Ah, and Sleepy Hollow Rewrites

First off, a great thank you to all who sympathized with me over my computer issues from Monday evening.  Though I have replied personally to some, the fact is my hard drive I thought was having a problem wasn’t, and everything checked out nicely.  There were no errors, I was able to remove the corrupted document, and writing was back to normal last night.  Hurrah!

"I smacked you down, evil disk error!  Now, where was I?"

“I smacked you down, evil disk error! Now, back to the madness.”

All is cool, and with coolness comes writing.  Speaking of writing . . .

Friday is finished, but that doesn’t mean I’ll post a Rebecca Black video to drive you all crazy.  (Though she did do another tune called Saturday, and since I have one more day of school to write about . . .)  It means all I have left is one chapter, maybe six scenes, maybe twelve thousand words, and that’s it, that’s Wrap Time.  And if the word count is correct, I’ll end up just short of one hundred and forty thousand words.  Not bad for the first third of a novel.

I’m insane writing this much–entire Harry Potter novels weren’t this big.  But it’s the story, and I’m sticking with it.  I’m certain that once I have everything set up and described in the first book, any and all others that come afterwards will be far shorter.  If I can write like that.  I usually can, but I’ve a whole hell of a lot of people to get onto the stage to show around.  And I introduced the last character with a speaking part in the book–the librarian, Mr. Parkman–so no more characters showing up in this act.  Won’t see any new characters until Act Two, and that’s a promise.

So I finished up the scene with a touch over a thousand words, then updated my PAV list, because there will be some flying in the next chapter and I need additional models to throw around–one of them being the Witchy Poo, but that only does a walk on–and then . . . then I went back and reread a part I’ve been meaning to reread for a while–

Kerry’s Evaluation and Assessment.

Is there a reason I wanted to go back to that?  Yeah.  Something that happens in that E&A actually shows up in Act Three of this story, and in a way it’s connected to something that happens in the next Foundation novel–what?  You thought I wasn’t planning ahead?  Silly you.

As I had time I went back and reread, and edited as I went along.  There were a few things that needed cleaning, including one phrase at the end of the scene that made no sense in hell whatsoever.  That does happen from time-to-time with first drafts–

"No, he doesn't magically make an AK-47 appear and then blows away the adviser away.  It's a P-90.  Remember, he's a Stargate fan."

“No, he doesn’t magically make an AK-47 appear and then blows away the adviser away. It’s a P-90. Remember, he’s a Stargate fan.”

There wasn’t a lot of things I needed to edit.  There were a few misspellings, and a couple of things out of place–originally I had Kerry and Doctor Grey, the adviser, sitting in chairs facing each other, but in the edit I put a table between them, because that made sense, particularly for what follows.  I changed a couple of things around, and revised something he told the adviser because, in the Midnight Madness, he tells the same story to Annie, only with a bit more detail and a lot more crying.

Therefore, I have a new editing status.  When it’s not a work in progress, when it’s not a first draft, it’s a revised draft.  And since I may go through and edit more than once, it’s a revised draft first pass.  And it is the first to get my little seal of approval.

"I remember when you were just a work in progress."

“I remember when you were just a work in progress.”

And the title of the post?  Kerry spent the first part of his life in Sleepy Hollow, California.  Yes, it does exist, and there are no headless horsemen living there.  Yes, the town where his grandparents live, Marrionwood, is a real location, and the towns are pretty much right next to each other.  And if anyone ever asks him, he could tell you that he once rode his bike down to one of the neighbor’s houses, some guy that lived about five miles away if you were willing to head over the hills.

Sure, he never actually got into Skywalker Ranch, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have pictures.