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Act Two of Act One

As I mentioned a couple of weeks back, when you have time on your hands and you’re looking for something to do, you might end up, oh, I don’t know, editing a whole lot of words because you don’t want to do it later?  It wasn’t enough that I was editing someone else’s novel, but I decided that I was time to get into my own.  I mean, time be time, right?

So, in the period of just under two weeks, I put my just under one hundred and forty thousand word novel through a first pass edit.  I fixed words; I rewrote passages that were wrong; I deleted words that weren’t needed; I add those that were.  And what do I have?

Nice and shiny, it is.  Oh, yes:  it is.

Nice and shiny, it is. Oh, yes.

Act One is a First Pass Finish, and “They went home” is probably as good a close as I’ve done.  And now I’m about to get the kids into some insanity, so that’s going to keep me busy for a while–

In fact, I may start on that insanity tomorrow.  Maybe today.  Maybe today.  But right now I’m so ready to write I’m about to flip out.  Not that I haven’t done that before, but this is a good flip out.  Particularly after I worked up one of the scenes in my head yesterday, and when I realized it was going perfect lead-in for a few scenes that follow, I had to pat myself on the back and say, “You rock when it comes to this shit, Cassie.”

What does the story look like now?  Cleaner.  I did a good read of manuscript and caught things that were missing, and removed words and phrases that were redundant.  But I also added a few things.  How much?  Well, the First Draft was 139,375 words; the Revised Draft First Pass is 140,290 words–a net addition of nine hundred and fifteen words.  Not bad, really, particularly if it makes things better.

What will happen now is I’ll remove Act One from Compile status and set up Act Two that way, so Scrivener will track the word count for all the new material.  I say with all my heart that I don’t want to write another one hundred forty thousand words for this part, but I’m pretty certain it’s gonna top one hundred thousand without a problem.  Transporting is two hundred forty-five thousand words, and I see myself getting damn close to that total by the time I get to the end of Act Two, where I’ll type something along the lines of, “Good evening, Headmistress; ladies.  May we have a word?”  See?  You already know how Act Two is going to end, which means I’m in a good mood, since I almost never give away anything.

It’s a happy day around here because I’m ready to get into the three or four month slog for the second act of my novel, where Annie and Kerry are gonna learn things about their abilities, and both will find themselves in some incredibly deep caca at a couple of points in the upcoming school year.  There will be blood and more than a few trips to the hospital.

It’s gonna be glorious.  I can’t wait.

"There's nothing I like more than torturing my characters!  Yay!"

“There’s nothing I love more than putting my characters though hell! Yay!”

12 thoughts on “Act Two of Act One

  1. 245,000 words! Iz you writing war and peace, lol. Or is this a series? I’m banging my head at 52,000. Well I’ve been on this one for 5 weeks, and I’m doing the starting scene for “all of me:, AND basically rewriting my dads manuscript. I’m looking at around 90-95,000 words to complete Mosaic. That’s a lot of work Cassidy. I applaud you for hanging in there. And by the way the martini, put me in a three cup of coffee morning, :/

    • I realized this first book–and it IS a first book–was going to be huge because of the world building going on. So I cut it into three act, and I’m thinking that I’ll publish each act separately, then put it all together as a whole book later. And there will be other stories for these two–lots of words, let me tell you.

  2. I’m excited to hear about your adventures along this new path with Act Two. I’ve really enjoyed reading about Kerry and Annie and all the other characters, and hope to one day read their full tale rather than snippets. Count me in for this ride. 😉

  3. Good stuff. I’m excited for you, Cassidy! As far as breaking things up, that’s definitely cool. One thing I’ve really enjoyed, is creating very detailed outlines for my novels. When done and approached “right”, they do not limit your work (and might change many times as you write), but they can be used to get some solid feedback (and reduce time required for rewrites), and once one knows their stories well enough to create a good outline, breaking things up into chunks couldn’t be easier!

    I just love being able to hop around anywhere within my novel and know it will all mesh together because of my outlines. That freedom enables me to tackle a scene that I finally find myself suddenly passionate about, without putting the cart before the horse. Anyway, I look forward to your next post. Have fun writing!!!

    • I’ve spoke at length how much work I’ve put into outlining this story, and the stories that will follow. It’s quite the job. And the main reason for breaking up things into act is the word count: my first act is already more than the individual counts of the first three Harry Potter books, and by the time Act Two is finished I’ll end up close to Order of the Phoenix territory. If my estimations are correct, this first book could end up larger than the first three HP novels. And that’s just one book.

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