Above the Clouds

The soundtrack for yesterday’s writing is sort of all over the place.  First, it was a soundboard bootleg of a live concert (which means it’s great quality), Genesis at the Hammersmith Odeon, 10 June, 1976.  This happened during their Trick of the Tail Tour, and features Bill Bruford on drums.  Then I went for the albums, and it was … And Then There Were Three … also by Genesis, followed by The River by Bruce Springsteen, and finished off with The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys by Traffic.  Good day for the tunes.

But the writing . . . ah, yeah.  Last Saturday was all about struggling with a sort back and a lot of distractions.  Yesterday was all about writing goodness, and feeling things happen as I pulled the words out and put them down.  Friday I felt good about writing, but yesterday it felt great.  It was like I’d suddenly hit a stride, and just when things felt like I should take a break, I kept telling myself, “No, finish this part at least, then get up and walk around.”

I finished up a scene, got my A Level Flightfictional plane into the sky and on its way to America–which, if you look at the picture to the right, follows that path.  Then it was a chat among the instructors, my two main students getting up and walking around the nearly empty 747 to see what’s what–which included getting stared at by strange German girls not named Helena, busting in on the instructors and getting stared at by Kiwis named Helena, then a little bit of female gamesmanship that ended with a bit of laser eyed death raying.  After that it was dinner and a nap.

Not bad for an hour or so story time.

That means, as you can see over Above the Cloudson the right, I finished one scene and wrote three new ones.  Like I said, it was good writing, and the story was working.  Now all that remains is to do one little scene–really, a few hundred words, no more–then it’s smash cut to a train heading for Rockport, Massachusetts, where they reach the end of the line, get on a bus, and drive into the dark old school that is my Salem, where the school’s Chief of Security waits.

Oh, and Phee, too.  Can’t forget Phee.

I know that somewhere in about ten of fifteen thousand words I’m gonna start thinking, “Damn, this is a grind,” but right now the development of the story is great.  It’ important to keep this feeling going, because this is going to turn into a bit of a grind–which is really the way of all novels.  I’ll pass the half-way point to fifty-four thousand words about the time I’m ending Chapter Two, and that means I’ll probably hit my NaNo Total somewhere around Chapter Six and Part Three.  Maybe.  It’s hard to say because while there are a lot of scenes remaining, a good number of them will be short.

Either way, my feeling is the total word count on this story will hit one hundred thousand with ease, maybe one twenty-five.  Maybe more.  But right now, survey says one hundred thousand words.

I’ll revise my total as I get closer to fifty thousand words.

Daily word count:  3,306.  Total word count:  24,317.