Pentagram Garden Party

Yesterday’s music, here for you to day, and it’s a varied bunch.  First, Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of the Worlds, followed by Random Access Memories by Daft Punk, and finishing with Love Over Gold by Dire Straits.  I think I covered the gauntlet there.

After all the good writing vibes of Friday and Saturday, there was little motivation yesterday.  Part of that was likely due to the fact it was warm enough to sit out on my balcony, and I really felt like sitting out on my balcony and taking in what passed for warm weather one last time.  Might get a little of that today as well before the temps slip back down into the 40’s.  I’ll see how I feel before I venture out for a bit of relaxation.

But I wrote.  I finished up a scene that I’d left dangling at an important point, and about fifteen hundred words later I had my main male kid ask my main female kid about said point, and I left the story hanging with a, “Oh, yes, that’s true,” line.  It was a good point of departure because it was about ten-thirty PM at that point and I wanted to go to bed.  I probably would have made a hash of trying to work out what comes next if I’d continued onward.

Now comes the part of the story where they don’t dance, but words are exchanged, and something a strange adviser who sometimes dressed in green spandex said is going to come back and slap one of my kids hard in the face.  Time to move on, boy, you only have nine more months of this crap.  But he should feel pretty good about it when it’s all over.  Should.

Strangely enough, the thing that had me up at five AM–besides the fact that I’m almost always up at that time–is figuring out what each of my characters is going to see when they get to their towers and look out their bedroom windows.  Since I know the layouts of the towers it isn’t hard to figure out as long as you know the orientation of the tower doors.  Now that I know–hey, easy.  Annie gets a view of the northern section of the Great Hall and the Library, part of the Pentagram Garden, Åsgårdsreia Tower, some of the History and General Sciences building, and the forest stretching off towards Sunrise Tower.  Kerry gets to see a couple of the class houses, the Instructor’s Residence, the Headmistress’ House, and the forest stretching off towards Sunset Tower.  Sunrise, sunset . . . hum.  One could almost use that as a song title.

What remains tonight is getting the things said that need to be set, then getting them off to bed.  And after that, after nearly fifty thousand words of exposition, they finally get welcomed into the school and find out what the hell is going on.  By the time I’m though with this story, I may just have to cut it into a couple of volumes.

That could work, right?

Daily word count:  1,961.  Total word count:  43,371.

Night Nurse Magic

What did we have on the digital turntable yesterday, Cassidy?  Well, here’s the whole list.  The Very, Very Best of Crowded House, by Crowded House; Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire), by The Kinks; the first Peter Gabriel solo album, also known as Car since his first four solo studio albums were named Peter Gabriel, and fans used the cover photos to tell them apart; and In Search of the Lost Chord by the Moody Blues.  There you have it, people.

There’s a reason for all the music:  there was a lot of writing going on.  I wrote at Panera; I wrote at the auto dealership while my car was being worked on; and I wrote and wrote and wrote when I was home.  Sometimes I went forty, fifty minutes at a stretch, sometimes an hour and a half, sometimes just ten minute bursts.  But I kept at it because I was charged up, and I was having fun.  When it was all over I had my best writing day of NaNo, and my second three thousand words plus day.

My kids are off to the hospital, where they are under the tender ministrations of the School’s Doctor who likes to be called “Nurse” because–eh, she’ll tell you later, it’s a long story.  But it is here that Captain Jack–the good looking one, not that scruffy dude–would tell you that everything changes.  Though there have been hints throughout my story, up to this point, that something “different” is going on here, you see a little of it in this scene.  Nothing major, but enough that it elicits a question from my main male character, and what he gets in way of an answer manages to reference both the first Highlander movie and a Queen album.  Given the sort of geek he is, he’ll likely get the references soon.  Probably about the time he’s heading off to bed–

I wonder if he’ll be thinking about that, or the other event that’s about to kick him in the ass in a few thousand words?

I came to the understanding yesterday that this novel may run a lot more than one hundred and fifty thousand words.  If I ever publish it, I might even break it into two books, using the end of the year holidays as the breaking point.  Or I’ll have to start looking at scenes to cut, but that’s a hard choice, because there is so much here that is good, and so much that is needed to tell the story.  I do hope to start writing shorter scenes, too, because I passed another milestone last night, and I’m wondering if I’ll ever have a scene that’s little more than a couple of hundred words.  Sure I will–just not for a while.

