How to Sling Your Spells

Much like Saturday, yesterday was a bit of an unusual time.  I spent most of the day busy with one thing or another:  breakfast in the early morning, getting ready in the late morning, heading off to get a pedicure in the early afternoon.  Yes, I went out and got a pedi; yes, it was enjoyable; yes, I enjoyed getting pampered.  I also have nice toes now, which is an incredible improvement over how they looked at the start of the week.

The working of the novel, however, was a different story.  It seems like this whole last weekend was spent catching up on my rest.  The afternoon and evening was spent trying to stay awake while, at pretty much the same time, I was working with someone to explain copyright law to people who didn’t quite have a good grasp of what it meant to make something that was more or less the spitting image of a well known animated character and then selling said object.  As someone who spends time creating things from whole cloth, you want to help people understand that you can be sued to hell and gone for copyright infringement, and simply saying you’re charging “For your time”, or that changing the name of that Micky Mouse doll you made to “Drugged Out Meth Rodent”, isn’t going to save you in the end.

It’s back to the Rotunda now and Annie’s listing to two of the girls talk about the sort of magic they’re gonna use if the big bad invade The Pentagram.  Annie’s thinking that if The Pentagram is breached and invaded, Isis is gonna evacuate the school and probably blow the place like a modern day Enterprise.  Or not:  she’s probably got more than a few tricks up her sleeve.

The problem is, while Annie isn’t talking about these matters and what she can do, it doesn’t mean someone else isn’t.


(All excerpts, this page, from The Foundation Chronicles, Book One: A For Advanced, copyright 2013, 2014, by Cassidy Frazee)

That meant there wasn’t a need to worry about what spells the volunteers would use to defend the Great Hall. Annie had no intention of mentioning her skills—

Thebe, however, did that for her.

Between Sahkyo talking about her fireball spell skills, and Nagesa discussing her ability to use Electrify effectively, Thebe decided to tell the girls about how Annie worked up the Air Hammer spell in a matter of seconds and used it to become a fearless zombie hunter.


The same nurse who help heal her sprained wrist drops a dime on Annie and blabs about how she whacked out the fake undead a month back.  Which you have to admit isn’t a nice thing to do, but Thebe probably had a reason for doing so–like, letting everyone know that if they are attacked, everyone can stand behind Annie and let her do the heavy lifting.

Naturally the girls want to know how she did it:


Now that she was drawn into this matter, Annie realized there was no leaving it sit without explanation. “It was a matter of using the proper visualization.” She sighed softly. “I put that together with the energy needed, and produced the desired effect. It’s that simple.”

“Not only that—” Thebe took a step closer to the group, putting herself almost directly between Sahkyo and Annie. “She showed Kerry—her . . .” The look she gave Annie indicated she didn’t know if she should use the correct description.

Annie wasn’t bothered to use the term. “’Boyfriend’ is what you want to say.”

Thebe nodded as Sahkyo simply stared at Annie. “She showed her boyfriend how to use it as well—”

The discussion was really peaking Nagesa’s interest. “When?”

“Right after she figured it out.”

What?” The way they said the word together told Annie the discussion wasn’t going to end: it was obvious Nagesa and Sahkyo wanted to know everything.


Yes, keep talking up how great they were . . . though Nagesa probably knows a lot of this already, since she knew who Annie was, and more than likely knows she’s out of The Fishbowl and swimming in The Pond.  You can also bet that people are gonna wanna see her toss one of these spells off.

What do you wanna bet?

Yeah, I can add a few more words in that scene.  I'd say the bet is pretty good.

Yeah, I can add a few more words in that scene. I’d say the bet is pretty good.