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Bringing ‘Round the Warnings

I’m writing again and not doing that video thing this time–which was, honestly, fun, but very time consuming.  If and when I do another, I’ll have to plan things out a little better.

Here it is, new month and all, yeah?  Just like in my novel, it’s a new month:  1 November, 2011.  And just changing that date caused more trouble than I’d imagined, because there are later scenes in this part that are supposed to take place close to sunset, and me–checking the historical data for that period of time, naturally–discovered that just by moving the date back on week, the time of sunset changed by just over an hour.  That meant I needed to change up my time line in Scrivener and Aeon to get everything right–and you know what?  It’s even better:  the weather will alternate between cloudy and clear, and it’s even chillier.

"So was this what it looked like when you were out there?" "Yeah.  Only there was a lot more screaming--" "Smack!" "Oouh!" "That's not even funny, Kerry."

“So was this what it looked like when you were out there?”
“Yeah. Only there was a lot more screaming–“
“That’s not even funny, Kerry.”

There you go, Kerry:  giving things away and being smart mouthed with your girlfriend.  You should know better.

This next part, Part Seven, is basically going to be my version of 24, only with a lot less torture and fewer moles infiltrating a secret government agency.  All of the action takes place within a twenty-four hour time frame, so this is going to be a long day for the people of my school.  Six chapters, but they shouldn’t be long chapters.  I hope.

Anyway, it was time to go–

See?  Already to start.

See? Already to start.

–and get this party started.  I did that by having someone making a grand entrance:


(All excerpts, this page, from The Foundation Chronicles, Book One: A For Advanced, copyright 2013, 2014, by Cassidy Frazee)

Isis flung open doors of the West Entrance, and was through the West Transept and circling around in The Rotunda to land on the first floor balcony outside the Security Center before they had a chance to close. She could have teleported from outside the Instructor’s Residence to here, but given how little time she found to actually fly these days, any time she could take to the air was a good one for her—even if it was only four hundred meters and less that twenty seconds airborne.


Isis Mosman, Director of Security, and a former student Gifted with Flight.  It’s not levitation she’s doing:  think of it more like what some of the Marvel superheroes do when they fly–they just up and go.  And she wasn’t even exposed to Terrigen Mist.

Her people are there–well, two-thirds of them.  Let’s see then:


Holly McPhie and Suhaila Ogata were monitoring the consoles this morning: Isis’ second-in-command, Tamera Berube, wouldn’t arrive on the grounds for another thirty minutes. Both women looked up as Isis entered wearing her red flannel pajamas and matching slipper, but Suhaila, the shift supervisor, was the one to address her. “Sorry to get you out of bed, Chief.”

“Don’t be: I’m paid to get up at strange hours.” She hovered over Suhaila’s work station. “What’s up?”

She brought up a browser and began retrieving information. “Eighteen minutes ago we received a message from ECMI that they were having problems with their outer screens.”

“Let me see it.” ECMI was the Edinburgh Center for Magical Instruction, one of the two larger “Secondary Schools” that The Foundation ran to handle students that were almost good enough to met Salem standards—but not quite. Isis knew the place well: she’d worked with their IT people on an overhaul of their system back in 2004, and had developed a good relationship with a few of folks there.


That’s the first mention of the two “smaller” schools that exist outside Salem.  If there was time for a history lesson–and there is just a little–you’d find that Edinburgh was a lot like Salem:  a school for witches hidden in the woods just south of the city.  It’s all bought up by The Foundation now, and has joined their network.  In time you’ll see the other “smaller” school mentioned, but not just yet.

A message comes in and looks normal; seems people are tap, tap, tapping on the outer screens of the school.  Sure there are defenses because . . . well, you’ll see.  But then a second one comes in, probably sent by The Control Voice . . .


To all stations on this network:

Security reports that we may have experience a minor intrusion. They indicate there was a minor fluctuation against the outer defense screen at nine sixteen local time, and that there is evidence that an intrusion may have occurred. They are currently pursuing the matter and expect to issue a verbal report momentarily.

Please stand by . . .


When you’re told to “stand by” it’s probably not a good thing.  Isis figures this out when she reads the third message–which I’m not showing–and gets her fears more or less confirmed.


Isis reread the message once just to make certain she was correct in the initial belief, then checked the domain name as suggested. “They sent this out on the open network?” She shook her head. “This is bullshit.”

“That’s why we woke you up.” Suhaila turned off the holo display. “We haven’t been able to contact ECMI since that last message. They’re in the dark.”


You’re going to hear the expression, “in the dark,” more than a few times in this part.  You’ll also get a gleaming of some of the facilities I’ve put together for The Foundation.  ECMI is just one:  many others will be mentioned.  And you’re starting to see that even though we’re dealing with witches and people who may have superpowers, communications ain’t being handled by owls, and the schools are sitting behind some pretty good defenses.  How good?  You’ll see.

Just sit back and enjoy what’s probably going to be the next month of this day.

It’s gonna be fun.

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