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The Reads and the Writes

Obviously I made it through Monday, yeah?  After the hassle of getting my computer account going again, and almost falling asleep a few times in the afternoon–it was a long day–I made it home and I started getting my other story together for beta reading.

Crazy me, though:  getting it compiled into a pdf format should have been a simply matter.  But, no, I had to check the document after I converted it, and discovered a mistake here, a mistake there, and before you know it I’m doing little edits throughout the story when I saw something that didn’t look right.  Yes, it was a first draft, but still:  I didn’t want to put out something that had crap in a couple of locations.  I’m sensitive about those things.

Because I had so many speaking parts in this beta story–it’s the prequel to the novel I’m writing now–I needed to created a cast of characters listing for my readers.  It didn’t take that long, but when it came time to list a few of the students, I had to go back through the manuscript and remember where they were, class year-wise, before I could list them.  Fortunately I’d listed that in their bios.

Yeah, always think ahead, kiddies.

I finally got it out last night, and even managed to speak with one of my readers while I was busy writing away on my current novel.  Yes, I did the crazy thing and split up my screens and had the novel on the right side of the screen while the chat box with my reader was on the left.  And I chatted with her while I wrote a few lines here and then over by there.  It’s a bit schizo, but I’m sort of used to that.

Did I mention I had two other conversations ongoing at the same time?  Yeah, I’m nuts.

The upshot to all this is I managed to get a story formatted for reading, connected with one of my readers, and finished the scene I was working on by adding another seven hundred and fifty words to the count.  Even I was surprised by that, because I was certain I’d topped out around five hundred.  That leaves one short scene to finish out the chapter, then I can write about breakfast–or maybe not, I’m still thinking about that–and then I can start in on the first week of school.

I realized that I’ve not written a great deal in the last three days:  after all, what’s eighteen hundred words when I’ve cranked that out in the course of a night?  It happens.  And tonight I start the little experiment I want to try, so it’s a good thing the scene I have in mind is short, because I can probably knock that out with a few hundred words.  Writing will likely be slow during the month of December, but unlike the last two years, I’ll be writing, and not looking at something with editing in mind, or just siting and wondering what to do next.

Any forward movement is good movement, right?


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