What is the milestone I speak of?  I passed forty thousand, five hundred words, which is three-quarters of fifty-four thousand words, and at the moment I’m exactly twelve thousand, six hundred and ninety words away from my NaNo goal.  So two thousand, one hundred words a day, and I’m pretty much done in six days.  By my counting that’s Friday, and that means I may not get much done because that’s also a big travel day for me as well as being the night the BBC airs the show they did on how Doctor Who started–with Mr. Finch playing William Hartnell, aka the First Doctor, and looking pretty spot-on in the part.  I’m waiting for the inevitable fan fiction where The Doctor believes he’s at The Red Wedding and has everyone in the studio murdered.

Where do my writing adventures take me today?  To the library, of course,  And, if I’m lucky, to the garden.

Oh, my lovely kids.  So much awkward fun awaits.

Daily word count:  3,317.  Total word count:  41,410.


The Tears of Past Chapters

Let’s get the soundtracks out of the way, shall we?  First, I finished Monster, then went into Don’t Look Back, by Boston and City to City, by Gerry Rafferty, and finally ended the night with Eye in the Sky, by (placing little pinkie in the corner of the mouth) The Alan Parsons Project.  Good tunes, good times.

I did a lot last night.  Really, at first glance it might not look like it, but it was.  I finished one big scene, maybe the biggest written so far–let me check . . . yeah, it is.  Bigger by about a thousand words.

The scenes were both filled with tears.  I don’t have too many characters cry, because who likes to cry?  Not me, I’ll tell you.  But it does happen, particularly when you’re trying to explain some deep concepts to an emotionally stunted eleven year old boy, and they start loosing it over something they see as far more important to them.  It resulted in crying, and some more crying, and eventually you’re crying in front of someone you didn’t want to cry in front of and you do your best to firm up and get a grip upon yourself.

I thought I was going to cry while writing this last night.  I fully expected it, because I’ve written stuff like this before and the tears started flowing pretty readily.  Not the characters, I should mention, but mine.  Even during the day, when I was going over this scene in my head, I hit a couple of moments when I began crying because the words hit me in a certain way.

I expected the worst, but when I got to the part that I imagined were going to cause emotional distress, it didn’t come.  Sure, there was a little sadness, and that’s expected at times, but no river of salty water streaming down my cheeks.  No, I left that for my character.  In my case I was simply too damn focused on getting the scene right.

Part of that, I believe, came from thinking about the scene earlier.  By the time I reached writing time, I was pretty much cried out and I just wanted to write.  I’ve had that happen before as well, in another way:  some people, after reading my erotica, would say, “Oh, man, you must have gotten so turned on writing that!”  Um, no.  I didn’t have time to get turned on, because I was writing.  Getting turned on is for the amateurs, and I’m a professional.  Or so I imagine.

Sometime today I expect to reach the three-quarter point in this year’s NaNo experience.  Forty thousand isn’t that far away, and after I do my running around this morning, I’m going to crack off a couple of scenes that I figure will put me over.  After that it’s another thirteen and a half thousand words, and I can get another badge for meeting my November goals.

I’ll close out that chapter and move on to the next.

Because that’s what we do, right?

Daily word count:  2,863.  Total word count:  38,093.


California Dreaming Redux

Music!  Music, please!  Okay, stop twisting my arm.  The albums were Green, Automatic for the People, and about half of Monster, all by R. E. M..  I only made it half way through Monster because I took a break because of my back, and by the end of break time I was falling asleep.  So I’ll re-listen to it tonight.

My main male character is getting his evaluation and assessment, and it’s a bit funny.  Not funny “ha-ha” but funny “this is some jacked up shit”.  Needless to say, when you find yourself all the way across country from where you’re suppose to be, and you’re getting lectured by a comic book character, and you’re discovering what “color palate” means, it’s enough to make a kid lose his marbles.  Fortunately my kids are stronger than that.  Well, kinda.  Don’t worry, I won’t hurt them.


Once I started writing it came smooth and fast.  Before I knew it I’d written just over a thousand words before I had to get up and rest a little for my back.  When I returned it was another nine hundred words down on the sheet, and then, as I mentioned, I took another break and then became overtaken by Morpheus.  At least it wasn’t his sister come knocking; that would suck.

