Night Nurse Magic

What did we have on the digital turntable yesterday, Cassidy?  Well, here’s the whole list.  The Very, Very Best of Crowded House, by Crowded House; Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire), by The Kinks; the first Peter Gabriel solo album, also known as Car since his first four solo studio albums were named Peter Gabriel, and fans used the cover photos to tell them apart; and In Search of the Lost Chord by the Moody Blues.  There you have it, people.

There’s a reason for all the music:  there was a lot of writing going on.  I wrote at Panera; I wrote at the auto dealership while my car was being worked on; and I wrote and wrote and wrote when I was home.  Sometimes I went forty, fifty minutes at a stretch, sometimes an hour and a half, sometimes just ten minute bursts.  But I kept at it because I was charged up, and I was having fun.  When it was all over I had my best writing day of NaNo, and my second three thousand words plus day.

My kids are off to the hospital, where they are under the tender ministrations of the School’s Doctor who likes to be called “Nurse” because–eh, she’ll tell you later, it’s a long story.  But it is here that Captain Jack–the good looking one, not that scruffy dude–would tell you that everything changes.  Though there have been hints throughout my story, up to this point, that something “different” is going on here, you see a little of it in this scene.  Nothing major, but enough that it elicits a question from my main male character, and what he gets in way of an answer manages to reference both the first Highlander movie and a Queen album.  Given the sort of geek he is, he’ll likely get the references soon.  Probably about the time he’s heading off to bed–

I wonder if he’ll be thinking about that, or the other event that’s about to kick him in the ass in a few thousand words?

I came to the understanding yesterday that this novel may run a lot more than one hundred and fifty thousand words.  If I ever publish it, I might even break it into two books, using the end of the year holidays as the breaking point.  Or I’ll have to start looking at scenes to cut, but that’s a hard choice, because there is so much here that is good, and so much that is needed to tell the story.  I do hope to start writing shorter scenes, too, because I passed another milestone last night, and I’m wondering if I’ll ever have a scene that’s little more than a couple of hundred words.  Sure I will–just not for a while.

What is the milestone I speak of?  I passed forty thousand, five hundred words, which is three-quarters of fifty-four thousand words, and at the moment I’m exactly twelve thousand, six hundred and ninety words away from my NaNo goal.  So two thousand, one hundred words a day, and I’m pretty much done in six days.  By my counting that’s Friday, and that means I may not get much done because that’s also a big travel day for me as well as being the night the BBC airs the show they did on how Doctor Who started–with Mr. Finch playing William Hartnell, aka the First Doctor, and looking pretty spot-on in the part.  I’m waiting for the inevitable fan fiction where The Doctor believes he’s at The Red Wedding and has everyone in the studio murdered.

Where do my writing adventures take me today?  To the library, of course,  And, if I’m lucky, to the garden.

Oh, my lovely kids.  So much awkward fun awaits.

Daily word count:  3,317.  Total word count:  41,410.