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Welcome to My Trans World

I’m doing things a little different today, mostly because I promised some people that I was going to answer some questions for them, and this is how I handle that particular request.

As everyone–or just about everyone knows–I’m a transwoman.  I’ve been out online and with friends for about two years now, and in March of this year I began living publicly as a woman.  I started on hormone treatment back in July, and I’ve just passed three months on hormone replacement therapy.

You can imagine that not many people know the ins and outs of what I’m going through.  It’s rare that people other than close friends know anyone trans, and until recently trans people in media were either played for laughs or we were psychos who usually committed the murder in whatever drama was bring presented.  In other words, the majority of people who we might encounter in real life don’t know much about us.

This all came about a few weeks ago because there were people in one of my Facebook groups asking me about the stuff I do concerning my hormone injections.  I was getting other questions asked as well, and it made me realize that, yes, people are curious, and not in a morbid way:  they really want to know about these things that are happening in my life.

Since yesterday was my shot day I decided to put together a few videos that show the steps I go through for my injections, and also answer a few questions that have come up from time-to-time.  So, if you’ll step this way . . .


This is a video going over the stuff I need for my injections, and I actually take you thought the process.  You never see the injection, and I give you fair warning it’s happening in case you want to look away.  As I say you don’t see anything, so safe all around.

The next two videos answer questions about hormones and injections, and–particularly with the second video–I get into the good and bad parts of going through hormone treatments.  I give warning in the second video that discussions may get a little graphic, but only because I’m talking about naughty bits.

Okay, now we get to the one video that’s probably Not Save For Work or Kids.  I get into a rather frank explanation of physical sexual responses, and how mine are changing.  It’s pretty interesting, but as I said, it’s frank, so let me warn you once more:  Sexy Talk Ahead!  That’s even the name of the video.  Click at your own risk.

And last but not least, a video that answers a question that I’ve been asked more than a few time:  why are you doing this?  For me, the answer isn’t surprising.

There it is:  a part of my world as it currently exists.  I hope it’s informative, and that it leads to more questions in the future that I can take time to answer.  Because, believe me, the more people know about the sort of things that led up to my decision, and the aftermath of said decision, the more the stereotypes can be cast aside.

Like I say in one of the videos, once you get to know me I’m really a nice person–

No different than you.

49 thoughts on “Welcome to My Trans World

  1. I hadn’t watch all the videos when I first commented (I just had to shout out the do immediately) and I’m glad you shared these. I admit to wondering some of the things you discuss, having only seen documentals detailing this process before, and so much was answered.
    And yes, socker moms are cool. And I want to shave only once, what, a month? Not even waxing!!!!

  2. Yeah, the hair is very good. Looks natural and flattering on you — suits your coloring. Thank you for the information, as I don’t actually know anyone personally who could answer so many questions. I think the world needs more of this. I’m an open-minded, accepting person, but there’s just not a lot of information about trans coming to me, which is why, as long as it’s that way, the stigma is still there.
    I loved hearing you talk about your emotional responses, because I’ve always had the sneaking suspicion that men have no idea how substantially biological all of our womanly feeeeeeelings are! Haha!
    I can relate to reaching a point in life where you just need to be who you are, so I give you an AMEN on that one!
    Congratulations on achieving the …well, you know.. 😉

    • The thing I didn’t mention was not only are there mood swings, but your emotions intensify over time. It’s not just crying, it’s CRYING, it’s SOBBING. I’ve never sobbed openly like I have in the last few months, and it’s something you just can’t stop.

      I’ve always suspected about why women become emotional, and now I know for sure–and every time I think about guys who said, “Oh, she’s being a moody bitch, she just needs to deal with it,” I want to tell them, “Try this for a few months and then get back to me and let me know how well you’re doing. They simply have no idea at all.

  3. Cassidy, for some reason, I’ve always thought of you as a woman, and nothing else. Maybe it’s because of your avatar ? I mean, the original one ? I was just disappointed you weren’t a redhead, he he.

  4. I watched all of the videos and your honest words are something everyone should hear. I have a trans male friend (who has gotten to the point that he’s legally changed his name) but knew little about trans women. Much luck–and enjoyment–on your journey. You’re a brilliant lady and very worthy of love. Glad to know you.

  5. I have been noticing that you are looking different, I was attributing it to you being happier. I didn’t have any questions, but if any ever came up, you answered them. 🙂 I count myself lucky to be able to get to know you and experience your journey with you. My heart squished to hear you say that you are loving yourself, I agree you are worth it. You are one in a million, and I know I’m not alone in thinking you are absolutely amazing! You are so courageous , funny, beautiful and have such a tender heart, thank-you for sharing .

  6. Cassidy, I wish you the best of luck in discovering your true self. You are certainly a brave lady, when compared to most of us. Life is short — go for the gusto, while you can! 😉

  7. Transgender was not even on my radar until my son came to terms with his gender identity. For him it came around the time eh suffered from depression. Though not necessarily related one did not help the other.

    All I can tell you was I just wanted my child to be happy and healthy. So I have respect for anyone that went through what she had to go through.

    I love my daughter as much as I ever loved my son.

  8. Very slow ‘broadband’ so haven’t watched the videos … but in the end, people are people.

    I take people for what they are, and if they share my values I like them. The person is the content, not the package. Good luck, Cass—hang in there 🙂

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