I woke up this morning thinking about the next goal mark.  When I reached forty thousand, five hundred word, I’ll be three-quarters of the way through my fifty-four thousand words.  This novel is going at a much slower pace than my other stories, but that’s fine, because with work taking up a lot of time and doing its best to drain my creative energies, I’m still kickin’ out close to two thousand words every night.  I have not had a four thousand word night, but I don’t believe I will–that’s a little too insane at the moment.  I’ve done it in the past, but not this time.  I’m not looking to burn myself out.  There’s a long way to go beyond the end of NaNo, and if I want to reach it, I gotta pace.

The one thing I am looking at is where I’ll be at the end of NaNo.  I’m guessing that if I hit fifty-four thousand next Sunday or Monday, I’ll end November with approximately sixty thousand words.  That could be the half way point of the story; either way, December and January will await, and I’ll be there.

Besides, I have some great scenes coming up, and I need to get more people on the stage.  After all, there is so much more to detail.  I’m just getting started.  If you can call close to forty-five thousand words “getting started”.

And here’s the real kick:  I’m already thinking of project for when this is finished.  That’s the way it works:  you start one thing, you finish it, you move onto the next.  I have another novel, a strange one, that’s just about ready to go for some kind of publishing, so that’s probably my January/February project.  And after that?

We’ll see.  We always see.

Daily word count:  1,953.  Total word count:  35,230.

Plummeting Towards Your Life

Do you have the soundtrack of your writing from last night, Cassie?  Why, I most certainly do.  Sure, I threw in a few individual songs before I really got started, but the real stuff was Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots and At War With the Mystics, both by The Flaming Lips.  Just the sort of stuff needed for some heavy writing, yeah?

One evaluation down, another in the process.  I had trouble getting started for one reason or another last night.  I feel the need to get out and do something besides sit, but it’s hard to do these days.  I’ve got two jobs going on, and that takes up a lot of my time.  Seriously, once NaNo is out of the way–or maybe even before that–I’m going to set up some free time and find something to do.  I miss my little side trips off to places around The Burg, and I need more of that.  Otherwise you fall into the rut, and once you’re in the rut, you have a hell of a time getting out.

Writing, however:  oh, I think I was on it last night once I got into my prose.  For the first couple of hundred words there didn’t seem to be much happening, but then I just sorta burst out and got things done.  For the first time in a while I was clicking with the music, and by the time I took a break at the end of Yoshimi–which is forty-seven minutes long, by the way–I had nine hundred and fifty words down.  That’s a pretty good run for me.  I let my back get better for about thirty-five minutes, then put on the second record and started writing once more.  Fifty-five minute later I’d written another thousand words–not bad at all, if I may say.

Tonight, however:  I know I have a scene coming up that’s going to be emotional.  I know it because I’ve thought about it many times, and I’m about to jump right into the heavy stuff based upon where I left off in the scene.  Gotta find some happy music, you know?  Or at least something that’s going to drive me to write straight through the hard stuff, because it’s a good scene, and I want to do it right.  I know I’ll do it right:  it’s just a question of how many tears I have to fight through to get there?

I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I’ve hit stretches in books where the tears flowed freely as I wrote, and I know it’ll happen again.  It’s not because I’ve done something bad to a character, but because I’m touching on something inside my own life when I’m writing a scene, and it can hurt.  But you do it because–hey, writing!  That’s what you want, to have you’re feeling out there on the page for all to see.  You need it, you want it, you have it.

That’s why you’re a writer.  Not because you got voices in your head–because, if you do, you wanna go with meds–but because you want everyone to see all those hurts you have.  You open up your heart and you let it drip out onto the paper.

And in the end you call it a story and move on to the next one.

Lots of fun, isn’t it?

Daily word count:  1,950.  Total word count:  33,277.

Evaluation to Station

The musical selection is a little tricky, so hang on.  First up, Piano Concerto No. 1 and Pirates, from Works Vol. 1, by Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, followed by Pictures at an Exhibition, also by Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, then Too Old to Rock and Roll, Too Young to Die, by Jethro Tull, finally capped off by Station to Station, by David Bowie.  Yeah, quite a lot there.

