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Dancers in the Dark: the Dance Begins

Here we come, already, to the almost end of Chapter Twenty-Five.  There was a lot going on over the weekend, and I actually did get a lot done, and spent a lot of time on the road as well.  You wouldn’t know it by looking at me, but for most of Saturday I wasn’t even online, save for those periods early in the morning when I was doing my Saturday blog post.  And not sleeping.  Hated that part.

That part is over, however:  the last two nights I’ve gotten pretty good sleep, and even this morning I don’t feel as if I’m drugged.  Though I think the walk to work is gonna be chilly, since it’s only 37 F outside–

Hey, that’s pretty much the same temperature as the outside when I wrote this scene.  I know ’cause I looked it up.  Which is why the scene starts this way . . .


(All excerpts, this page, from The Foundation Chronicles, Book One: A For Advanced, copyright 2013, 2014, by Cassidy Frazee)

The door leading to the lower level open and two students stepped into the Cernunnos Tower ground floor commons. Anyone still awake in the tower would have recognized them right away for they were almost always the last ones to leave the Midnight Madness these days, but no one else was on the commons floor at thirty minutes after midnight.

Annie and Kerry slowly made their way towards the stairs at the other end of the commons floor, but before they could turn and ascend to their rooms, Kerry stopped and lightly tugged on Annie’s hand. “Do we have to go up right now?”

Annie didn’t need much coaxing. “We could sit in front of the fire.”

“What’s left of it.” The fireplace was enchanted so that it would begin burning out not long after midnight every night. Kerry led Annie over to the sofa; he sat first, then waited for Annie to sit next to him before he pulled her close for cuddling.

“It’s still warm, though.” Annie liked how Kerry was now taking initiative when it came to romantic gesture. Not that he hadn’t before, but since his declaration of love after the Day of the Dead, he’d begun doing things—like this suggestion they not go up to bed right way—without needing hints first. “And you’re keeping me warm.”


Kerry:  Keeping Annie Warm Since a Couple of Weeks Before.

I would have tried to find a picture with a boy in here as well, but most were of the "Too Sexy" varaity.  So, just imagine Annie in a few years after she's sent Kerry off to some magic story in another country, and she's killing time waiting for his butt to return . . .

I would have tried to find a picture with a boy in here as well, but most were of the “Too Sexy” variety. So, just imagine Annie in a few years after she’s sent Kerry off to some magic story in another country, and she’s killing time waiting for his butt to return . . .

Though the truth is he’s done that before–sometimes without even being asked.  But things are different with him now, particularly since he laid the “I love you” bit on Annie.  He must be feeling the vibe a little more.

Of course Annie thinks he has something on his mind, because he’s been quite tonight.  She then has to ask about what’s on his mind.  And . . .


She received an answer, but it wasn’t the one she expected. “The dance.”

“The Samhain dance?”

“Yeah.” Kerry touched his cheek against her hair. “It’s been almost a month now.” He chucked softly as he stared into the fire. “I miss dancing.”

Annie turned so she could see his far and figure out if he was joking: he wasn’t. “You do.”

“Yeah, I do.” He closed his eyes for a moment. “I’d never danced with a girl before; it was . . . special.”

“It was special for me as well.” She turned back and was staring into the fire along with Kerry. “I’d never danced with a boy before, nor did I have anyone dedicate a song to me and then dance with him—alone—in front of everyone there.” She felt a tingling in her head. “I still get a little light headed thinking about that moment.”

Kerry slipped around Annie and stood. He faced Annie, and with the fire to his back his entire front was cloaked in shadows. “Dance with me?” He held out his hand for Annie to take.

She looked up, and the tingling in her head intensified. “There’s no music.”

“We don’t need any.” His hand remained outstretched. “Dance with me, Miss Kirilova?”

Annie took his hand and allow him to assist her to her feet. “I would love to, Mr. Malibey.”


I’d keep an eye on those titles they just threw out, because . . . you might hear them now and again?  Isn’t that called foreshadowing?

They must be about to get into trouble.  Yeah, that’s it . . .

23 thoughts on “Dancers in the Dark: the Dance Begins

  1. I don’t want these two young ‘uns breaking the rules. o_O I have a feeling the Headmistress and Coraline know but not saying anything yet. 😦 But, they are so sweet together, I have to admit. ❤

    • What rules are they gonna break? 😉 I’m sure the school really does have their hands full with all the hormones bursting about–and then you have to remember it’s nearly an all-girls school, too, so the guys probably get crazy later on trying to find someone to date because, as Ron once say, “They travel in a group. You never get one alone.”

      It’s save to say that unless someone is caught doing *something* where they shouldn’t, the Headmistress doesn’t get involved. Like finding a couple of A Levels asleep in the same bed in the hospital. Good thing Deanna saw that, yeah? 😉

      • Believe it or not, I wasn’t thinking of THAT. :p I was thinking of school rules, like Annie trying to teach Kerry some dark spells that she’s not suppose to pass on to another. :/

        I’m trying to recall how I behaved when I was 12 years old. Hmmm, I was reading Harry Potter, and I really thought Harry was God’s gift to women. 😉 And yeah, I wanted to marry him. ❤

        • As Annie pointed out, Helena–Dark Mistress of All–really gave her a huge out when it came to showing off some of her dark magic. And since the whole purpose of the bargain she set up to to keep her from doing that, and then she’s told to violate it . . . makes you wonder why.

