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Lower Level Assessments

Let get the music out of the way, as always:  Genesis Platinum Collection, by–I think you’ve guessed it–Genesis.  Only one recording?  It’s just short of four hours of music; it was plenty.

Writing didn’t go as easily as I thought it might yesterday.  I really felt the urge to screw away, to go do something besides sit at the computer and type.  It is true, you know, that you do get a little loopy when all you do is sit and write for hours on end.  And I’m trying to save a little money at the moment, so I’m falling into a routine of doing very little other than staying home, writing, and going out for a walk now and then.

Oh, and playing with software.  Remember I Isis and Studentssaid I wanted to show you how all the kids and my Director of Security would look like, standing on a path as they entered the school?  Yeah, here it is.  Wow, they look so small . . . just like stick figures.

I got to where I was getting so feverish with the cabin that I needed something, and it wasn’t cowbell.  I finally said the hell with it, packed up the computer, and headed out to Panera for dinner.  While there I ate my salad, drank my smoothie, listen to music and wrote a few hundred words, digging deep to find what I wanted to say and put it out on the computer.

I was back in that mood where it seemed like everything I wrote didn’t feel right, and I was constantly searching for the right words.  Well after sundown I hit eighteen hundred words and decided to chill out and watch Jaws, a movie I’ve seen many times, including in the theaters when it was first run.  But since I know how it ends–the shark blows up, which it couldn’t have actually done, poor Roy, eaten by a big fish–I felt an urge to finish up the scene I’d left behind.  I pulled off another four hundred and change words, and pushed my word count into the two thousands for the night.

Then I had a dream about an idiot I’d once had as a boss.  Hey, it can’t all be goodness, can it?

Lectures and sightseeing is over in the story.  I’ve put my two main characters in a position where they are about to get into some prime strangeness, and the next scene will be difficult for me.  Difficult in the sense that I gotta reach down and pull out some feelings that I haven’t seen in a while.  I’m not completely certain I’ll hit my mark, but I’m not completely worried I won’t.  This is a first edit.  If I need to change things later, I will.

The NaNo Page says I’ll hit fifty thousand words on the 21st of November.  That wold be fantastic, because I return back to Indiana the following day, which is a ten-hour drive for those who have forgotten my stories of Trips to The Burg.  Then a week there before I return to the Home Away From Home.  I’ll hit fifty thousand during that time, and I’ll clear fifty-five as well.  And I’ll keep going, because . . . Well, because.

Daily word count:  2,352.  Total word count:  29,481.

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