Pavilion on the Meadow

While I managed to get a lot done yesterday, it wasn’t a whole lot, if you know what I mean.  The writing was there, but I seemed disconnected last night.  Probably due to the fact there were tons of people in Panera last night, and I couldn’t get YouTube to stream worth a damn for most of that time, so it was a bit distracting.  Also, even thought Wednesday is my Write Night, I wasn’t feeling the writing love.  Off night:  you know how it goes.

But I did manage to get Annie so upset that I had to find some choice words for her to say in her native language.  That’s always fun.

Always know what your swearing Bulgarian is saying.

Always know what your swearing Bulgarian is saying.

And how did that get applied?  Like this:

All excerpts, this page, from The Foundation Chronicles, Book One: A For Advanced, copyright 2013, 2014, by Cassidy Frazee)

She’d barely taken a couple of steps out of the hospital when she heard someone yell her name. “Hey, it’s Annie—girlfriend to Kerry ‘Crashibey’.” There was only one place close by where someone could see her and they could be heard. Annie turned to her left—

She saw Lisa and Anna standing in the Rotunda, pointing at her and chuckling. Lisa chose the moment to yell out another question while several students stood nearby watching. “Did Kerry even know who you were?” She laughed aloud.

Annie leaned against the railing. “Shut up, Lisa. You don’t know what you’re saying.”

Lisa wasn’t going to let it go, however. “You gonna spend the night again and give him some special care?”

“Kuchka.” Annie threw her broom, helmet, and gloves to the follow and hurried towards the stairs, then bounded down them two at a time before stopping at the bottom. “You wrecked Kerry on purpose.”

“I did?” She laughed again. “If he were a better pilot, he wouldn’t have hit the wall.”

Annie’s mouth locked into a tight crease. “Vie kato pyana bolen kuchka.” She stormed towards the girl, oblivious to Anna standing just behind Lisa and the other students standing nearby. She unclenched her right hand and felt something dark and powerful growing in the palm. “Ti si tvŭrde glupav za da zhivee.”

Annie stumbled as she was jerked backwards. She was about the turn when the Rotunda blinked out of existence—

That’s how that scene ended:  blinking right out of the Great Hall.  And where did she go?

A second later Annie herself standing in a large field—her initial feeling was she’d been jaunted to Selena’s Meadow. Whomever had brought them here pushed Annie forward, and vanished with the pop of a teleport. Annie spun completely around waiting to see if whomever brought her here would return: ten seconds later Professor Salomon popped back into view carrying the gear that Annie had discarded.

Vicky dropped the equipment and jabbed a finger in Annie’s direction. “You need to collect your shit this instance, Annie; you need to calm down now.”

I would have given anything to hear Snape say, “You need to collect your shit this instance, Harry.”  Talk about the money shot.  And sure, you might debate the wisdom of instructors swearing in front of students–I know what Erywin would say about that–but if you were paying attention to the preceding words, you’ll see that Annie was about to do something bad.  Extremely bad.  Like “You’re too stupid to live!” bad.  And that’s when you jaunt a student out of harm’s way and tell her to collect her shit.

Though she’d never heard the professor speak this way to any of the students, she wasn’t about to be intimidated. “Did you hear what Lisa said?”

“I heard her taunting you, yeah. And I saw you let it get to you.” Vicky took a step closer to Annie and began jabbing her fingers to make her points. “And saw you go after her, in the Rotunda, with all those witnesses standing around.” She leaned towards Annie, coming almost nose-to-nose. “You were about to nail her with a spell, and I’ll bet it was something black—am I right?” Vicky shook her head as Annie looked at the floor. “Dammit, Annie—are you insane? If it wasn’t for me Lisa would be in the hospital and you’d be on your way to see the headmistress. Is that what you want? Huh?”

There were only a few times in her life where Annie felt bowed by the words of an adult—and this was one of those times. She found it almost impossible to respond to Professor Salomon because she knew she was correct. “I’m sorry, Professor. But—”

“But what? Lisa was being a bitch?”

Annie began fuming. “She deliberately wrecked Kerry.”

“I know she did; everyone on the track knew she did, too.” Vicky pointed off towards the north. “Probably because of what he did to her last October in Sorcery. It was payback for that.”

“And what you doing about it?” Annie finally put her anger behind her and returned to the cold, regarding girl that most people saw.

“She was parked for the day, had three proficiencies dropped for reckless racing, and she’s suspended from next week’s class, which will ding all her proficiencies.”

“That’s it?” Annie laughed. “I leave class and I get detention—”

“You want me to drop one of your proficiencies, too?”

Vicky’s always wining the hearts and minds of the kids.  She’s also a former racer, and she not only knows that, she knows her fellow instructors well . . .

“No, but . . .” She rolled her eyes and sighed. “It doesn’t seem fair.”