          The school has not made it clear about what the student are and aren’t suppose to show each other. Annie walked in the door knowing how to kill someone–hence the Yellow Flag on her student file–but was never told she couldn’t teach it to someone else. Also, since Annie and Kerry were given their own lab to “practice”, one would have to assume that (1) they are being monitored in some areas, because they’d have to put controls in place so if Annie decided to show Kerry how to do Cold Fire, they wouldn’t kill themselves if it Backlashed, so (2) someone knows she’s just taught him some advanced sorcery. Just wait and see what happens. It’s coming at the end of Act Two and the start of Act Three.

          As for sex . . . Kerry’s just now getting comfortable saying he loves his sweetie. Sex? Whut that? 😉

          I always went for Luna. I thought she was the coolest. Probably because she’s a gigantic nerd.

  2. I’m trying to absorb all the details. Question ……. Is Annie a priveleged student? Like harry Potter ? I mean, is she someone whose skills have been recognized as special, even from Day one ?

    • No, not really. The one thing that makes her special is that she’s the only Legacy–a child of at least one witch who attended the school–for this year’s A Levels. That and her knowledge of sorcery and knowing a death spell has her school records marked. Other than that she’s not treated as if she’s someone special.

      That said, Kerry and she *have* drawn attention to themselves by their actions. First their relationship, and then getting moved into Advanced Spells because they were already learning advanced spells on their own. (This was also after they did the zombie killing with an advanced spell they figured out on the fly, which DID draw considerable attention.)

      If they are being cut a little more slack than other students, it’s due to their academic actions, and not due to anything else. Oh, we also know that Kerry was recognized as being able to do magic when he was younger (about 6 or so), but he never knew this and did no spell casting prior to coming to school. So nothing special about him at first, either.

      • Alright, I’ll keep that in mind, they are the main protagonists, after all,so it makes sense that the the main focus is on them.

        Since you also mentioned both Annie and Kerry do a lot of flying, I wonder why they did not choose Annie to fly with Kerry, and why Emma ? Or is flying not one of Annie’s best talent ?

        • Annie will usually fly with Kerry on Saturdays or Sundays when there’s no racing. They usually just spend a couple of hours cruising around the grounds and then touching down somewhere to relax and talk. Annie didn’t volunteer for air patrol and Emma did; Annie didn’t actually want to go out. Annie’s actually becoming a decent flyer, but it’s not where her heart is; she doesn’t take after her father in that regard.

          She enjoys flying with Kerry because . . . she’s flying with Kerry. She’d never actually go off and do it on her own.

  3. I’m just wondering if you’ve mentioned somehwre before the “battle ” if Annie balked that Kerry had been chosen to fly and defend, that might cost him his life, and he ‘s only at A levels , and a mere 11 year old at that. I don’t remember any scene of Annie worried sick and totally scared that kerry might not come back alive. Or did I miss that ?

    • Annie was worried. She knew it might be dangerous, but she also didn’t want to be the person who told him, “No, you’re not going.” She was afraid she’d end up looking like a nag. She paralyzed Lisa’s vocal cords when she and the other girls were talking in the Rotunda, because Lisa was talking smack about Kerry dying and Annie sort of lost it, then went to lay down, internalizing her worry.

      The closest she came to losing it over Kerry was when she started letting her death spell get away from her, and Emma started bleeding out from her ears, nose, and eyes. That was when Coraline grabbed her and said she needed to stop worrying about Kerry because there was nothing they could do at the moment.

      Annie’s good at keeping her emotions under wrap and not letting people know how she feels. She doesn’t what people to know these things, because then they can use it against her, but her tell during the Day of the Dead attacks if that she does worry about Kerry being in the line of danger. Lisa did that to her: dug at her until she did something stupid, like throw some black magic her way–which, by the way, is REALLY frowned upon. Annie could have ended up in serious trouble because of both her incidences with Lisa and Emma.

      • I remember Lisa. Okay, so I know about Emma. But what about Lisa? What’s her beef ? besides Kerry and some of the school teachers, does Annie have a best friend ? I have a feeling Annie’s and Kerry’s relationship with the rest of the people there, human beings and non-human beings alike, will ahve an impact on the events that will come in the forseeable future. Or am I placing so much importance on Annie and kerry ? Actually, I’m not thinking anymore about the romance part. I think character development will play a role in your story. Well, that’s how I see it, anyway. …. For now. 😎

        • Lisa . . . you just have to wait to see.

          Annie is really like Kerry: an only child with few close friends. Annie does know a few people back home, but for the most part she’s only had one close friend, and . . . to say anymore is to give away things. But a best friend? Not really.

          And I’m all about character development. The third act opens up a lot of things, but it also answers a few questions. Needless to say, the third act changes a lot, and you discover some interesting things about my kids.

    • It’s nice to talk about all this stuff, but at the same time being careful not to say anything that gives things away. I think they’ve both changed at this point in the story–Kerry a lot, but Annie is learning things, too–and by the end of the story they’ll develop even more.

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