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Unseen in 60 Seconds

The scene is finished, all in the bed and resting–much like my kids will do in the next scene, but that’s another story, probably told tomorrow.

Three scenes down and two to go for Chapter Thirteen, and this last scene has pretty much had me returning to form in terms of getting the word count out.  Almost nine hundred words last night, it was enough to finish out  the scene and get ready for the next.  Then one special scene after that and–ta, da!  Chapter be done, on to Chapter Fourteen and the end of Part Four.

I be writin', word be rollin' up.

I be writin’, word be rollin’ up.

And it got interesting in class.  Picking up where I left off yesterday . . .


(All excerpts, this page, from The Foundation Chronicles, Book One: A For Advanced, copyright 2013, 2014, by Cassidy Frazee)

Annie shifted her weight and the collage of background images shifted around her body, hiding parts while exposing others. “Oh, this is terrible.” She pressed herself against the edge of the cubical entrance. “I thought I would attempt what Professor Kishna did—”

“And you managed an admirable effort.” Jessica appeared to Annie’s left as she dropped her own invisibility layer. “I don’t know if the proficiencies you’ve gained will offset the proficiencies you’ll lose by being out of your seat.”

Annie returned to being completely visible before turning to face the transformation instructor. “I’m sorry, Professor. I just had to see—” She nodded to her right. “How Kerry was doing with the assignment.”

Jessica continued staring at Annie for several seconds before turned to Kerry. “And how are you doing, Kerry?” She examined his containers. “I see only one mouse.”

“Yes, Professor.”

“Can I take that to mean that you’ve allowed them to run off?”

He was about to protest when he cause the faintest of grins at the right corner of Professor Kishna’s mouth. “No, Professor. I managed to make them invisible.”

Annie nodded. “I saw him make the second mouse vanish.”

“You did?” Jessica gave Kerry a hurt look. “And I missed it . . . fortunately you have a third.” She motioned at the remaining simulacrum rodent. “Please, turn it invisible.”

Kerry stiffened with the eyes of the the professor upon him. Working at his cubical was one thing, but having her standing there watching did little to help his crafting. “Um . . .”

Jessica’s head snapped up as she looked past Kerry. “Lisa.” She made certain that not only did the girl hear her, but so did everyone in the room. “What are you doing?”

Lisa was shaking one of the containers violently, the simulacrum mouse bouncing off the walls inside. “This damn container must be cursed.” She slammed the container to her work surface. “Ah can’t git any of these mice to do nothin’.” She crossed her arms in a huff. “There’s somethin’ wrong here.”

“If there’s anything wrong, it’s the student.” Jessica pointed at Lisa’s containers. “Do nothing more until I come over—and if you keep shaking them like that you won’t have to worry about turning your mouse invisible, because it’ll pop and dissolve.” She turned back to Kerry. “Ready?”

He looked up slowly, quickly shifting his eyes to Annie before turning to Jessica. “Do I have to?”

“Remember, Kerry, experts in transformation magic don’t always have the most perfect conditions under which to work.” She tapped the top of his work surface. “Considering me standing here to be one of those imperfect moments.” She nodded at the container. “Proceed, please—and do nothing more to your spell than what you’ve done already.”

Kerry didn’t need to ask what the professor meant by her last remark, just as he understood the look Annie sent his away: change nothing. Do what you’re already done twice. He focused on the last mouse standing and began pulling his imaginary tubes around the remaining creature before sending the energy and willpower to cement it all together . . .


Jessica:  cold as ice and twice as imposing.  Oh, and she has killed–but who here at the school hasn’t?  Don’t answer that question, but I know.

Still, she’s a good teacher, and she does go out of her way to help from time-to-time, or giving advice without really giving it.  I like her a lot, because she’s got the whole “I’m In Control and Never Forget It” package going, but get her in the right mood at the right time, and she’ll tell you her life story and be so open about it you’ll think you’re speaking to a completely different woman.

Well, she is one of the best transformational witches in the world, so maybe you are.

Anyway, how did the scene end?  Like this:


He moved his hands over all the containers at once, imagining he was pulling at the thread of tubes around the mice, all the while preparing to shoot a jolt of power into the effect to reverse the spell. He willed the effect to vanish, and slowly all three mice grew visible.

Kerry motioned to the mice. “And it’s done.”

“Yes, it is.” Jessica lifted her head and smiled, her eyes reflecting her feelings. “Excellent work, once again.” She turned to Annie. “As for you . . .”

Annie resisted gulping, but expected the professor to do something concerning her having left her work space. “Yes, Professor?”

“How many mice did you make invisible before sauntering over here?”

She sighed silently. “Two, Professor.”

“So one remains.”

“Yes, Professor.”

“Then you can show me how you make the third one vanish with me standing over you.” She hurried Annie back to her cubical, then turned to Kerry. “You can come as well. After all, Annie saw your mouse vanish; only fair you get to see hers.”

“Sure, Professor.” Kerry hurried towards Annie. “I wouldn’t miss this for anything.”


No, he wouldn’t, ’cause watching his sweetie make mice vanish is something he lives for.  Sorta.

Like I said, three scenes down, two to go, and I’m getting a good feeling that I might start working on the last scene for this chapter on Friday.  If I do well tonight, I’ll finish up the penultimate scene, then . . . well, you know how it goes.

It's all right there on the corkboard, so you can see for yourself.

It’s all right there on the corkboard, so you can see for yourself.

7 thoughts on “Unseen in 60 Seconds

  1. Sometimes, reading everything here just makes it seem like there’s a lot of work. Then, I see a screenshot of what you’re working on… It boggles my mind sometimes. There’s sooooo much included in your work – world, characters, magic, rules, etc. It’s hard to believe that the part you managed to finish recently was only one act of the story as a whole. It’s actually kind of scary. A good scary, but still scary.

    • If you’re gonna build a world from scratch, you have to know all these things. The next chapter really gets into some strange magic, and it’s really where–for the kids–everything changes. And the maps help, too. 🙂

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