The Loving Lecture

Wednesdays are good writing nights for me, because even in a couple of hours I get a lot done.  Last night was no exception:  I needed to finish a scene, and I stopped four words short of twelve hundred to get it done.  Now there are three more scenes left and I can move on to the last part.

Three more doesn't seem like a lot, but it's probably more than I think it is.

Three more doesn’t seem like a lot, but it’s probably more than I think it is.

Yesterday Coraline was finding herself either having to wake Annie up or learn Bulgarian in a hurry.  Since the later was out of the question without time spells, Nurse Coraline opted for the first.  And with enough shaking, one can wake even the most difficult girl . . .


All excerpts, this page, from The Foundation Chronicles, Book One: A For Advanced, copyright 2013, 2014, by Cassidy Frazee)


Annie finally began to move slowly, raising her heard slightly and blinking as she adjusted to being awake. The realization that she wasn’t alone hit her, and she slowly twisting her head to the right until the new visitor came in view. The realization of who it was snapped Annie awake. “Nurse Coraline.”

“Morning, Sleepyhead.” She pursed her lips as she affixed Annie with a peculiar stare. “I’m sure you have an explanation . . .”

“Um . . .” Annie started to sit up before discovering that Kerry’s arm was locked tightly around her torso. She was content to twist herself about so she could better face Coraline. “Kerry woke up last night; he was having a bad dream—”

“And you came over here to comfort him?” The right corner of Coraline’s mouth twitched upwards into a wicked smile. “Wake up Sleeping Beauty, and do it quick.”

“Okay.” Annie rolled onto her tummy and positioned her face a few centimeters from Kerry’s. She lightly shoot his chest as she whispered in a soft coo. “Kerry; Kerry. You need to wake up. Are you awake?” She touched his cheek, her fingers gliding over his skin. “Come on, wake up . . .”

For a moment it didn’t appear that Kerry was going to wake and that Coraline would have to bring him to full consciousness. His eyes fluttered and slowly opened as he yawned. The first thing he did was focus on the girl before him. “Hey . . . Sweetie.” His free hand played with her hair. “You’re here.”

“Yes, I am.” She turned her head just a touch to the left and began nodding at their guest. “Someone’s here.”

He followed Annie’s eyes until he found Nurse Coraline hovering in the background. “Oh . . . Hi, Nurse Coraline.”

“What?” She expressed mock outrage. “I don’t get a Sweetie, too?” She spoke before Kerry could respond. “Okay, you two: we need to talk. Annie, would you elevate his bed so he isn’t straining himself trying to see me.” Coraline made herself comfortable on Bed #1 while Annie raised the head of Kerry’s bed.


That Coraline:  she’s such a kidder.  She’s also a bit of a smartass in the right situations.


Annie sat up and looked as if she wanted to sit somewhere else. “Do you want me to stay here?”

“Sure, why not?” Coraline grinned. “You look comfortable; I wouldn’t want to spoil that.”

The young girl looked down at the floor, her cheeks growing a little red. “Nurse Coraline, I want to assure you that nothing happened last night.”

“Well, no kidding, Annie.” Coraline rolled her eyes wildly. “Kerry had a concussion and was on pain meds, his whole left side is immobilized, and he’s wearing a catheter.” She barked out a short, loud laugh. “What would you have done if you were planing on doing something?”


Of course the answer to that question is, “Don’t answer that,” because kids being kids, if they wanna fool around, like dinosaurs being born at Jurassic Park, they’ll find a way.  Coraline knows better, and she tells them what she sees . . .


“It’s not like I haven’t seen you both sack out together—it’s how you usually end the Midnight Madness. Nearly every instructor has dragged those comforters back, found you out cold, hugging each other, and told you it was time to head back to your tower.

“Most of them think it’s cute—I don’t.” Coraline wrinkled her nose while shaking her head. “I think it’s romantic. And you can trust me on that ‘cause I’m a sucker for romance . . .

“I’ve told Annie, and I’m telling you, Kerry: you have a relationship that goes well beyond the normal crap that passes for love around here. In no way do you guys act like a couple that’s been together for a couple of months: you act as if you’ve been at this for years. I’ve see you together, not just at the Madness, but during meals and free time on the weekends. You do these little things: a touch, a look, a tiny kiss. It isn’t about groping and making out—it’s real intimacy.” She smile as she lowered her gaze. “It’s the sort of stuff I wished I had when I was here.

“I know Annie didn’t climb into bed with you, Kerry, just so you guys could fool around: if she says she was comforting you, I know she was.” Coraline shifted her gaze towards the bay curtain. “However, if someone else had found you you together this morning . . .”


That “someone else” probably being a certain French woman who runs the joint–


The head nurse’s tone turned more serious. “I was tipped off the Headmistress was going to address the students this morning—” She looked at Kerry as she gave him the latest news. “Last night she canceled classed for today, and the rumor is she’s going to cancel them for the rest of the week.” She returned to addressing them both. “What I’m trying to say is, while the Headmistress doesn’t mind if you both crash out on the sofa during the Madness, because you’re not the first and only ones to do that, but I can guaranty you if she’s walked in this bay and saw you together, it’s pretty likely you’re be off to her office for a meeting this afternoon.

“You need to consider what you’re doing and where it’s happening. ‘Cause one day you may find yourself in a similar situation like this one, and whoever finds you ain’t gonna be a softy like me.” She cocked her head slightly to the right and gave them both a whimsical smile. “Got it?”


Needless to say the Headmistress does show up and asks how everyone is doing, and it’s all smiles and happy faces, and she’s none the wiser to the fact that she just missed finding them sacked out together.  I guess she’ll just have  to wait until the next Midnight Madness to catch them at it . . .