Half Time Evaluations

Let me see if I can remember what I listened to yesterday, because my mind is a little shaky this morning.  First up was Lights Out, by UFO, followed by the import album The Collection, by Grand Funk Railroad, and lastly Time by Electric Light Orchestra.  There; I knew I’d get it.

I only worked on two scenes yesterday, but that was enough.  Traveling is over:  the first short scene ended business on the plane, and after that it was taking the train to the city of Salem, getting their transportation the rest of the way to the Rockport station–with a little fun being poked at a certain famous train that’s known to haul kids off to a special school–then the bus to the school and a meeting with the Director of Security.

There are finally there.  The describing is ongoing.  It’s loads of fun.

The next couple of scenes are going to be–well, really hard for me to write, I think, but I’ll get through them.  Hard why?  Because there are certain truths that will get reviled, and I need that “down the rabbit hole” feeling to shine.  A lot of the next part of the novel is going to feel like that, and a few more characters are coming on stage in the next half dozen or so scenes.  How many is that sort far?  With my Director of Security, Isis, showing up (yes, that’s really her name), that’s . . . sixteen with speaking parts.  Yep, sixteen.  Seventeen is coming, followed by eighteen and nineteen–oh, and twenty–and then all my new kids get a talkin’ to from the headmistress.  Fun times, let me tell ya.

It wasn’t easy to write, however.  I had ideas popping up when I didn’t want them, and there were issues with my back again, and I generally felt at times like I was dragging mentally.  But I got through it.  I got a lot done, actually, because after I’d rested a while I got up and popped off close to four hundred words in a new scene, and set up title cards a few of my parts and chapters.

And where are my students?  I’d love to show you, but I’m on my laptop, and I haven’t figured out all the controls with Blender when not using a mouse.  I have something to do when I get home.

It was a great weekend for writing.  Not my best–I’ve pulled ten to twelve thousand words off before during a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday session–but given that I’m working full-time at the moment, I consider it a good accomplishment.  If you can keep going when you think you should be vegging out and doing something else, it’s an indication you’re doing something right.  I’ve been trying to do the right thing for over two years now, and this time around I’m feeling good.  I’m not worn out mentally; I don’t feel as if I can’t go on.  Sure, I still get that now and then, but I tend to beat that thought with a hammer when it shows up these days.

Oh, and I’m half way to my NaNo goal.  Yay, me.

Daily word count:  2,818.  Total word count:  27,129.