Awake Time, Rise and Shine

Now we’re getting down to the end of the wire.  We’re out of the Great Hall and back onto the school grounds once again.  We’re back with Kerry and Emma, Team Myfanwy, and we’re about a half hour after sunset.  Of course, the whole “darkest before the dawn” stuff doesn’t work here, because dawn’s a long ways off, and chances are good they wouldn’t make it out in the open until then.

Maybe.  Who knows?  Do I?  Yeah, but I’m not telling.


Let’s get this party started . . .


(All excerpts, this page, from The Foundation Chronicles, Book One: A For Advanced, copyright 2013, 2014, by Cassidy Frazee)

18:04 to 18:20

Kerry awoke to a dark forest and silence. He didn’t see much beyond the trees around him, which made the darkness a bit claustrophobic.

He lay upon his back breathing slowly, trying to remember falling asleep. He charged the enchantments in both PAVs, then became a bit dizzy, laid down—and now he was here, having no idea how much time had passed since then. He figured the person who would know best would be Emma—who was strangely silent as well.

“Hey, Emma.” He kept his voice low as he turned his head to the right. “Do—?”

Emma was sound asleep next to him. She was curled up on her left side, facing him, and her head was resting upon his outstretched arm—which he was just noticing was numb beyond the elbow. Kerry noticed she’d removed her goggles before laying down, which he took to mean that she’d probably decided to join him right after he’d passed out.

He tried slowly pulling his arm from under Emma’s head; that’s when he realized that she’d folded her hands under his arms before deciding to use it as a pillow. Since extracting himself quietly was out of the question, that left only one option . . .

“Hey, Emma.” Kerry shook her gently. “Emma. Wake up.”


Just want you want to discover:  your wingmate using your arm as a pillow.  Kerry finds out there’s no mystery as to why she conked out–


After a couple of shakes Emma’s eyes opened slowly. She looked around without moving her head, then realizing Kerry had shaken her awake, she slowly raised it from his arm. “Oh, hey—” She sat up and stretched. “Sorry about that.”

“It’s okay.” He flexed his arm a few times to get the circulation flowing before sitting up. “Did I just pass out?”

“Yeah. The moment you laid down, you were out.” She looked past him into the gloom for a second or two. “I laid down maybe two or three minutes later. I was feeling so tired—”

“Adrenaline crash.”

“What do you mean?”

Kerry looked for his goggles and realized they were still on his helmet. He took them off and wiped them. “We were high on adrenaline after nearly—well, not dying. Heart rate jacked up, breathing hard—we didn’t notice it.” He slipped the goggles back over his helmet. “After getting here and resting a little, it all stops and you crash.” He slowly brought his gloved hands together. “Boom. You just sort of pass out after that.”

“Yeah, that’s how it felt.” She nodded towards here broom. “Plus you also charged these up.”

“That I did.” He brought up the HUD of his broom and nodded. “Thirty-eight percent.”

Emma checked hers. “I’m up to forty.”

“That means we can fly just about anywhere now if we have to.” He shut his down and leaned back on his elbows, trying not to move least he twist his knee. “Now to just wait for the comms to come up again.”


Being out on their own as they are–in the dark in a lot more more than one way–they have no idea what’s going on around them, and that people are working to get everything back to normal.

And being out on his own, Kerry has to deal with the fact that he’s not alone . . .


“Yeah.” Kerry didn’t want to lay down because he was afraid he’d fall sleep again, and he didn’t want to leave Emma awake alone. On the other hand, there wasn’t much to do right now save to sit and wait. And sit is all I can do at the moment . . .

However, Kerry was worried Emma wasn’t going to be content with sitting and waiting. Since they’d awoke he’d watched her the best he could in the darkness. He saw the slight shifts in her body, the way she looked about, how she stared up into the sky when she radioed for help, hoping that someone would answer. He was aware that even though they were well hidden, Emma was worried about being out in the open.

He hoped she wasn’t going to mention their situation—

Emma soft sighed. “Kerry, I don’t know that we should stay here.”


Maybe he shouldn’t have charged up the brooms and told Emme they could fly now.

Another seven hundred and almost fifty words into the scene, and I do believe I’ll finished up tonight, because I don’t imagine it’s going to be a long one.  Then we get into the nasty stuff, huh?

I mean, how bad can it get when your next scene is titled Abomination?

I mean, how bad can it get when your next scene is titled Abomination?

Maybe if I’m really lucky I can almost finish this chapter by the end of the weekend–