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All’s Quite Along the Revision Front

If you begin looking for something to do, eventually you shall find something to do.  It’s only natural.  If you don’t find anything, then you either weren’t looking hard enough, or your mind was playing tricks on you with something I like to call a “distraction”.

That happens with me every so often, but last night wasn’t the case.  After I finished up the edits on my friend’s novel, I discovered I had time on my hands.  And as Styx once sang, when I’ve got too much time on my hands, it’s ticking away with my sanity.  Since I’m already sort of nuts, the last thing I want to lose is that, so . . . I started looking for stuff do to.  You know, things.

It’s like this:  the other day one of my fans left a comment that said something like, “Wow!  With all these characters how am I gonna keep track?”  I told her that with this novel I’d leave a Cast of Characters page in the story so people would have a reference.  Naturally I had to go into my novel to see if, in fact, I might have already made one–but you already know the answer.  Of course I did.

I was looking at it, thinking about how I could put this out here for people to see, then decided, “Hey, you can just copy and paste the sucker, because it’s, you know, a big list.”  Which it is.  So, if you are interested, here is my cast of character for the story–which, believe it or not, isn’t complete, because there are things on here I’m not showing.  You know, stuff.


(Excerpt from The Foundation Chronicles, Book One: A For Advanced, copyright 2013, 2014, by Cassidy Frazee)

The Children and Parents

The Kirilova Family

Annie Krilova
Victor Kirilova — Father
Pavlina Kirilova — Mother

The Malibey Family

Kerry Malibey
Davyn Malibey — Father
Louise Malibey — Mother
Aaron Reston — Grandfather
Deirdra Reston — Grandmother

The Foundation Representatives

Mr. Mayhew — Guidance Supervisor
Ms. Rutherford — Kerry’s Guidance Supervisor

Salem Institute for Greater Education and Learning

Institute Staff

Mathilde Laventure — School Headmistress
Coraline Gallagher — School Doctor
Isis Mossman — Director of Security
Trevor Parkman — Head Librarian

Coven Leaders

Deanna Arrakis — Coven Åsgårdsreia and Director of Divination
Jessica Kishna — Coven Ceridwen and Mistress of Transformation
Madeline Palmescoff — Coven Blodeuwedd and History/Social Studies
Holoč Semplen — Coven Cernunnos and Biology/Life Sciences
Erywin Sladen — Coven Mórrígan and Formalistic Magic


Harpreet Bashagwani — Astronomy and Math
Ramona Chai — Self Defense and Weapons
Wednesday Douglas — General Spells
Matthias Ellison — Music and Arts Director
Adric Lewiston — Spirit and Apparition Studies, Science, and Math
Helena Lovecraft — Head Sorceress and Dark Mistress of All
Victoria Salomon — Flying and Teleportation
Polly Grünbach — Science and Technology
Fitzsimon Spratt — Practical Super Science
Shuthelah Kady — Engineering and Magic
Tristyn Julin — Applying Powers

Assistant Staff

Kitchen and General Operations

Una Grandin — Head of Kitchen
Agnes Piña — Head Chef
Zora Gronowski — Housekeeping Assistant
Netra Bonds — Housekeeping Assistant

Hospital Staff

Gretchen Rogge — Night Nurse
Bianca Gaillard — All Shifts Nurse
Thebe Göbricher — All Shifts Nurse

Grounds and Maintenance Staff

Sukumari Valade — Head Groundskeeper
Severiana Stasko — Groundskeeper
Wilhelmina Ananas — Groundskeeper
Zenobia Boerger — Groundskeeper
Jehane Pandres — Groundskeeper

Security Staff

Tamera Berube — Security Second in Command
Holly McPhie — Security Assistant
Suhaila Ogata — Security Assistant

Other A Levels

Alica Ferguson — Student from Scotland, Coven Cernunnos
Collin McCarty — Student from Eire, Coven Blodeuwedd
Emmalynne Neilson — Student from Bolder, CO, Coven Mórrígan
Lisa Glissandi — Student from Conway, AK, Coven Åsgårdsreia
Anna Laskar — Student from Germany, Coven Åsgårdsreia

Upper Level Students

Rivânia Suassuna — D Level, Coven Åsgårdsreia
Harmony Macrinus — D Level, Coven Blodeuwedd
Nadine Woodley — C Level, Coven Mórrígan
Harold Napper — C Level, Coven Mórrígan
Chunghee Pang  —  C Level, Coven Ceridwen
Daria Frontera  —  C Level, Coven Cernunnos
Winfreda Fishel —  B Level, Coven Ceridwen

School Spirits

The Phoenix  —  Benefactor and Protector of Salem


And there you have it:  just about everyone in the story, or at least just about everyone I made note for that might show up in the story.  I will admit to editing the Cast of Characters a bit to keep some surprises from you, the possible readers.

