I keep all my individual scenes separate, and if I need to go back and either edit or remove something, I don’t have to scroll through a couple of thousand words of text to find what I’m looking for.  It’s right there.

Kids one plane, the school’s headmistress is trying to get comfortable.  One instructor is on the plane already, and she’s giving the headmistress some tummy flips because . . . lets just say she’s maybe seen something.  Then I have two other teachers show up, and after eighteen thousand, five hundred words, one of them utters the word “fuck”.  That’s a first for me, because that usually flies out of someone’s mouth in the first few thousand words.  There’s a conspicuous lack of swearing so far, mostly because I’m dealing with eleven year olds, but now the adults are showing up and expect some of them to speak like, well, adults with a bit of a potty mouth.  Hey, you’ll even meet teachers who’ve killed students and a few who’ve killed another teachers.  But don’t worry, the ones who died, they was all bad . . .

Tonight I’ll hit twenty thousand for sure.  Maybe Sunday I’ll hit the midway point; if not, it’ll be Monday.  I know it.

Daily word count:  2,026.  Total word count:  19,193.