Bemused in the Wilderness

Last night was Witches Wednesday, which means I had a witch dream.  Yep, I did.  It was me and mostly other women and girls, stuck in a house with loads of strangeness, a trap door with lasers in it, an attached restaurant that was taken over because some guy won a bet by wearing a dress to a store, and me trying to put a heat sink back into a broken Nokia mobile.  Yeah, there were some interesting things happening.

The one thing I remember, however, is that the majority of the story happened way the hell out in the middle of nowhere.  It was like there was a huge shopping mall in the middle of North Dakota or Wyoming with nothing else around but a road and empty land.  A lot of my dreams are like that:  I rarely have dream locations that take place inside urban areas, but rather in the woods or the country–or in this case just way the hell out in the bumble sticks.

Just like Indiana, only no one is as well dressed.

Now, there probably is a reason for that.  It likely has to do with how the mind works, which is to say like bad animation:  you get a few details in the foreground, but as far as filling in huge amounts of background information, you get nada.  You may wake up and think you had a whole city in your mind–like The Matrix downloaded into your head when you weren’t looking–but that’s your mind playing with you.  You think you saw all that detail, but you didn’t.

This was how my monster house dream was.  The outside was there, and I saw trees, but the inside seemed bare.  There were stretches of the house that seemed to have little or nothing; there was one room that was all in tones of brown and shadow; and then there was the hallway upstairs that would scare me to walk down it, because there were areas of darkness here and there, and at the far end I knew something waited . . .

For me.

Yes, I do have that monster house dream down in my idea file.  I wouldn’t miss that.  I even worked out where it’s at, some of the character history, and a little bit of what happened.  It’s another of those ideas I want to write, but I don’t know if I ever will.  The funny thing is, I keep going back to that story now and then.  I’ll sit at work and start putting ideas together.  I even went out on Google Maps and re-figured out where the house should be located.

You see, I don’t need to spend a lot of time thinking about my current story right now, because I’ve done all the thinking on it:  all that is left is the writing, which I am now doing.  Yes, I do give some parts some thought, but there’s no need to spend a lot of time getting The Foundation Chronicles down pat:  it is.  It’s good to go, and it is going.

Which leaves the question:  which location will I visit when I’m finished with business in Salem?