Last year at this time the post was named Los Endos, which was, for a very long time, the closing number Genesis used in all their live shows.  This year the title is taken from the series finale of Breaking Bad, and gives you and indication of how I feel about 2013–

Which is to say, it should end up like a bunch of meth-making Nazis being gunned down with a high powered machine gun.

The last year hasn’t been that bad, but that’s sort of like saying getting shot in the knee isn’t as bad as being shot in the stomach.  It still hurt, there was still a lot of pain, but I was able to recover much quicker.  Not to mention I have a position–I won’t say job–that is affording me a bit of income, and I’m not constantly scrambling to pay bills.  Not the best of times, but damn sure not the worst of them, either.

Writing wise, what do I have?  First off, this post is number nine hundred and seventy.  In another month I’ll hit one thousand, and there will be celebrations and dancing and . . . eh, maybe I’ll have a beer and a good dinner to celebrate, and post pictures of the event.  I never thought I’d still be here after all this time, but I am.  I’ve stuck it out.  I’m still penning my thoughts and keep people entertained, I hope.

As for my grand plans for extending my vast writing empire?  Well . . . not quite as good as I’d hoped.  I wanted to publish four stories during the year; I managed one.  One novel.  But that one novel taught me something, which is that if you’re going to publish a novel, you gotta really get everything right before you do.  There is a tremendous amount of work that goes into that process, and going at it half-assed is likely one of the main reasons why self-publishing is still sort of looked upon as something of a bad literary joke.  But I did get my novel out, and I will get her fixed up in 2014.

As for the rest?  I did write.  It may seem that I didn’t write as much in 2013 as I did in 2012, but the tale of the tape is thus:

Suggestive Amusements:  72,000 words
The Foundation Chronicles:  The Scouring:  54,000 words
Fantasies in Harmonie:  24,000 words
The Foundation Chronicles:  Book One, A is For Advanced:  90,000 words (as of last night, and climbing)

Two very real novels, a short novel, and a novella.  All done while preparing a novel for publication, and working a normal job, and blogging five hundred plus words every day.  Just on the four stories, that’s 240,000 words–or almost a quarter of a million as I like to call it.  Throw in the two hundred thousand or more words I wrote for the blog this year, and we’re looking at something like 450,000 written words for 2013.

Yeah, not a bad take.  I shouldn’t get down on myself.

The plan now is to finished the current story, and I think that’s going to happen end of January, beginning of February.  After that . . .

Well, I have ideas.  I just need to figure out what to do.