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Out Time, Getting Out

It wasn’t just out time for one of my characters.  Oh, no.  It was out time for me as well.  There was things to do, polish to buy, and I was in dire need of something to eat.  I also needed to pay rent . . . damn, a girl’s life is never ending?

I found myself getting asked for advice on writing and on fonts last night, too, which took up some time to walk through on social media.  It’s funny how you get sucked into that, but it happens.  And when someone is asking about writing, I’m going to try and help best I can.  I don’t have all the answers, but I do want to help where I can.

By the time I was getting around to writing there wasn’t a lot of time, so I buzzed through five hundred words on the nose–I know ’cause I checked as I saved.  I might have written more, but . . . another scene for this story popped into my head while I was taking a break at the end of the five hundred, and figured out the hook needed to get something going that, to me, is a bit of a dramatic moment for Annie and Kerry, and really helps define their story a little more.

Naturally you won’t see that scene until Act Three, just hang tight, people.  I’m just gonna GRRM you for that.

Meanwhile, in the tunnels with Wednesday.



(All excerpts, this page, from The Foundation Chronicles, Book One: A For Advanced, copyright 2013, 2014, by Cassidy Frazee)

Wednesday rocketed down the tunnel, reaching the north end of The Chunnel quickly. She pulled a quick left, then found the westward tunnel she wanted twenty meters away. She turned hard to the right and picked up speed as she continued onward to Sunset Tower.

“Fortress, this is Shadowcat.” She didn’t wait for Isis to acknowledge her call, figuring her friend would listen no matter what. “If I find Erywin out there, you’ll know she’s helping when you see the nodes being charged. The moment you see them start glowing green, begin charging them on your side. Over.”

“We got that, Shadowcat.” Wednesday sensed how difficult it was for Isis to keep her voice calm and level. “We’er watching you from our end. Over.”

“Understood, Fortress.” I hate to do this to her, but we can’t wait time getting our system on line. Wednesday speed through the four way junction that connected to a tunnel heading north and south from the Firing Line to the Aerodrome. She knew she didn’t have to travel much further before reaching the end of this line . . .

“Fortress, I’m not going through Sunset Tower itself.” Wednesday saw the Y split up ahead, maybe sixty, seventy meters in the distance. “I’m going out through the ground entrance.”

“Shadowcat, Fortress. We got that.” There was another hitch in Isis’ voice. “It would be too difficult to shut off the shielding at Sunset anyway. Over.”

“Yeah, got that . . .” She slowed slightly before reaching the junction. “Turning—now.” Wednesday glided the broom into the left-hand corridor and picked up speed slowly. “I’m gonna need about five seconds to fly up the staircase. Over.”

“We copy that, Shadowcat.” There was a second or two of silence on the comm; when Isis spoke again her voice was filled with emotion. “You be careful out there, Wends. Okay?”

“You got it, Goddess.” She smiled to herself as she approached the entrance to the staircase leading to ground level. “I’m comin’ back, don’t worry . . .”

She stopped before the sealed off staircase. “Okay, Fortress, I’m here. Cut the shielding.”

Three seconds later Isis was yelling into the comm. “Go, go, GO.”

Wednesday phased through the wall and flew straight up through the variously layers of stone and iron that made up the sealed, caisson-like staircase tower. She always found it fascinating to flew through a long stretch like this, where she could see all the different kinds of materials used to manufacture a structure. She could have easily flown through the roof of the any part of the tunnel and phased though ten or twelve meters of rock and soil, but there was always the question of what she was going to have to phase through once she was on the surface. She’d once done that and ended up phasing through a group of students . . .

The illuminated staircase was replaced by nearly complete darkness and the soft red glow of the outer defense screen. She was into open air—

Wednesday was outside.


Outside and ready to do the charging thing.  Oh, and probably this as well . . .

I've almost reached this point--

I’ve almost reached this point–

I’m a little over six hundred words short of a quarter of a million words.  It should happen tonight, between getting dinner ready and doing my nails.  I will finish Out, and that will be that, and then it’s on to Tally and the rest.

Hard to believe I’m half-way through this chapter.

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