Out of the Gate

There was a strange feeling coming over me yesterday.  I was ready to write, but I was tired as well.  Pretty much dead tired.  Work seemed to take a lot out of me, and by the time I finished my walk home–just like Annie and Kerry, I walk a mile to and from work–I felt like it was all I was going to be able to do to turn on the computer.

Not to mention my back has been hurting a lot when I sit at it now.  I’m afraid the cheep-ass chair I use when sitting here isn’t going to cut it any longer, and I’m going to have to step up to something better.  Something I’ll likely need to do by the end of the month if this keeps up.

However . . . this happened.

You just need a scene, you throw it in.

You just need a scene, you throw it in.

Rather than breaking up the action inside the main scene, I put it all in the little sub-scenes below.  I know there are a few people who’ve told me they don’t quite get what I’m doing, but it works for me, and when you print it out it’s nice and neat.  Not to mention, when I create my Table of Contents for Act Two, those scenes–and their headings–will show up, and if you wanna stop reading at one of those points, you can return to it right away.

What’s happened?  Um . . . Kerry raced off with Emma, which is sort of like saying, “Kerry’s in trouble.”


(All excerpts, this page, from The Foundation Chronicles, Book One: A For Advanced, copyright 2013, 2014, by Cassidy Frazee)

She watched them vanish into the set-up turn, and the trepidation Annie had felt when Emma first pulled alongside hit her fully. That girl is being reckless again, and Kerry’s going right along with it because he’s excited. She decided not to bother with call signs. “Kerry. Kerry. Are you there? Come back to me. Over.”


That didn’t please Annie, but she wasn’t about to start screaming into the comm: that wasn’t her way. The tone of her voice grew cold as she tried to raise him once more. “Kerry. If you’re there, respond now. Kerry? Kerry—”

“Athena, what are you doing?” Vicky Salomon slipped along side Annie while she was busy using the comm and setting up to negotiate Gate Pass. “You know you’re not suppose to use the comms that way.”

Annie wasn’t interested in protocol at this point. “I’m sorry, Professor, but Emma came up and convinced Kerry they should try the course at a higher speed . . .” She pointed to the elevation gate ahead. “They’ve already gone through Gate Pass.”

Vicky keep her eyes turned straight ahead as they rose to the level of the gate. “I’m sure they’re not that far out in front, Annie.” They both took the sharp right as they flew over the road. “They’re probably a few hundred meters up ahead . . .”

From their vantage point nearly eight meters up, Vicky and Annie had a clear, unobstructed view of the long, straight section of course known as Keeper’s Path. It was empty: neither Kerry or Emma were visible. They slowed considerable as Annie turned to the professor. “How long is this straight?”

“Five hundred and fifty meters.” Vicky almost choked as she swallowed. “How fast are they going?”

Annie kept the strain she felt out of her voice. “Shouldn’t we find out?”

Vicky nodded. “I’ll go on ahead. You stay on the course.” She sped off with considerable acceleration. “Keep your speed nominal, Athena. Out.”

Annie waited until Vicky was three quarters of the way down the course before she began picking up considerable speed. “Like hell I will, Nightwitch.”

Oh, Annie with the potty mouth.  I believe that’s the first time she’s sworn in English, ’cause I’m sure she’s said a few in Bulgarian already.  And you’ll probably hear “That girl” a few more times in the story, because . . . well, Emma’s gonna play a big part in the next chapter.

So what are they looking at?  This:

Looking off into the Sunrise . . .

Looking off into the Sunrise . . .

Right now they’re just coming out of the turn and into the path; the Sunrise Bends are up at the top of the picture, and I’ve already started the scene with Kerry and Emma there.  And in case you’re wondering how long five hundred and fifty meters is, it’s about a third of a mile.  So if they aren’t there when Annie and Vicky turned the corner–they be gone.

Yeah, Vicky’s got a couple of runaways on her hands.  Cue the music . . .