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On Beyond One Thousand

After all the fun and well-wishing yesterday, it’s back to business and new days.  It’s the last day of January and the first day of the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Horse, so work hard, play hard, and leave a good looking body, as the Fonz always used to say.

After a day off from the novel–and it was Wednesday, ’cause I had the all time consuming big post to get out–I took my time jumping back into it last night.  There were reasons for that, but the main reason is that after a long, trying day at work, I really need to decompress and come down to something resembling reality.  Yesterday was a trying day, and it was close to eight PM before I was ready to roll.

But roll I did.  Strangely enough, it was all about the days of birth, and names and genealogy, which really all came about because of someone trying to weasel their way out of not talking about what was really on their mind.  You get into those places and you gotta think fast, and it lead to some great word play–and needing to look up stuff that I hadn’t looked up in a while.

You’d think I’d know better, but sometimes that happens.  I can’t be perfect all the time.  Hell, I can’t even be close to imperfect most of the time, so there are moments when I stumble from one life event to another.  Sometimes that works, other times it feels like a bad dream.

No, I never thought I was a purple unicorn finding myself back in school.  That's just crazy.  I was pink.

No, I never had a dream where I was a purple unicorn who found herself back in school. That’s just crazy. I was pink.

But the conversation between Annie and Kerry went fast and smooth while they relaxed in their own private universe.  They revealed their birthdays, then from there they went to the naming of names, which in a school full of witches is a thing you only do in a moment of supreme confidence (no, not Supreme, I’ll probably write about that tomorrow), because as they’ll learn with the Queen of Darkness and the Master of Spirits, knowing a true name is one of the guaranteed ways to control things, living and otherwise.

Handing over your name to some girl you just met a couple of weeks before is a great way to find yourself getting controlled to hell and gone later–though the door swings both ways, and as she did the same, it’s turnabout fair play.

I stopped when I did because there’s a particularly emotional part coming up, and I didn’t want to end on a bummer, even though thinking about it got me a bit weepy.  I don’t hate that, but I didn’t want to leave my writing for the night on a down note.  It affects the way you look at it when you come back the next day.  It drops your emotional energy to a low before you have to crank out more words, and when I start writing anew, I wanna feel up and ready.

We’ll get to the weepy parts tonight.  It’s Friday and I’ll be inside writing.

Perfect time to start crying.

4 thoughts on “On Beyond One Thousand

    • I did my whole outline for the novel back in October, and finished it a couple of weeks before I started writing. I might add a scene to an additional scene, but that’s just to keep everything in it’s own little card when I’m writing. It’s still part of what I wanted to write for that part of the story–I just give it it’s own place to rest.

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