Writing was not that good, however.  Everything seem to conspire against me to keep me from doing anything.  First the computer decided it needed updates, so I couldn’t do anything because I knew I’d end up rebooting at some point–which I did.  Then my right eye started giving me problems:  itching, watering, putting junk in there.  I had to get up and rinse it out a few times, and even after that it just annoyed the hell out of me.  Then it was my back.  Yeah, it wanted attention, so I’d have to get up and either sit in a comfy chair, or walk around a little.  Anything but write.

But I was still in there plugging away–even though it was, as I’d said yesterday, a difficult scene to write.  There’s a real problem with working all day then coming home to write:  nothing you dream up while on the first job ever sounds as cool when you write it out for your second job.  Oh, there words were there, but I felt like I was emotionally detached.  I do know why, but I’m getting there, because I was feeling the scene more towards the end–maybe because I found some understanding about what I needed to say.

I was unable to finish the scene, however.  Too much pain, too tired, brain swimming in some crazy muck:  you name it, I had it.  After writing a whole lotta words over the weekend, I felt stunted last night.  I felt as if I were forcing the words out again, and thinking of that scene as I got up this morning, I feel like I need to give it the once over tonight before writing anything new.  Yeah, I know, no editing during NaNo.  As my adviser is going to tell Annie here very soon, and in no uncertain terms, “I’m not bound by your rules.”

I’m already thinking of the next mile stone ahead:  forty thousand words.  Very likely I can hit that by Sunday.  My NaNo stats keep telling me I’ll reach fifty thousand by Thursday, the 21st, and at that rate I except to hit my goal of fifty-four thousand by the following Saturday, and likely sixty thousand by the time I need to return to The Burg.  Yes, next Friday I leave for a week at home, and even with a six hundred mile drive ahead of me, I’ll do my best to get my word count in before the end of the evening.

The trick for me isn’t going to be winning NaNo.  It’s going to be finishing this novel in something that doesn’t require six months of work.  Realistically speaking right now, if I reach sixty thousand words by the end of November, and this novel ends up being about one hundred and twenty-five to one hundred and fifty thousand words, I’ll need to keep NaNoing into the middle of January.  It can be done.  It’s just a lot of work.

But . . . I need to do this.  I’ve started it; I’m going to finish it.

Daily word count:  1,846.  Total word count:  31,327.


Lower Level Assessments

Let get the music out of the way, as always:  Genesis Platinum Collection, by–I think you’ve guessed it–Genesis.  Only one recording?  It’s just short of four hours of music; it was plenty.

Writing didn’t go as easily as I thought it might yesterday.  I really felt the urge to screw away, to go do something besides sit at the computer and type.  It is true, you know, that you do get a little loopy when all you do is sit and write for hours on end.  And I’m trying to save a little money at the moment, so I’m falling into a routine of doing very little other than staying home, writing, and going out for a walk now and then.

Oh, and playing with software.  Remember I Isis and Studentssaid I wanted to show you how all the kids and my Director of Security would look like, standing on a path as they entered the school?  Yeah, here it is.  Wow, they look so small . . . just like stick figures.

I got to where I was getting so feverish with the cabin that I needed something, and it wasn’t cowbell.  I finally said the hell with it, packed up the computer, and headed out to Panera for dinner.  While there I ate my salad, drank my smoothie, listen to music and wrote a few hundred words, digging deep to find what I wanted to say and put it out on the computer.

I was back in that mood where it seemed like everything I wrote didn’t feel right, and I was constantly searching for the right words.  Well after sundown I hit eighteen hundred words and decided to chill out and watch Jaws, a movie I’ve seen many times, including in the theaters when it was first run.  But since I know how it ends–the shark blows up, which it couldn’t have actually done, poor Roy, eaten by a big fish–I felt an urge to finish up the scene I’d left behind.  I pulled off another four hundred and change words, and pushed my word count into the two thousands for the night.

Then I had a dream about an idiot I’d once had as a boss.  Hey, it can’t all be goodness, can it?

Lectures and sightseeing is over in the story.  I’ve put my two main characters in a position where they are about to get into some prime strangeness, and the next scene will be difficult for me.  Difficult in the sense that I gotta reach down and pull out some feelings that I haven’t seen in a while.  I’m not completely certain I’ll hit my mark, but I’m not completely worried I won’t.  This is a first edit.  If I need to change things later, I will.

