Into the All Clear

After the busy day I had yesterday–and it was–I needed to have a small part to write.  And I knew this next scene would be small, because, well, I know my scenes.  There wasn’t much happening, so there wouldn’t be much to say.

But since it’s part of a chapter, it doesn’t need to be large–it merely needs to convey a message, to show the reader what’s happening in the story.  And this scenes gets right to the point and tells everything.  Let’s then get right into it, all of it, and what’s happening down at the school.


(All excerpts, this page, from The Foundation Chronicles, Book One: A For Advanced, copyright 2013, 2014, by Cassidy Frazee)


Upon returning to the triage center Annie imagined that things would become busy quickly, but she was wrong: almost nothing happened. A couple of students teleported in—one with broken ribs and another with a broken wrist—but they were quickly treated, after which they returned to the school grounds.

Otherwise it was quiet. Annie didn’t know if she should be worried that things were going badly for the Salem side, or if she should be happy that it was possible the Salem forces were overwhelming the Deconstructor forces.

Without updates from beyond The Pentagram, it was impossible to tell what was happening on the school grounds.

Nurse Coraline returned a little before 19:55; Annie noticed this because she happened to be standing next to one of the examination monitors and checked the time. She looked strained, but related to her staff that Professor Palmescoff was resting, that she was in a time field for now so if she her vitals should begin failing someone could get to her quickly. Coraline pulled Nurse Gretchen aside and spent a few minutes discussing something quietly: Annie suspected they were developing a plan for taking care of the professor should the current situation continue—

“Attention. This is Fortress.”

Annie, along with everyone else in the triage area, stopped what they were doing and began staring off into space. She raised her gaze slightly, not looking straight ahead but more at the darkened area that was the First Floor of the East Transept. She didn’t know why she did this, but there wasn’t anyone she wanted to turn to in this moment, and since the voice seemed to be coming from somewhere above . . .

“Based upon our analysis of our the school grounds, and information being related to us from our people in the field, and have concluded that the enemy forces which assaulted the school are now vanquished.” Isis’ voice—which Annie recognized without difficultly—tried to speak as dispassionately as possible, but she could hear a quiver behind some of her words.

“As such, the school is now being stepped down to Security Level One protocols. Which the outer defense screens will remain at full strength, The Pentagon defense screens will be deactivated, and students can leave their lower tower levels and move about the grounds—though we advice that students not venture far from The Pentagram until we are able to further assess the situation beyond the walls.

“We have also reestablished contact with one of The Foundation networks and expect to reestablish contact with the other two soon. They are aware of out situation, and Protectors are being dispatched to assist in the cleanup.

“I will instruct the kitchen to begin preparing dinner, and to remain open until 22:30 to accommodate all students, staff, and instructors. Students are now free to leave the lower levels and return to their rooms and the Great Hall.” Isis’ tired sigh was audible to everyone listening. “Thank you for your cooperation during this emergency. This is Isis Mossman, Director of Security, over and out.”

Annie wanted to run for the hospital ward, to see how Kerry was doing—Thebe had returned some time before and told her he was resting comfortably—but at the moment the teleport alarm went off and three people appeared in the staging area and slowly made their way—one limping severely—towards the triage center.

Kerry was going to have to wait.

Annie had work ahead of her.


There you have it, all five hundred and eighty-two words, one of the shortest scenes I’ve written.  The emergency is now over, and things can get back to–normal?  Or what passes for normal in this joint?  Anyway you look at it, the bad guys and their monsters are history, and probably in a rather permanent way if you think about it for any amount of time.

Two scenes left, and they’ll likely be close to or over two thousand words each.  Since the chapter is up to almost thirty-eight hundred words, those two scenes should drive this chapter up to near or over eight thousand words.  The next two scenes are going to be fun and hard to writer, particularly the last one, as it’s going to be personal and will reveal some secrets between Annie and Kerry.  But that’s okay, because why else be at school if they didn’t have secrets to tell each other.

And it looks as if I have plenty of space where I can tell secrets.

And it looks as if I have plenty of space where I can tell secrets.