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Moments of Truth

Here we are, twenty-fifth of November, and if you’ve been rolling hard on the NaNo Train you know what this means.  You take your novel from the basket and put it in the Validater, and hope you hit your goal.  If you do, then it’s a lot of happiness with cheers and hands in the air and naked dancing around a bonfire–okay, maybe not that last, but some of my instructors do that in my story, so if you feel like joining them, feel free.

Once this is done you are more or less done, because you’ve beat the NaNo, and you can pat yourself on the bat that you’ve written a novel in under thirty days.  Or maybe you’ll wait until the end of the month to do this.  Or maybe you didn’t get your fifty thousand in . . . at least you gave it your all, and there’s always next year.  If you’re a Cubs fan, you’re used to this last mantra, but hey:  anyone can have a bad century, yeah?

In my novel my main characters have had the wool pulled from their eyes and the truth given.  One of the characters is cool with this, because she knew everything the headmistress said is true.  The other one–the boy my female character is giving goo-goo eyes to–well, he’s playing things close to the vest, not saying much at all.  As they approached one of the many classrooms scattered around the school campus, advice was given:  keep an open mind and don’t judge.  What’s my male character going to do?

I’m not ending my novel in another five thousand words, so that should give you a hint.

At the moment I’m exactly seven hundred and forty-nine words away from my personal goal.  I’m going to finish that off this morning, then do my verification, and do some more writing tonight.  And more tomorrow.  And more after that, until I throw “The End” at the bottom of the last scene.  I could have finished off the current scene last night, but I was tired, and the mind wasn’t working.  I’m going to have some sushi for breakfast as I write, and jam into the next scene, then have Scrivener compile this into a preview, do a cut and paste, and make it all nice and neat.

I love the smell of nice and neat first thing in the morning.

I’m not exactly where I want to be this Monday, but I’m not upset with my progress.  I developed a different outlook on my writing this time around, and this is something one should do as they evolve.  I’m careful, I’m trying things I’ve never tried before while writing, and it feels good.  It’s another version of my work, and it’s working out in a way I never thought.  Keep doing this for another hundred thousand words, and I’ll have something for which I’ll be proud.  Because where I once felt strange about writing this novel, I don’t these days.  I may feel I’m getting nowhere fast, but eventually I’ll get there.

Keep at anything long enough, and you’ll find the end eventually.


5 thoughts on “Moments of Truth

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  2. Congratulations! On you discipline and your success!! I may try NaNo next year if my time allows. But first I need to apply this non stop to my current novel I’ve been writing for the past six years. 🙄 Now the fun part editing, and editing some more than to shop it..

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