The NaNo Page says I’ll hit fifty thousand words on the 21st of November.  That wold be fantastic, because I return back to Indiana the following day, which is a ten-hour drive for those who have forgotten my stories of Trips to The Burg.  Then a week there before I return to the Home Away From Home.  I’ll hit fifty thousand during that time, and I’ll clear fifty-five as well.  And I’ll keep going, because . . . Well, because.

Daily word count:  2,352.  Total word count:  29,481.

Half Time Evaluations

Let me see if I can remember what I listened to yesterday, because my mind is a little shaky this morning.  First up was Lights Out, by UFO, followed by the import album The Collection, by Grand Funk Railroad, and lastly Time by Electric Light Orchestra.  There; I knew I’d get it.

I only worked on two scenes yesterday, but that was enough.  Traveling is over:  the first short scene ended business on the plane, and after that it was taking the train to the city of Salem, getting their transportation the rest of the way to the Rockport station–with a little fun being poked at a certain famous train that’s known to haul kids off to a special school–then the bus to the school and a meeting with the Director of Security.

There are finally there.  The describing is ongoing.  It’s loads of fun.

The next couple of scenes are going to be–well, really hard for me to write, I think, but I’ll get through them.  Hard why?  Because there are certain truths that will get reviled, and I need that “down the rabbit hole” feeling to shine.  A lot of the next part of the novel is going to feel like that, and a few more characters are coming on stage in the next half dozen or so scenes.  How many is that sort far?  With my Director of Security, Isis, showing up (yes, that’s really her name), that’s . . . sixteen with speaking parts.  Yep, sixteen.  Seventeen is coming, followed by eighteen and nineteen–oh, and twenty–and then all my new kids get a talkin’ to from the headmistress.  Fun times, let me tell ya.

It wasn’t easy to write, however.  I had ideas popping up when I didn’t want them, and there were issues with my back again, and I generally felt at times like I was dragging mentally.  But I got through it.  I got a lot done, actually, because after I’d rested a while I got up and popped off close to four hundred words in a new scene, and set up title cards a few of my parts and chapters.

And where are my students?  I’d love to show you, but I’m on my laptop, and I haven’t figured out all the controls with Blender when not using a mouse.  I have something to do when I get home.

It was a great weekend for writing.  Not my best–I’ve pulled ten to twelve thousand words off before during a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday session–but given that I’m working full-time at the moment, I consider it a good accomplishment.  If you can keep going when you think you should be vegging out and doing something else, it’s an indication you’re doing something right.  I’ve been trying to do the right thing for over two years now, and this time around I’m feeling good.  I’m not worn out mentally; I don’t feel as if I can’t go on.  Sure, I still get that now and then, but I tend to beat that thought with a hammer when it shows up these days.

Oh, and I’m half way to my NaNo goal.  Yay, me.

Daily word count:  2,818.  Total word count:  27,129.


Above the Clouds

The soundtrack for yesterday’s writing is sort of all over the place.  First, it was a soundboard bootleg of a live concert (which means it’s great quality), Genesis at the Hammersmith Odeon, 10 June, 1976.  This happened during their Trick of the Tail Tour, and features Bill Bruford on drums.  Then I went for the albums, and it was … And Then There Were Three … also by Genesis, followed by The River by Bruce Springsteen, and finished off with The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys by Traffic.  Good day for the tunes.

But the writing . . . ah, yeah.  Last Saturday was all about struggling with a sort back and a lot of distractions.  Yesterday was all about writing goodness, and feeling things happen as I pulled the words out and put them down.  Friday I felt good about writing, but yesterday it felt great.  It was like I’d suddenly hit a stride, and just when things felt like I should take a break, I kept telling myself, “No, finish this part at least, then get up and walk around.”

I finished up a scene, got my A Level Flightfictional plane into the sky and on its way to America–which, if you look at the picture to the right, follows that path.  Then it was a chat among the instructors, my two main students getting up and walking around the nearly empty 747 to see what’s what–which included getting stared at by strange German girls not named Helena, busting in on the instructors and getting stared at by Kiwis named Helena, then a little bit of female gamesmanship that ended with a bit of laser eyed death raying.  After that it was dinner and a nap.

Not bad for an hour or so story time.

