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Dancers in the Dark: Away Into the Shadows

Chapter Twenty-Five is over and done, and the shadows had their say.  More or less.  You’ll have to continue reading to see what I mean.

Not only is the chapter done, but I’ve made some modifications to the rest of Part Eight, getting it set up for how I want to write the remaining part of Act Two.  As you can see . . .

It's always better with pictures.

It’s always better with pictures.

I’ve decided to move one scene up to the next chapter, and to actually delete a scene.  Why that one?  Because, in thinking about what happens there, it breaks the flow of the story, and I can actually show what happens there through conversation in two other following scenes.  It also sets up a nice transition, because Frisco Bound has Kerry arrived in San Francisco, and his last thoughts in the scene is right about now Annie should be waking up . . . and then break to the next chapter and Morning in Pamporovo, and guess who’s waking up?

Yeah, that’s how you do it.

But how did that chapter end?  Well, I had my kids dancing before a dying fire, and there was more on Kerry’s mind, it would seem, that a dance from a month before . . .


(All excerpts, this page, from The Foundation Chronicles, Book One: A For Advanced, copyright 2013, 2014, by Cassidy Frazee)

They grew close, one hand inside another, Kerry’s free hand around Annie’s waist with her other hand wrapped up and over Kerry’s right shoulder. They swayed back in forth in the shadows in front of the sofa, the dying fire to one side, and the nearly dark commons on the other. Neither spoke for almost a minute as they enjoyed the closeness and intimacy. Annie didn’t want to lose the moment—and she suspected that Kerry was still deep in thought.

She finally decided she had to know if Kerry was thinking about the same thing that had been on her mind for a few days. “What are you thinking about?”

This time he gave here a direct answer. “Yule holiday.”

He doesn’t say Christmas anymore. Annie pressed her head into his shoulder and smiled. “You’re thinking about being apart, aren’t you?”

Kerry nodded. “Yeah.”

Annie ran her hand up and down his shoulder. “I’ve been thinking about it as well.”

“Day after Boxing Day is our four month anniversary.”

“You’re keeping track?” She didn’t want to tell him that she knew this as well.

He laid his head against hers and let his voice drop to a whisper. “Every since the first month we were here—” His chuckle was so low as to be almost inaudible. “That was your birthday, after all.”

He realized; he knew all along. She wanted to put his mind at ease, even if her own wasn’t there. “It’s only going to be a couple of weeks.” Annie raised her head so she could gazed upon Kerry’s face and look into his eyes. “You’ll get to see your grandparent again, and I’ll be back home.” She rested her head against his shoulder once more. “I’m actually looking forward to seeing my parents. I told my father I’d have grown by the time I come home for Yule—”

“And you have. Maybe an inch.”

She thumped him lightly on the back of his shoulder. “Silly. That’s not what they meant.”


Yeah, you know what they mean, slick.  But she noticed that her birthday was the first month they were physically together–and I noticed it, too, last night while I was looking something up.  That’s one of the reasons I put dates on everything, and as I was getting the date they met in the bookstore in London, I realized, “Hey, that was a month before Annie’s birthday.”

27 August to 27 September.  I wasn't lying.

27 August to 27 September. I wasn’t lying.

But now that the missing and stuff is out in the open, what next?  Well . . .


“I know.” He glanced up the stairs past the mezzanine commons to the unseen entrance to the First Floor where there rooms were. “But we’ve gotta go to sleep soon.”

Annie slowly stepped away from Kerry. At first she followed his gaze up the stairs, then her eyes settled on the sofa. “What if we sat here for a while before heading up?”

Kerry stood next to Annie and let his eyes wander over the sofa. “We might get sleepy here.”

“It’s possible.”

“And . . .” He pointed to both ends of the sofa. “There are pillows and comforters here.”

Annie said nothing for a few moments, allowing the implications of the ideas they were considering settle. “It’s not like anyone ever slept here.”

Kerry picked up two pillows and laid them at one end of the sofa. “Otherwise why would they have this here?”

Annie picked up a comforter and spread it out. “Only makes sense.”

“It certainly does.” Kerry waited for Annie to pull the comforter back before laying down and pressing himself against the sofa back.


Hey, you kids:  what are you doing?  I’d say they’re getting ready to go to sleep . . .


Annie lay next to her soul mate on here right side, her back against him. She reached down and pulled the comforter over them, snuggling it over their shoulders and around their necks. “You know we could get detention—”

“I know.” He slid his left arm over her waist. “We’ll just have to get up about five or so and head up to our rooms.”

“That isn’t a problem.” She sighed as she watched the fire go out. “You’re not worried?”

Kerry rubbed his nose through Annie’s hair. “If we get detention . . .” He pulled back her hair and kissed her behind the ear. “It’s worth it.”

She took his left hand and held it tight. “A month ago you wouldn’t have said that.”

“A month ago I was only starting to know how I felt about you.” As the fire finally died and the embers began to smolder, Kerry brushed Annie’s cheek. “Good night, Annie. I love you.”

She touched the back of his hand. “Leka nosht, Kerry. I az te obicham.”

They relaxed and closed their eyes, Kerry’s arm once more around Annie’s waist, her hand still in his.

They drifted towards their dreams as the shadows embraced and held them tight . . .


