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Between the Holographic Pylons

There were are:  Chapter Six is in the books.  It wasn’t easy at all, let me tell you.  Oh, the writing wasn’t that bad.  It was actually pretty enjoyable.  But I was a mess.  Really, it wasn’t a pretty sight.

Yesterday was one of those days where I didn’t know if I was going to fly or cry.  Lots of strange things rolling about in my head, and it’s hard enough for me to keep track of this stuff on a normal day, so you might have some inkling of what was happening.

By the time I was home I was pissed off at myself.  There are things I need to see to, things that need to be done–but that’s not for you to hear.  Just to know that I have them and they are being considered.

So it sort of went like write, listen to good music, have a drink, write, go out and have a cry, write, listen to more music, and finally, finish the chapter.  Yay!

They flew.  They went out into a terrible storm and got pelted with rain and wind, and they flew.  Some didn’t do so well.  Some flew into the forest around their meadow, some crashed into the mud.  But they headed around a big meadow, Selena’s Meadow, turning between holographic pylons in the air, all the while set up in a special configuration:


(Excerpt from The Foundation Chronicles, Book One: A For Advanced, copyright 2013, 2014, by Cassidy Frazee)

Professor Salomon picked four students to fly alone at the front and back of both groups; two pilots would act as leaders, and two would keep an eye on the formation and notify the professor of people who’d crash, and those who were falling back. The first student was the Japanese girl, Sutou Takara, who’d been given the call sign “Mothra”. The second student was an American, Emmalynne Neilson, a red haired girl who’d flown right after Kerry, and who’d been given the call sign “Selene”.

Annie almost gasped when the last two students picked were Kerry and her. She was even more shocked when Takara and she were picked to be, respectively, Group One and Group Two leaders, while Kerry would be the spotter for Group One, and Emmalynne the spotter for Group Two.

They moved into position and were given their instructors about speed and spacing before the professor switched over to a private channel and told the four of them not to worry, take it nice and easy, just keep your eyes open and remain aware.

After that they were legs up and underway with the professor in the lead.


Yeah, I gave a Japanese girl the call sign for a gigantic moth.  So?

No “Lay your broom on the ground and say ‘Up'” crap here.  They got their basic check out in the hanger, they flew nice and slow in formation three meters off the ground, and they had leaders and spotters to keep people in line and report when someone failed.  That’s how I like my flight schools, nice and ordered.  Just wait until they start racing.

Tonight it’s Wednesday.  No, not the day:  the instructor.  My littlest witch, Wednesday, is gonna show my student how to will work.

It’s going to be fantastic.

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