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The Boy Who Found His Wingmate Troubling

Where were we?  Oh, yeah:  let’s go off somewhere private and talk.  This is one of moments that I knew I had to write, but . . . really, I’ve sort of dreaded it.  Even more so that having Kerry fight a monster and then end up in a slight coma for his trouble.  But, you know, you do what you have to do.


Yeah.  Moving on now . . .


All excerpts, this page, from The Foundation Chronicles, Book One: A For Advanced, copyright 2013, 2014, by Cassidy Frazee)

She didn’t take them far. Not far inside the first floor of the East Transept were two corridors leading to the Instructor’s Offices, located on the north side of the transept. Emma entered the first corridor and walked in about four meters.

Kerry followed her in and looked around. “There’s no one here?”

“The only instructors still around are Douglas, Kishna, and Palmescoff.” Emma’s eyes flicked towards the transept. “I checked the notices display. Douglas and Palmescoff are at the residence; Kishna’s over in Ceridwen Tower.” She turned back to Kerry. “We’re alone here.”

"Here" being that little corridor just to the right of center.  Good thing the headmistress went back to France . . .

“Here” being that little corridor just to the right of that staircase in the center. Good thing the headmistress went back to France . . .


I know where everything is in my hall–more or less–but you have to admire how cheeky it is to go talk in private right where some of the instructors have offices.  This is the are that Erywin spoke of when she said Helena was taking care of some business before they jaunted back to England.  The reason for this is simple:  some instructors–like Helena and Vicky and a few others–have main offices that are so far away from the students that they have locations closer to the action.  Now, with Helena, she could just jaunt out to The Witch House–which she does–do a few things, and then jaunt back.  Vicky’s the same way, as are most other instructors.  Some instructors don’t need to use these spaces because they already have a couple of offices.  Erywin, Jessica, and Deanna are like that:  they’re coven leaders, so they not only have an office in their towers, but in the buildings where they teach.

Deanna is interesting, however:  it seems like most of her interesting business, like speaking to distraught young girls about their boyfriends, takes place not in her coven offices, which is right there in The Pentagram, but out at Memory’s End, which is a nice little walk if you don’t know how to teleport.  Maybe she likes the seclusion . . .

Let’s get back to the action, so to speak.  What’s on Emma’s mind.  It sort of looks like life and death:


He still didn’t know why she needed them to be completely alone, but now that they were here— “Okay. What’s up?”

She looked at the floor and sighed. “I never thanked you for saving my life.”

Now Kerry stared at the floor, embarrassed. “Oh. It’s okay.”

“No, it’s not. I mean . . .” Emma’s eyes continued to shift back and forth away from Kerry as she spoke. “I couldn’t visit you in the hospital, and then after . . .” She finally managed to make eye contact. “I just couldn’t find the time to come and say something.”

“Well, it wasn’t like you didn’t know where I was.”

“I know, it’s just—” She chuckled. “I just couldn’t.”

She probably felt bad about not saying anything to me right away. “Like I said, it’s okay.”

“No, Kerry—” She seemed about to smack him in the arm, then stopped. “You saved me twice. You kept me from falling to my death, and then from being eaten by a monster.”

“I know.”

“And then Wednesday, when we had the awards ceremony . . .” She shook her head with her eyes half-closed. “You and I being up there with the other people on patrol was great, but then when they starked talking about what you did—”

Kerry had been embarrassed enough by last Wednesday’s awards ceremony, with The Foundation people coming in to honor those who participated in the defense of the school during the Day of the Dead: he didn’t want to go over it again. “What I did I would have done for anyone with me that day, Emma.” A big grin broke out on his face as he almost laughed. “I saved myself that first time—”

“You saved me the second time, and you could have died.”

There was no arguing about what he did, what he would have done no matter what or who, and he decided to accept the accolades. “Yeah, I can see that.” He stared at the floor for a few seconds as he tried to keep from blushing. “You’re welcome.”

Emma’s face lit up. “Yeah?”



And this is all true:  Emma didn’t come by to see Kerry in the hospital, but then she was a bit of a gibbering mess at the time, too.  And he was in a coma and was being watched over by a girlfriend who wasn’t all too happy with a certain wingmate at that point in time.  So coming by the hospital to say hi, thanks for saving my life–not a good idea.

That’s why you wait until they’re five thousand miles away to say your piece.  Oh, and to do this . . .


She stretched out her arms. “Can I get a hug?”