That means, as you can see over Above the Cloudson the right, I finished one scene and wrote three new ones.  Like I said, it was good writing, and the story was working.  Now all that remains is to do one little scene–really, a few hundred words, no more–then it’s smash cut to a train heading for Rockport, Massachusetts, where they reach the end of the line, get on a bus, and drive into the dark old school that is my Salem, where the school’s Chief of Security waits.

Oh, and Phee, too.  Can’t forget Phee.

I know that somewhere in about ten of fifteen thousand words I’m gonna start thinking, “Damn, this is a grind,” but right now the development of the story is great.  It’ important to keep this feeling going, because this is going to turn into a bit of a grind–which is really the way of all novels.  I’ll pass the half-way point to fifty-four thousand words about the time I’m ending Chapter Two, and that means I’ll probably hit my NaNo Total somewhere around Chapter Six and Part Three.  Maybe.  It’s hard to say because while there are a lot of scenes remaining, a good number of them will be short.

Either way, my feeling is the total word count on this story will hit one hundred thousand with ease, maybe one twenty-five.  Maybe more.  But right now, survey says one hundred thousand words.

I’ll revise my total as I get closer to fifty thousand words.

Daily word count:  3,306.  Total word count:  24,317.


Het Afscheid van Amsterdam

What was spinning on the YouTube Wurlitzer as you wrote last night, Cassie?  That’s an easy one:  Quadrophenia and Who’s Next, both by The Who.  Who’s on First?  Yes.

As you may have guessed by the bad Dutch that passes for a title today, my characters are on their way out of Amsterdam and on their way to America.  They’re not quite there, yet, but by sometime this morning they’ll be airborne for sure.  You can bank on it, ’cause when I left them last night, the 747 was on the taxiway heading to their runway, and the last thing asked was, “What are you thinking?”

All the grand players for this part of the story are on stage:  four students, four instructors, and one Headmistress to Rule Them All.  Well, not exactly:  she’s not that sort of person, but she doesn’t put up with any merde, either.  They’ve all had their say, they’re getting into position, and there’ll be a couple of more scenes on the plane before I move into the last act of this Chapter and Part, and move into the good stuff, which brings the main character on stage:

The School.

Until then, I have my people arranged as Amsterdam 01you can see to the right.  I decided last night that when writing these sub-scenes, as they are, within a main scene, I’ll just throw in the names of the people who are actually in the scene, along with a meta title letting me know who is there and what is probably happening.  I finished two scenes last night, and made it part way into a third before I called it quits, because . . . well, for one it was a good stopping point, and two, I felt exhaustion creeping up on me, and my back was hurting more than a little by that time.  I’d hit my total for the evening, so why push it?  Kick back, watch a little of the Battlestar Galactica pilot until I can’t couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer, then head off to bed.

The last couple of days have been good writing days.  I’ve not pushed myself on my writing, and yet I’m making close to, or over, two thousand words a day.  As mentioned, that’s a lot of late:  my normal totals are a thousand a day when I’m not NaNoing.  My writing is taking up a good portion of my night, because I’m going slower:  I’m trying to get the correct words and feeling, and by six PM, when I normally begin working on my novel, I’m at the point where I’ve been up for over thirteen hours, I’ve written my blog post and pulled of full eight to eight and a half hours of work, and spent twenty minutes, each way, walking to work.  It’s a long day, and two thousand words make it an even longer one.

What remains today is to try and finish out these next few scenes, close the chapter and part, and move on.  It’s planes, trains, and automotive vehicles from here out out, and then I introduce Isis, Coraline, Trevor–and some devious person who just loves to play mind games with the students.  And I mean that.

Would I lie?

Daily word count:  1,818.  Total word count:  21,011.


If I Go the Plane Way

Before we get going, I know some of you are asking, “What did you listen to while writing, Cassie?  What gave you inspiration?”  The music last night came from Jazz and News of the World, both by Queen, and then to change it up a lot, American Stars and Bars by Neil Young.  Really, I think I was all over the music map last night.

So, scenes on the plane.  I the night before I finished the scene where I get my kids on that big silver bird that’s gonna fly them to America, and so I had to decide:  how do I work this with the rest of the scenes.  What I decided to do was group all the other scenes in behind the main one.  What do I mean by that?  Let me show you.

