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Living to Write Another Day

Well, that was an interesting day yesterday.  I managed my early morning post, bid everyone a good day, finished my coffee–and almost didn’t make it to put up this post.

About forty-five minutes after leaving the rest stop I started getting tired–extremely tired.  As in, “I’m Falling Asleep at the Wheel” tired.  As in, “I’m Gonna Wreck This Sucker Any Minute Now” tired.  I know I dozed off at least twice and pulled myself out of my stupor so I wouldn’t do something exciting like zip off the road at 120 kilometers per hours (75 miles per hour, but flipping it up to kilometers makes it sound like I was racing) and do a couple of barrel rolls before coming to a messy stop.

I made it to the next rest stop and snapped this picture:

I'm awake.  Almost.  Sorta.  Kinda.  What's awake?

I’m awake. Almost. Sorta. Kinda . . . what’s awake?

What I hold in my hand is a large Panera extra dark roast with two espresso shots jacking that caffeine level to eleven.  Seriously, I was about as out of it right there as I’ve ever been, and I’ve survived moments where I’ve blacked out for minutes at a time with no recollection of what happened, usually a club or behind the wheel of another car while in the middle of nowhere.  This was nearly one of those same moments, only thirty-five years down the time stream.  I can’t even get my barrettes in straight.

I spent nearly ninety minutes getting wired and awake before trying to drive again–because, let’s face it, there was no way in hell I was dying in Ohio.  Hell, no.  I’ll barely accept death in Indiana, and they only way I’ll check out in Ohio is if i’m trying to steal the SR-71 down at the Air Force Museum while being chased by security guards with high-powered weapons.  That’s the way to go.  Crashing and burning on the Ohio Toll Road?  Not even in the top one thousand ways I wanna shuck this mortal coil.

But I made it home, due in large part to the two hours of rage driving I experience coming through Indiana.  For some reason I keep missing the “Speed limit is 70, but you can drive 67 in the left lane, not a problem” signs that must be set up somewhere, because there were a whole lot of assholes on the toll road driving exactly that way.  One day I’m going to wield a gigantic Road Warrior-style metal brace to the front of my vehicle and start pushing people off the road when they do that, because . . . well, because it’ll make me feel better.

I finally ended up collapsing about 9:30 PM, but not after I wrote two hundred and twenty-two words in my current scene.  No, really:  I started writing, and ended up nearly falling asleep at the computer.  Reading over what I’d written I’m surprised it isn’t five paragraphs of utter gibberish.  I only made it about half way through the last paragraph, however, before my brain began shutting down, but I’m pretty sure I still know what I was going to say.  In fact, I know exactly what I’m going to write–

I’m just glad I’m here so I don’t leave Kerry hanging in the lurch with his spell . . .

27 thoughts on “Living to Write Another Day

  1. I hate that feeling of almost falling asleep at the wheel, there’s nothing you can do to overcome it – slapping yourself in the face, winding all the windows down, having the music blaring, nothing gets rid of that feeling for more than a second or so. I remember having it so bad one time many years ago that my brain started playing tricks on me and convincing me that I could doze in little bursts of two or three second shut-eyes to overcome it while driving. Nope. Nothing to do but stop and refuel on caffeine. Now I stop and coffee-up if I even start to feel a bit tired, I just don’t want to reach that scary I-can-nap-a-little-while-driving phase again!

    • I had the A/C up high and the music blasting as well–and you feel your consciousness slipping away. It was a horrible feeling, and stopping again was the only way I was going to get through the day.

  2. I’ve been weaning myself off coffee, and now have access to more stable energy levels throughout the day. This means I can write before and after work.

    However, that dark roast is seriously triggering.

    • I’ve really cut back on my coffee, though in the past I rarely drank more than two cups in a day. This was more like having a 18 hour day on Thursday, getting two hours sleep, then trying to drive 600 miles in 11 hours. Not good.

    • I drink decaf tea and coffee now, and I’ve switched from sugar to sweetener, and honestly things have been so much better. I can stay awake that extra couple of hours that I need. 🙂

      • A lot of what happened this last week involved running myself through 18 hours days working and writing, then getting so excited about coming home and I ignored the sleep factor and just hit the road. I keep forgetting that since starting on hormones I don’t have the energy I had six months ago, so getting tired becomes an issue at some point. It did about, oh, 7 AM yesterday. 🙂

  3. Lo bueno de vivir en una isla es que no tenemos que conducir tanto tiempo,en un momento estamos al otro lado de la misma Saludos desde las Islas Canarias

  4. Not even in the top one thousand ways I wanna shuck this mortal coil…
    Will add to my vocabulary (verbal) and of course, give proper credit. Genious.

  5. I always imagine a giant, articulated flipper device that would slide under offending vehicles and fling them from the road like so many pancakes.

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