“Um, sure.” Kerry closed the narrow distance between them and wrapped his arms around Emma’s shoulders as she did the same around his waist. She lay her head upon his shoulders and stayed their for a few seconds before she slowly broke the embrace. Kerry didn’t look directly at her; he was fully aware that he’d just hug someone since coming here that wasn’t Annie, and it wasn’t setting right with him. “Okay, so that’s out of—”

Emma wrapped her arms around Kerry’s neck, pushed him back into the wall, and kissed him hard.

Kerry was frozen by shock at first. It was as if he brain couldn’t register what was going on, what was happening to him—why was Emma doing this? He put his hands on her shoulders and started pushing her off: it seemed like it was taking forever, but Kerry knew he was stuck in some strange time dilation, and that her hard, stumbling kiss had lasted only a few second.

He’d only managed a few seconds of pushing when Emma backed away from him. Her eyes were bright and shinning, and a smile slowly formed. She exhaled as color returned to her face. “I never kissed a boy before.”

Kerry was afraid to move from the wall. “Emma—”

“I’m glad you were my first—”

Emma.” He wasn’t processing completely the event that just happened. “Why’d you do that?”

“Because I didn’t do it two it two months ago.” She turned away for a second; when she turned towards Kerry again her face was bright and shinny. “I so wanted to kiss you when we were hiding out in the wood. I was going to if you hadn’t passed out—”

“No.” His head was shaking back and forth like he’d lost control “Why did you kiss me?”

She stared at him for a few seconds as if she hadn’t understood the question, then began to chuckle. “You really don’t know, do you?”


As my daughter would say, “Okay, then . . .”  And for anyone asking, yes, when I began writing this novel almost a year ago–I began this novel the evening of 30 October, 2013–I knew this event was going to happen.  I even knew it when I was plotting it out.  And, just as Emma said, it originally was going to happen when they crashed landed, but I changed it up to this moment because, well, it made more sense.

But I knew Sneaky Emma would get in her kiss.  And I also knew Kerry’s reaction . . .


The moment the question left Emma’s lips his stomach sank as he flashed back to his first night at the school, and the moment when Nurse Coraline asked a question that eventually changed his life: You really don’t have a clue, do you, Red? His hands slowly rose towards his face. No, no: this can’t be. He touched his warm checks as a strange fear started oozing up from somewhere deep inside. This can’t happen; this isn’t happening . . . “Emma, please—”

“I like you, Kerry.”

He put his hands against his head and turned in place. “Don’t say that—”

“I’ve liked you from before we went out on patrol.”

He stooped turning and faced her. “Emma, you can’t.”

She looked confused. “Why can’t I like you?”

“Because you can’t. Not that way.” It wasn’t a matter of telling her the truth; it was more that he didn’t want to hurt her feelings—but he didn’t see how he could tell her the truth without hurting her feelings. “I like you as my friend. I like flying with you; I like you as my wingmate. But . . .” Just say it. “I can’t like you any more than that. Annie’s my girlfriend—”

“Don’t you mean ‘soul mate’?”


First off, we have the return of Captain Clueless, who wouldn’t know he was being liked until, well, there are lips upon his, or a ginger doctor telling him that a girl loves him.  And I ended last night’s writing with the “soul mate” remark, and I can hear how she says it in my head, and what comes of tonight’s writing–

Let’s just say it’ll be . . . interesting.

12 thoughts on “The Boy Who Found His Wingmate Troubling

  1. Cassie ( may I call you Cassie ? ), you said that what Annie wants, Annie gets. I think you can say that about Emma, and much, much, more. I knew this would happen, but I didn’t want to believe that she would be physical because she’s only 11. Give her a few more years and she’d be doing more than that. I know love can make a person do crazy things, but a person with some honor in her bones will not do what she just did.
    Instead of thinking of Annie during his vacation, Emma might have succesfully diverted kerry’s thoughts from Annie to her. Good job, Emma.

    Anyway, because of this, whatever empathy I might have for Emma, her behavior just erased it, totally. Is this the part where she becomes inadvertently,the main protagonist ?

    • I think you could say she threw herself at him, which is why he fell back into the wall. There was nothing really subtle about what she did, and I didn’t want to show it as such. Where Annie’s first kiss with Kerry was slow and awkward and sweet, Emma really knows less about this sort of thing than Kerry did. (And there’s also things between Annie and Kerry that I haven’t said yet, and won’t for a while.)