Since Scrivener looks like you’re writing on a bunch of cards, it’s also designed to allow you Grouping Oneto stack and groups those cards however you like.  One way you can do this is within a folder, like if you had a physical one with a bunch of cards in it.  You do this by moving cards around in your binder, on the left, placing them where you like them.  If you look closely under the Over the Pond card, you’ll see something that looks like there’s more cards stacked underneath.  That’s the grouping.  And if you look in the binder on the left, you’ll see the two additional cards/scene right below.

It’s really in Outline Mode that you see all the cards and the meta data attached to them.  Grouping TwoIt’s also here that you can get to them the easiest and do whatever editing magic you want to lay on your story.  Or you can add more cards to keep writing scenes.  Yes, everything I’m writing could have been placed inside the Over the Pond scene, but this way I keep all my individual scenes separate, and if I need to go back and either edit or remove something, I don’t have to scroll through a couple of thousand words of text to find what I’m looking for.  It’s right there.

Kids one plane, the school’s headmistress is trying to get comfortable.  One instructor is on the plane already, and she’s giving the headmistress some tummy flips because . . . lets just say she’s maybe seen something.  Then I have two other teachers show up, and after eighteen thousand, five hundred words, one of them utters the word “fuck”.  That’s a first for me, because that usually flies out of someone’s mouth in the first few thousand words.  There’s a conspicuous lack of swearing so far, mostly because I’m dealing with eleven year olds, but now the adults are showing up and expect some of them to speak like, well, adults with a bit of a potty mouth.  Hey, you’ll even meet teachers who’ve killed students and a few who’ve killed another teachers.  But don’t worry, the ones who died, they was all bad . . .

Tonight I’ll hit twenty thousand for sure.  Maybe Sunday I’ll hit the midway point; if not, it’ll be Monday.  I know it.

Daily word count:  2,026.  Total word count:  19,193.

Departures and Boardings

What was the soundtracks, Cassie?  Okay, there were three:  Duke and Selling England by the Pound, by Genesis, and then to change things up a bit, Remain in Light, by Talking Heads.  I realize that Duke is a repeat, but that’s okay ’cause I like it.

I’m gearing up to have my characters leave Schiphol Airport like nobody’s business.  I finished the business between Ms. Rutherford, my chaperon, and the headmistress of the school, then got the kids on the bus to take them to the plane.  Reason for that is the plane is not docked at one of the gates, but is sitting on the tarmac all by its lonesome.  Don’t worry; I know where, and I know I can do it.  If you look at the airport on Google Maps–and I have–you’ll see where one can do this.

I’m moving into a long scene here–really, a bunch of scenes.  I’m considering just stacking them together in one text box, or just setting up a card when I need it and stacking it under the main scene that I pretty much just finished.  I’ll know how I want to do it by tonight; it’s not a big deal and I’ll have it worked out probably before I finish my walk into work.  Scrivener will let me do it however I want, so no big deal.

Within the end of the prior scene I pretty much gave the names of everyone who will be at the school, save the few who are traveling on this particular flight with the headmistress and the students.  Those few people will turn up in a few scenes, and then I can get this plane in the air and the show on the road.  Believe it or not, a lot happens in the air–well, maybe not a lot, but enough.  Then it’s two more scenes, what I hope is an awesome ending, and Chapter Two and Part One will be history.

I’ll also be about twenty-five thousand words into the story.  Oi.  Wordy sucker, I am.  I’m already close to a third of the way to fifty-four thousand, and I’ll hit that point tonight.  Given the way my daily totals are going, I will end up low nineteen thousands tonight, and skip over the twenty thousand word mark Friday.  Twenty-seven thousand is my half-way point, and I can see hitting that by Sunday.  If I’m not writhing in pain on the floor by that time, that is.

Soon my characters are off to their third location, Boston, which is just a stop over.  Though Salem and Rockport, then on to the big enchilada, and I can settle down for some good times.  And probably wonder just how big this sucker will be.  I know some scenes will be smaller, but at the moment I’m looking at a huge novel, and my inner editor is starting to nag me to cut stuff, or at least stop being so wordy.  And I know I have some long scenes ahead–

Like the one I’m in now.

Don’t worry, I’ll figure this out.  Imma writer.

Daily word count:  2,137.  Total word count:  17,167.