Pentagram Garden Party

Yesterday’s music, here for you to day, and it’s a varied bunch.  First, Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of the Worlds, followed by Random Access Memories by Daft Punk, and finishing with Love Over Gold by Dire Straits.  I think I covered the gauntlet there.

After all the good writing vibes of Friday and Saturday, there was little motivation yesterday.  Part of that was likely due to the fact it was warm enough to sit out on my balcony, and I really felt like sitting out on my balcony and taking in what passed for warm weather one last time.  Might get a little of that today as well before the temps slip back down into the 40’s.  I’ll see how I feel before I venture out for a bit of relaxation.

But I wrote.  I finished up a scene that I’d left dangling at an important point, and about fifteen hundred words later I had my main male kid ask my main female kid about said point, and I left the story hanging with a, “Oh, yes, that’s true,” line.  It was a good point of departure because it was about ten-thirty PM at that point and I wanted to go to bed.  I probably would have made a hash of trying to work out what comes next if I’d continued onward.

Now comes the part of the story where they don’t dance, but words are exchanged, and something a strange adviser who sometimes dressed in green spandex said is going to come back and slap one of my kids hard in the face.  Time to move on, boy, you only have nine more months of this crap.  But he should feel pretty good about it when it’s all over.  Should.

Strangely enough, the thing that had me up at five AM–besides the fact that I’m almost always up at that time–is figuring out what each of my characters is going to see when they get to their towers and look out their bedroom windows.  Since I know the layouts of the towers it isn’t hard to figure out as long as you know the orientation of the tower doors.  Now that I know–hey, easy.  Annie gets a view of the northern section of the Great Hall and the Library, part of the Pentagram Garden, Åsgårdsreia Tower, some of the History and General Sciences building, and the forest stretching off towards Sunrise Tower.  Kerry gets to see a couple of the class houses, the Instructor’s Residence, the Headmistress’ House, and the forest stretching off towards Sunset Tower.  Sunrise, sunset . . . hum.  One could almost use that as a song title.

What remains tonight is getting the things said that need to be set, then getting them off to bed.  And after that, after nearly fifty thousand words of exposition, they finally get welcomed into the school and find out what the hell is going on.  By the time I’m though with this story, I may just have to cut it into a couple of volumes.

That could work, right?

Daily word count:  1,961.  Total word count:  43,371.