Forms Without Shape or Substance

The above title has to do with a dream I had last night, where it seemed that nothing possessed a true form or was in any way substantive.  You couldn’t lay something flat, because “flat” was a relative term:  it might look flat, but it wasn’t.  Some totally non-Euclidean shit going on, trust me, and it could very well be that my old buddy Cthulhu was paying me a visit last night, but if that were the case I’d likely be insane right now.

Or am I already?

I was in a good mood last night.  I was editing along well, maybe getting thirty pages out of the way while listening to some good music.  I even snapped a picture of myself and passed it along to a few friends, which should give you an indication of how I felt at the time, because I’m seen online as often as the Loch Ness Monster these days.

Once the editing was out of the way my mind began to wander.  I was back on the story that I’m not now working on, but in reality I was thinking ahead of the story I’m not now working on.  I was thinking of the future history, of what lay ahead for Annie and Kerry.  Since I can’t leave things alone, I started to plan, and to plot, and to work . . .

First I got out an old map I’d created a long time ago.  How long?  Maybe two and a half years at this point in time and space.  When I look at this I know what it means . . .

It meas someone took their girlfriend on a tour of Europe.  Chicks dig tours of Europe.

It means someone and their girlfriend went on a tour of Europe. Chicks dig tours of Europe.

I had an old time line of this laying about somewhere, but since I have Aeon, I decided to lay out some point in time leading up to this trip, and for a few things that happened along the way for this trip.  In my kid’s history this is an important moment for them, because it’s freedom, and not the kind that gets you drawn and quartered, probably because you were walking around a battlefield with a Plasticine dog in your arms.  (True movie buffs will know what I’m saying here.)  Needless to say I ended up with a lot of plot points on a time line, and everything seemed to fall in place a lot better–including a moment I realized yesterday that proved, beyond a doubt, that no one was ever going to keep these kids apart after a certain point in time.

Then I started thinking on another subject with my kids, and that meant I needed to head over to one of the various websites I keep bookmarked because I never know when I’m gonna need it.  What was I doing?  I was blowing up stuff in Russia.  No, really.

That's not a bomb; that's a . . . different kind of bomb, baby!

That’s not a bomb; that’s a . . . different kind of bomb, baby!

Of course what I was blowing up in Russia is my business and mine alone, and I really can’t say for sure if things really do get blown up.  It’s all part of a “What If?” that I’m working out for a future story that will likely get written one day when I’m old and gray–well, I’m already gray, so old-er.

With all this behind me, all this mind tripping said and done, it was time to get some more time lines figured out.  So on to Aeon and the building of a future that someone besides me will see one day.

See all those lines?  They mean something to me.  Maybe one day they'll mean something to you.

See all those lines? They mean something to me. Maybe one day they’ll mean something to you.

While For a Few Dollars More played in the background I figured out points in time and set them up against characters.  I set up and defined events that I’ve thought about for a long time, but I’ve never actually set down like this.  There is more to do–the bomb thing above actually takes place during their E Levels, and I haven’t worked out all the time yet–and I’ll probably get to that tonight after I put more editing under the bridge.

Even when I’m not working on my stories I’m working on my stories.  Even here, it’s more about stories yet to come than the story that’s coming.  This is why breaks from your work are good–

It’s lets you build upon your world without being distracted from the events in front of you.