But then, while I had the project up, sitting right there in front of me on the computer, I thought, “Hey, you know, it wouldn’t hurt to just, you know, look at a couple of scenes.”  Oh sure:  Nothing was going to happen.  Nothing at all.

I lied.  This is what happened.

No, this is not what it seems.  It's not writing, it's . . . editing.  Yeah, that's what it is.

No, this is not what it seems. It’s not writing, it’s . . . editing. Yeah, that’s what it is.

I got into the first two scenes of the prologue–where we meet Annie and Kerry–and I gave them both an edit.  Not only that, but I broke Kerry’s scene into two scenes, as there was a break in the action and it was time to move that other information to its own scene.  So now all sit in the project with the label, “Revised Draft First Pass” on them, because I’ll likely roll over them again before getting to another scene.

Did I find anything wrong?  Yeah, a few things.  A couple of misspelled words; I caught Annie’s father with a dreaded “said” before he spoke, and I rewrote a few lines that seemed clumsy and not at all clear.  My first drafts are pretty clean and say what I want them to say, so what I’m looking for in the editing process are those things that look wrong, and then correct them.  If I find things that don’t make sense–and I found a few of those last night–I remove them and see if I can say something differently.

I promise I’m not about to get into heavy edits of this novel before I start writing anew.  Okay, so maybe I will.

It’s my party and I’ll edit if I want to.

15 thoughts on “All’s Quite Along the Revision Front

    • Yes, it is. Most of the Administrative Staff doesn’t get a walk-on, but I wanted to know who they are in case I need them. Most of the instructors are heard from during the story, but about a half-dozen of them are getting the most print time. Annie and Kerry are in nearly every scene, either individually or together; there’s only a handful where they aren’t part of the conversation.

  1. Tell me Cassidy… do you sleep, sometimes? Or maybe you’re not from this planet!!! HOW can you get time to manage all this (included keeping up-dated your blog)?
    Allright, I’m over fifty and maybe this is the reason why I walk “round” and don’t conclude all my duties… big kiss to you and I wish you a lovely w.e. 🙂 claudine

    PS. when I manage to get enough money, I’ll hire you as my personal agent 😀

    • I’ll be 57 in just under two months, so there is hope for everyone. 🙂

      Here’s my schedule: I’m up at 6 AM, or sometimes before, and I blog. Then I get ready for work. Then I go to work and put in my 8 hours, then I’m home. Sometimes I rest a bit before I work on my stories, but I’m usually doing something writing related by 8 PM. Then it’s usually that for two, three hours. If there’s something on at 10 PM I’ll watch it, otherwise I usually shut everything down by 11 PM and head for bed.

      I feel I need to do this writing thing, and do as much as possible, because I waited so long in life to get started. But that’s the story of my life: wait until you’re old to do what you want. 😉

      • you’re absolutely astonishing, my dear…
        I’m 55 (december born) first kid with 40 – second one 43… work 8:30 at the office (HR specialist)… come home exausted… try to stay up at least until 21:00 without getting my head into the dinner-plate…
        Friday night is the best to fix things around (as right now) but the laundry room is screaming loud 😉 {and I let her scream}
        I have some little inconveniance with menopause, but this is tabu for a lot of woman… so I bite into it!!! Let me tell you, I guessed you were around 25 yrs. old… amazing thing… all my respect! And you’re quite right: I need to write too, is more than a necessity… it’s visceral… Hugs and see you around (by the way I do like very much all your suggestions)! 😀 c

  2. That is a huge cast. I’m not sure I could keep track of so many (as a writer), but you are amazingly organized.

    As far as editing to soon, you can always copy the original draft and work on the copy here and there without worrying about “losing” the original. Have fun with the edits! 🙂

  3. Love love love Scrivener! I am amazed by your ability to juggle a cast that huge! And I love the previous comment asking if you sleep. I was thinking the same thing. Even more amazed that you work full time in addition to writing. I, too, put in 40 hours at the day job and most nights can’t wrap my brain around a mindless sitcom let alone sit down and work on my books. You inspire me.

    • When I’m writing my first draft I tried to make 800 to a 1,000 words a night. Always. If I don’t, then I’m not making any progress. And as big as my stories go, I can’t afford to take forever to finish.

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