If I’m gonna do NaNo I have to get my writing Mojo down and stop waiting until after nine PM to get to wording.  That’s been a problem of late, brought on by other problems I’ve went through this week which have really put a strain on the story.

But that’s beside the point, because when haven’t I been dealing with one problem or another?

Anyway, the boy is about to get kicked, and his girlfriend is following the Head Nurse around.  It’s that time when you are ready to leave the hospital and you gotta hear how you gotta take it easy.


All excerpts, this page, from The Foundation Chronicles, Book One: A For Advanced, copyright 2013, 2014, by Cassidy Frazee)

Coraline exited her office with Annie right behind her and headed straight for Bay #1. The curtain was three-quarters drawn: Coraline waved her right hand and it retracted all the way, revealing Kerry in his regular clothes sitting calmly on the edge of Bed #2. He looked up as they walked into the space. “Hey.”

“Hey, back.” Coraline sat on Bed #1 while Annie took a seat to Kerry’s left. She waved the curtain to close, sealing off the bay so they’d have privacy. “I’m releasing you, if you haven’t already guessed. Before I turn you loose on the student population I need to set down some rules for you to follow.” She tilted her head to one said and grinned. “It’s all for your own good: you do get that, right?”

Kerry nodded slowly. “Yeah, I do.”


Of course it’s for your own good, Kerry.  Because we know kids:  they just wanna run around and have fun.  Except, in this case, you may pass out.  No fun there.


“Good.” She crossed her legs and tapped her foot up and down as she spoke. “First off: you are mended, but you are not healed. All your breaks and your knee are repaired; your dislocations are fine; your concussion has subsided. In terms of mending, you’re back to where you were this time yesterday.

“That doesn’t mean you’re healed. You experienced a lot of trauma in that accident; if you were in a Normal hospital, you wouldn’t be out of bed for another month, and might not be able to leave the hospital for a couple of months after that. But even with magic and technology on your side, it takes a few days to get you back to where you were . . .

“You’re not back to a hundred percent: seventy-five percent is more like it. You’ll be near one hundred by Saturday, but for now you’re going to be anything like you were when you woke up yesterday morning.” Coraline nodded towards the curtain. “Bianca took you down to the bathroom, so you know how different you feel.”


That was something I thought about when I put the story together.  I’ve only broken one thing–my ankle–but I’ve had two surgeries, and I know about that crazy recovery time where you have to recover from having people cut into your body.  Kerry didn’t have that, but given that, at one point, he wouldn’t have been able to use any of his limbs, he was hurt bad.  Not to mention that a broken leg on top of a knee injury would have made it difficult, if not impossible, for him to move around for some time.  Yay, magic and technology!


Coraline didn’t wait for an acknowledgment—she saw he understood. “What this means is that for the next few days you take it easy. You can walk, but don’t over do it. Don’t think you’re going to head off to The Witch House and get there if you just walk slow; that’s overdoing it. You might make it to Lake Lovecraft, but you better rest up for an hour before trying to walk back.

“Don’t run, don’t hop, don’t skip, don’t jump. Take your time going up and down stairs, and use the handrail when you do. If you feel tired or dizzy, sit down and get your head down. If there isn’t a chair around, sit on the floor and do the same, no matter where you are. If you still feel tired or dizzy after a couple of minutes, you lay down and close your eyes.

“If you don’t feel better after five minutes of that, you tell Annie.” She chuckled as she nodded in her direction. “She’s graciously agreed to stay by your side today—”

“Like I would be anywhere else.” Annie wrapped her arm through Kerry’s.

“Like you would.” Coraline’s eyes twinkled before continuing. “She’s got a panic button—”

Kerry looked at Annie, then back to Coraline. “What’s that?”

“An enchanted device that teleports you to a predetermined location. All you have to do is activate the enchantment, and since you both can do that, I know she’ll get you here.” She uncrossed her legs and hooked them at the ankles. “In this case ‘here’ is a spot back by the lift. Annie knows how to position you both before jaunting: after you arrive she can get someone and we can get you into a bed.

“I know what to do.” Annie hugged Kerry’s arm. “Don’t worry.”

He shook his head. “I don’t.”


That’s right:  your sweetie will be right there by your side to get you to the hospital if the need should arise–

"Come along, Ginger Boy.  It looks like it's time to tuck you into a hospital bed so I can play Nurse Annie."

“Come along, Ginger Boy. It looks you need to get tucked into a hospital bed so I can play Nurse Annie.”

Maybe not this time, Sweetie.

This is also the first time I’ve ever mentioned a Panic Button.  You won’t hear much about them in this story, but in future stories they play an important role, particularly for Kerry.  For now, however, they’re just another piece of fluff that shows up–and is only showing up because the advanced kids know how to use the advanced spells that the panic button require.  Otherwise Coraline would probably do something like keep Kerry close to The Pentagram.

Which, I believe, will likely happen anyway . . .