      Yes, I really did see this as a “Emma wants a kiss, and she’s going to take it” moment. She doesn’t know how to “go easy” at this point. You’re right: she wanted her kiss, she got it.

      Also, the next part brings up the whole, “I’m trying to divert you thoughts away from Annie” thing; it’s one of the reasons she brought up the “soul mate” remark, which burned Emma about a month and a half before. Some nasty words maybe be exchanged before it’s all over.

  2. I think I know where that “soulmate” thing is going. Emma wants Kerry to think that being a soulmate does not equal love, because love should come from the heart. However , love can start from little , mundane things as the way a person smiles. Being a soulmate is a pretty powerful reason for falling in love, so Emma is wrong, if that’s what she’s thinking.

    If she succeeded in getting what she wants, it would be very hard to read about a new protagonist that a reader has no empathy for, unless Annie is turned into an evil person and starts throwing death spells. In that case, it would become a tragic romance due to one person’s stupid and selfish behavior.

    Also, maybe she’s trying to convey to Kerry that she could be his soulmate, because after all, he saved her 2x from certain death.

    • You pretty much got the soul mate thinking right, and Emma’s take on it is . . . well, you’ll see. I was actually just thinking about the end of this scene, and I wish I could tell you, but you just have to wait until tomorrow. I love reading your analyzation of this romance, too. This is where writing in a vacuum isn’t always useful, because there are times when I really want to bounce what’s going to happen off other people, but if I do it here, I give away too much of what’s coming.

      Annie throwing death spells, though: watch out what you wish for.

  3. I can ‘t analyze other parts of the story, because they are the “technical” parts that come from your imaginative creativity. All I can do is try to absorb them. Unless you intentionally separate the techinical aspect of the story from the ” human ” side, I have a feeling character will be the one to drive the story forward. As an example, why do we think Harry Potter only uses one kind of spell in battles ? Because that’s his character. It’s a spell that does not cause too much harm to the person. It just makes them immobile. Another thing, he didn’t pursue ChoChang when he realized it was Cedric whom she really loved. Even though Cedric died, and ChoChang was free to love another one, when they kissed, Harry felt the tears falling from Chochang’ eyes, and he just knew the tears was for Cedric and most definitely sadness that she was kissing harry instead of Cedric. He had to back off. Hermione and Ron’s loyalty to Harry, to the point that they would sacrifice their lives for him, was plain and simple character . It saved Harry from death many times over.

    Emma , I think, has already exhibited a great flaw in her character. The students of Salem possess extraordinaty and supernatural power and I believe that only nobility of character can prevent them from misusing this power. The teachers of Salem should watch over Emma. She seems not to care about stomping on other people’s feelings… and only cares for her own.

    • The best characters are those who are flawed. Emma could seem to be only concerned with her own feelings. Annie has been shown to be selfish, unsure of herself at times, and unable to stay completely under control if you push the right button. And Kerry is socially awkward, in need of affection, a bit introverted, and sometimes unable to control his emotions. No one here is even close to perfect. Gifted yes; but there are more than enough flaws to go around.

      • I do understand that about Annie. In fact, for a while there, I worried abou Annie breaking some rules. But for some reason, I find Emma’s behaviour a huge character flaw. She waited for Annie to leave, brought Kerry to a secluded place, and cornered him, and forced him to receive her kiss. For an 11 year old to do that , I not only see that as a character flaw, brought upon by an uncontrollable love, which I understand, but the slyness, and deviousness of the way it was planned, and coming from an 11 year old, makes me wonder what else can she be capable of when she grows older ? And while planning this, she knows that her actions will cause pain to other people. * going to my next class now… be right back*

  4. From where I’m standing, from the outside, looking in, Emma knows exactly the effect of what she has done, since she has been trying to do things that migh cause the separation of the two, hoping that it might lure in kerry to her arms…. what I don’t know are the other consequences of her actions , which only you know, Cassie, , and does Emma herself know ? This situation will affect the seeming unity and harmony of the school populace. Bitterness and distrust will set in because Emma just did something… an act of betrayal. Amd it’s on someone she sees everyday, or will see for years to come.

  5. Is it bad to say that I knew EXACTLY what she had planned as soon as she said “private”? Hahaha! She better hope Annie never finds out, which she will if I have any inkling into the kind of person Kerry is, because that girl is going to get it… And I’m kinda hoping she does… I know… I’m evil. But you don’t kiss a guy who is with someone else – soul mate or not.

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