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Act One Interludes

About last night . . .

It is said that if you’re going to write a novel, you need to write every day.  Most writers will tell you that you have to do that anyway, because if you want to make this your job, you just do it.  You sit down when you don’t feel like it and write something, even if it’s just ideas that need jotting down.

I began writing The Foundation Chronicles Book One: A For Advanced on the night of 30 October, 2013.  I know this because I have it marked down on my Author’s Page on Facebook.  Last night, 18 February, Act One of the novel was finished.  According to the date calculator on the Time and Date website, that’s one hundred and twelve days.  And there were three days there where I didn’t write, because of travel and illness, so I required one hundred and nine days to reach a point where the last thing written was, “They went home.”

Simple and to the point.

"Twas nothing!"

“Twas nothing!”

There it is:  Act One with Part Three–my longest part–finished.  Seventy-seven thousand, five hundred words to work out a week in the lives of two kids who are leaning what the words “special” and “witch” really mean.  Of course the first week of their adventure required the first two parts, and sixty-one thousand, eight hundred seventy-five words as well.  I’ve actually sat and looked at this and went, “Really?  Almost eighty thousand words to work out a week?”  Yeah, I do that.  Some writers write as much, or more, going on about one day, so I’m in good company.

Since there isn’t anything planed for tonight, I’ll adjust my schedule a little.  There is a little Italian restaurant just across from the capitol building that I’ve had my eye on for a while, so after work I’m gonna stroll on in there for a quiet sit-down dinner.  Don’t know what I’ll eat, but I do know I’ll order a glass of red with the meal.  Then take my time enjoying both, because this is a thing I’ve earned, and most of the time when I’ve either finished a work I’ve just went, “Eh, what’s next?”  Not this time.  This one was a hell of a job, and one hundred twelve days of coming home and bringing up the manuscript so I can get back to adding more to the story–it’s like finishing the first leg of a triathlon.  It’s a lot of work, but there’s still two legs to go.

That doesn’t mean I won’t stop thinking about what’s to come.  I do that anyway.  But I won’t start on Act Two until the last day of March, and if this next section were to run another one hundred and twelve days, I’d finish Act Two on 21 July.  Then a nice break until the first week of September, and that begins the leg of the race that takes me to The End.

I’ve got it all figured out; I only need stick to my schedule.

In the mean time having some moments to myself is a good time to edit and bring out the stories that could stand a little publishing.

A writer’s work is never done . . .

25 thoughts on “Act One Interludes

    • Oh, there were a couple of weeks prior to writing where I laid out the whole story. I’ve added to it and moved things around since the beginning, but the basic meta-plot of the novel is right there in Scrivener.

  1. Way to go, Cassidy. I have to get back to writing after VOID Kickstarter is complete. I am really looking forward to it! Have several halfway finished novels calling my name.

        • I first hooked up with it when it was far more “free” than it is now, but for a yearly fee it’s a lot cheaper that the old Writer’s Publication Guides I used to buy back in the 80’s and 90’s. Those were like $20-$30 a pop back then, and they were often segregated by genre.

          • The story sounds very similar to my own experience. I was with them before the prices were added. I haven rejoined but have consisted it

  2. Congrats on getting to that last sentence!!! Love the screenshot – you are a lot more organized in Scrivener than I am. You absolutely deserve some red wine and a great meal! 🙂

    You seem to have your schedule mapped out nicely and by the looks of how you got through Act One, no doubt you’ll stick to it. Good luck and enjoy the break!!

    • I’m trying to enjoy the break, but I’m BORED! I need something to do!

      I’ve been using Scrivener for almost three years, and I’ve written just about everything with it: Novels, Novellas, Novelettes, Short Stories, even articles. I used to use the Corkboard all the time, but now I find I love working with the Outline–makes it much easier to see everything in a shot. I’ve written a lot about Scrivener on the blogs, and showed many shots of how I’ve set up my stories.

      • I’ll have to take a look for those posts. I love using Scrivener but I know I’m not using it to it’s fullest. And I have glitches in my formatting when I compile. I do love writing it in though!

        • Look for the tag “Scrivener” and that should lead you to everything I’ve written about it. I usually include screen shots with those. I’ve also written a few posts on time line software, and one of my posts, “Builder of Worlds”, I talk about all the different kinds of software I have used when writing.

  3. Yay!!! It’s been fun following your journey as you work on this MONSTER of a piece, and I’ve really enjoyed reading the excerpts you have included in a lot of your posts. Congrats on finishing Act One!

  4. I see that you do your story boarding, I do wish I could crowbar myself into story boarding like I should. I get my thoughts in my wittle head and go he)) bent for leather, and…. end up editing the fool out of it. I started out doing it and I can’t make myself stay with it. I guess its because I change my mind on something, I work a lot in my head. Yet, I know I should, just need a boot in the britches. Kudos’s on your doing it.

    • I work a lot in my head as well. I’m always working on scenes, but I need to lay it out before I write. And I’m finding it’s helping with editing: I’ve probably burned through thirty thousand words in the last four days getting my editing down.

      • I actually downloaded scrivener last night to try it out. I have to get myself disciplined, I’ve written the beginning and the end and most of the conflict, have to finish it. But I’m loathe to do what I have to do, (empathy for my characters), I get attached :/ Good luck with your latest endeavor.

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