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Of Late I Dream of Multiverse

We are under Snowmageddon III:  This Time It’s Personal, watch once more.  People were speaking of the upcoming snow storm as if the undead were about to rise and we needed to stock up on food and prepare our Lobos.  A very high level of melodrama around the streets today–which, by the way, are quick frozen with cold.  I should have filled up last night, but it’s not like I’m going anywhere in the next couple of days.

The dreams were getting crazy last night again.  I seemed as if I joined in with a group of people and opened a business at an amusement center, but I have no idea what the business was, and it seemed as if no one else knew what we were doing, either.  People who came in from the outside were incredibly rude to us, and it seemed like other businesses didn’t give a single shit if they went out of their way to make us feel unwelcome, and to even do their best to drive away our business–which we didn’t have because we didn’t know what our business.

Oh, and there was a massive pickup accident in there, too.  Go figure.

Last night was another thousand into the scene, which is running longer than I imagined.  There’s a lot on Annie’s mind, and a lot for her to go over when it comes to showing her own selfishness.  She’s being honest–but then she’s speaking with the school seer, and it’s hard to BS a woman who might just drop something like, “I’d watch your third child,” and leave it at that.  What, are they going to follow you everywhere?  Are they going to become a serial killer?  Will they be named Carl and never stay in the house?  Stuff like that in a school of magic will play your ass for many years.

My mind was also playing with other things.  I like to call the work I do part of my “Multiverse”, and that’s because somehow everything I write is, in one way or another, connected.  Sure, maybe it’s because there are characters in different stories who find they are also related to people in other universes.  For example . . .

This current work in progress really stared with an old role playing characters, and then evolved into an idea I was considering for the characters from my novel, Her Demonic Majesty.  The idea was that my main sorceress, the lovely and sweet Jeannette Hagart, she from one universe dumped into the body of someone else in another, would end up meeting the characters from my current novel, and have to deal with the mind-bending realization that she’d dealt with these characters in her own world, but as fictional characters in an online role play, and not as actual people–which also leads her to wonder if the people who played them were in her universe as well, or if her characters was a living person in her new world, too.

"Make it stop!  Make it stop!  It's a war crime to make a person's head explode!"

“Make it stop! It’s a war crime to let a person’s head explode!”

That’s how my crazy mind works:  even when I’m in the middle of a project, I’m thinking about other things that might just tie into the project I’m working on and how they might affect each other.

I’m telling you, there are easier ways to make a living, but none nearly as much fun.

8 thoughts on “Of Late I Dream of Multiverse

    • It’s been done before, or at least done in a way that the characters became aware of other dimensions, and possibly of their own existence. In one of my stories it was stated, from far in the future, that Sam Becket was a real person in that particular universe. In “Her Demonic Majesty”, an off-hand comment is made that Harry Dresden is not only real, but was chased out of Chicago and moved to Vancouver.

      Heinlein played with this a little in “Number of the Beast”, where the main characters were universe hoping about and ended up in several places that were derived from various literary works–and at the end of the novel nearly every character he ever created showed up for a party. He did a little of this in “The Cat Who Walked Through Walls” as well, with trying to reactivate Mike the supercomputer being a priority, and nearly every one of his main characters showing up again.

      The strangest ones are done in comics, where, on a couple of occasions, characters learned they weren’t real. One of the “She Hulk” runs ended that way, with Jennifer discovering she was a fictional character. There was also a Fantastic Four issue when they go off to meet God in an attempt to bring Ben Grimm back to life, and God happens to look a lot like Jack Kirby. Ben comes back to life–he’s drawn back into shape, so to speak.

  1. Whoa looks really a good chance, as says Steven Lyle…
    For a while I give myself a break, the marketing for the novel published last year requires a lot of patience and the new novel still needs some “adjustment” that will be done at the proper time…
    Here, too, we had a lot of snow! For me it is always a source of inspiration (I started writing Taiga’s dream at a time when it snowed for days).
    Of course we have the temperature dropped only to 10 degrees below zero…
    Good luck Cassidy and see you soon! 🙂 claudine

  2. I have started paying it forward and wandering through the blogs of readers on my blog who have been faithfully following me and yours is one of my favorites and I JUST had to stop in and tell you and to also thank you for being so faithful♡
    I LOVE your blog and writing. Your imagination doesn’t seem to sleep. Lol♡

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