School Bells Ring and Children Dreaming

Today is probably going to be hard.  I seemed to have slept okay, but at the moment I can’t tell.  I’ve already spent a half hour this morning on worthless stuff–mostly trying to get my computer to do something I wanted it to do, but it was being nasty to me–and I feel like I’ll find myself getting way more frustrated as the day progresses.

At least it’s raining outside.  I love walking in the rain.  Now if I only had someone to walk with.

I’m finally into getting my kids to class in my novel.  It only took sixty-three thousand words, but I’m there.  I am too wordy, I believe.  That’s what someone I used to know would say about Stephen King:  “He’s too wordy, he says too many things in his books.”  But there’d nothing wrong with that.  Words tell a story, and sometimes the story is long and complected.  Sometimes you can’t just jump into thing and hope the reader knows what’s going on.  Some things you want to keep quiet, keep hidden, but other times you have to show why something happened along the way to your main tale–otherwise you’ll leave a whole lot of people scratching their heads wondering how a person did something.

So my kids have wandered into class, they’ve been seen by the instructor–and a few other people who will pop up later–and their history lesson is about to start.  The thing for me to do is keep this part under about three thousand words, but who knows there, right?  I think I can, because I know exactly what I’m going to say, and pretty much how I want to say it.  Stick to the script, Cassie, and all will be well.

Then it’s another short scene–maybe a thousand words–and then I get into a long section about flying.  Oi.  Why do I do this to myself?  Because I have a story to tell, that’s why.  I have something to say, and to get it all out and make it understandable, I have to throw in a few words, and this is going to make the scene long.  This upcoming scene may be my longest:  maybe five thousand words or so.  Or . . . I could be wrong.  I could be crazy and do this in a couple of thousand.

Yeah, right.

I managed just over nine hundred words last night.  There were a few distractions ongoing throughout the night, but still:  considering how I felt when I walked through the door to the apartment, I was lucky to get the computer turned on.  It was a soul sucking day.  But writing made me feel a little better, and I hope for more of that tonight.

Not to mention, I have this idea roaming in my mind.  It’s an idea I’ve had for some time, and I’m thinking that once I begin working on something new next year–after I do some editing of my backlog–that’s the story I’m going to do.  I get emotional thinking about it, because there are some rather sad parts to the tale.  But in the end it all works out–

Now, to get through my first week of school.