And there they go, zero shits given if someone stumbles across them on a Sunday morning–which, traditionally, is a time to sleep in, so if they sneak up to their rooms on a floor they share with no one else, all should be right in the world.

I’m sure the shadows will tell them if someone comes.

13 thoughts on “Dancers in the Dark: Away Into the Shadows

  1. Whoah. They’ve been together 4 months and it’s only like, one month ago when Kerry realized he loved Annie ? So how did they get together? Annie confessed first, and Kerry willy nilly accepted ?

    And they met in London ? Are they both British ? kerry mentioned Boxing Day, too.

    Is Salem THE Salem in Massachusets ?

    • 1. Yes, they’ve been together for four months. Annie told Kerry she loved him, and he got a strange look on his face and said “okay”. He told Emma when they were on their first break during the Day of the Dead Attack that sometimes he felt as if he knew Annie for a lot longer than a couple of months, but that wasn’t possible–was it? 🙂

      2. Yes, they met in London. Kerry is half-Welsh, and his father works for the BBC full-time and his mother works for them part-time. He lives in Cardiff. As Annie told Deanna, her mother informed her at the beginning of August that Kerry was going to school at Salem, and that Annie should go as well (she was thinking of going to another school at the time). As mentioned many times, Annie is Bulgarian, but she told her parents she wanted to meet Kerry in London, and what Annie wants, Annie gets. This is why Kerry knows Boxing Day.

      3. Yes, Salem as in Salem, MA. The school is located in the middle of Cape Ann, north of Gloucester and west of Rockport (one of the reasons the far southern bend of the Green Line track is called Gloucester Bend). If you look at the area on Google Maps, it looks like there’s a huge forest there: Kerry saw that on his computer the first time they arrived. He doesn’t see that now. MAGIC! 😉

      • I was supposed to correct that Annie was Bulgarian, but I posted right away, . But then , I thought, she could be bi-lingual. And British citizen.

        How come Annie’s mother knows Kerry, even where he’s going to school? Do people with special abilities ( wizards and witches ) know of each other ? If it’s only Annie among all the students at Salem who has a witch mother ( what’s the term for that , again ? ) that means the parents are all ” normal”? So, how do they know about Salem and the like ? Like, who contacts whom ? Or , is the existence of the witches’ world already known in the ” normal” world? Do students study other subjects like English and math ?
        Ooops, sorry… too many qustions. But I’m so interested in the world you have created . XD

        • Annie’s mom knows about Kerry because Annie finally told her mom the name of the boy she was seeing in her dreams, and her mother used her connections in The Foundation to find out if he was real or not. She found out he was, but never told Annie–whom, we discovered, never knew if Kerry was Normal or Aware (non-witch or witch). Annie always assumed that Kerry was Normal.

          Yes, Kerry’s parents–as are the parents of all the other Normal children–are also normal. That doesn’t mean there WEREN’T witches in their family at one time . . . just wait.

          The Foundation is always looking for aural signatures that indicate a child is becoming Aware. Deanna told Annie that first meeting they had that The Foundation had watched Kerry for a while, because he grew up outside San Francisco, and that’s the North American headquarters of their Guardian Division–sort of like The Foundation’s CIA/NSA. They picked him up right away. With Annie it was easy: she was already in the computers.

          And they do study English, Math, Basic Science. When they’re done at Salem they can go to any college in the world like they and hold their own. And Erywin’s Formulistic Magic class does teach the basics of Chemistry.

          • Oh, my gosh, I hope I’m not badgering you already. I do want to go back and reread everything but I have no time… so busy these days.

            So, how does the Foundation manage to convince normal parents to have their children study at their school? Kerry’s parents work at BBC , so one would think he’d ask questions. After all, Kerry ‘s just a child, and he’ would be taken from them.

            I assume the school is acredited, although normal colleges are not aware what else are taught over there.?
            I guess it’s totally different from Hogwarts, huh.

          • With Kerry’s parents they told his parents that they’d studied his grades and realized his potential, and that they were sending him to a private school FREE OF CHARGE. They sort of compared it to getting a Genius Grant. As one person told me, hearing that your kid is getting like $15,000/year in free education is selling point enough.

            They explain the school is private. Anyone looking into it will find a back story–just not the back story they’d expect. There’s a Normal website, and then a website for the Aware. And since the Foundation has it’s fingers in everything, getting into a college isn’t hard, because The Foundation will make up a bogus school transcript for you. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

            No, ONE ON outside The Foundation–other than the parents of the kids–knows what goes on at Salem. And for Normal kids like Kerry, their parents won’t learn the truth until after they complete their B Levels, their second year.

            No. Nothing like Hogwarts. The Foundation is really proactive: they truly are training the people who may one day run the world. Right now they more or less hide in plan sight, but they’ve been around at least 200 years, and witch as lot longer.

          • Bahahaha ! FREE STUFF ! You had it covered, Cassidy. You more or less have answered most of the questions swirling on my mind . I guess I don’t need to ask what would happen once the parents were told about Salem. That’s definitely for the future.

            yeah, I should have known the school can make up a transcript of school records.

            Do the kids sign a document that states what responsibilites they have with regards to their school after they have graduated ? So, the school authorities are proactive…. but do they keep track of former students, but have no say on how they live their lives? Or that won’t be revealed yet?

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