“What’s fair, Annie? You come from a racing family—don’t tell me you’ve never heard of this happening to your father.” Vicky stepped back and slowly crossed her arms. “Or that he hasn’t done it to anyone else.” Vicky wasn’t actually looking for an answer to that question, so she asked one for which she did. “What’s that thing that Helena always says? You know what I’m talking about . . .”

She half-turned away from the professor before answering. “A good sorceress keeps her wits about her while everything is going to hell around her.”

Vicky nodded. “Yeah, that’s it.” She finally softened her tone. “Do you think you were being a good sorceress back in the Rotunda? Or were you acting like a batshit crazy girlfriend?”

Annie chuckled as she considered the choices. “I wasn’t being a good sorceress, I know that.”

Vicky knows that Lisa is a button pusher, that she likes to get digs in at other students and push them over the edge.  Annie chooses that point to bring up a point about something that hasn’t been covered that much in the stories, but is sort of hanging around in the background:

“I know.” Annie closed her eyes as she considered the possibility of spending another five years at school with Lisa. “She won’t be able to do that next year; I’ll be able to call her out—”

“You could have called her out then.” Vicky sat up and fought to control not waving her hands around as she spoke. “You could have called her out and challenged her to a contact in the Manor, and since I was right there I would have come down and explained that she was being challenged.”

“But . . . we’re not suppose to call out anyone as A Levels.”

“You’re a Legacy; you’re supposed to know how some of the stuff here works. And it’s never been said an A Level can’t call out another A Level: Ramona said you couldn’t be called out by upper level students.”

In that moment Annie remembered the lesson in the Manor where Professor Chai went over the rules of Personal Grievances and how matters were resolved in magical matches in the Manor. The professor’s right: Professor Chai never said we couldn’t call out another A Level, only that we couldn’t be called out by anyone in a higher class level. “Jeez—I should have known better.”

Vicky wasn’t about to disagree. “Chances are good Lisa would have blown you off rather than meet you, and then I would have told her that refusing to meet was the same as a forfeit, and that she’d have to cease and desist or she’d get a whole lot of detention.” She shook her head. “Hate to say it, girl, but you blew it.”

Yep, Annie, you blew it.  And hard.  But don’t worry, because you achieved something else–

“Don’t worry: like you said, you can get her next year. And it’s just a feeling, but I think she’ll leave you alone now—”

“What do you say that?”

“Because she didn’t see what I did. When you stormed down the stairs, Lisa had this expression like, ‘Yeah, bring it, bitch,’ but the moment you cocked your hand and began to power up that spell—” Vicky laughed. “I don’t know what she saw, but she definitely didn’t want you to bring it after that.”

Focusing on the moment, Annie saw it clearly, saw Lisa’s expression as she began waking towards her. She wanted me to come after her—but she didn’t realize I might use sorcery. In her mind’s eye she the smug look change to one of panic as she saw the dark energy collecting in the palm of here hand. “I didn’t realize that until now.”

“That’s ‘cause you were too busy getting ready to light her up.” Vicky turned where she sat and leaned closer to her student so she could speak confidentially. “Just between you and me, what were you going to use?”

“I was going to try and Electrify her.”

Vicky scoffed. “Just like a sorceress.” She put her hand on Annie’s shoulder and gave it a slight squeeze. “You’re like a little Helena, you know that?”

“I don’t know that she’d like hearing that.”

“Are you kidding?” Vicky stood, not bothering to elaborate. “Look . . . I’m gonna have to add a half-hour to your detention—only ‘cause word of what happened is probably gonna get back the the headmistress, and she’ll want to know if I’m doing anything about it. So two hours this Saturday—okay?”

“Okay.’ Annie stood next to Vicky. “I’ll do better next time.”

Yes, you will, Annie.  And at the same time, in front of witnesses, you just established yourself as a bit of a hot head who might really light you up if you get on her bad side–just like a little Helena.  Whom Vicky thinks would be tickled to hear that Annie had been described to be like her.  “I’m so proud of your, Annie.  You were going to kill her, just like I would have.”  Can hear that conversation now.

(In case you were wondering, Helena did kill a student when she was an A Level.  It’s okay, though:  she brought her back to life.  And no one ever screwed with the Young Mistress of All Darkness again.  You’ll eventually hear about how that happened.)

One more scene, in the hospital with Annie and Kerry, and then it’s on to Ostara, and then Chapter Thirty-Two.  I’ve already deleted scene in each of the next two chapters, which I mark with a big “Delete” comment:

I'm keeping Thirty-Two under wraps.

I’m keeping Thirty-Two under wraps.

And then I go back and decide if I’ve going to use that text later in the story for something else, or if I just get rid of it.  I like to do things that way because it’s easier for me to track things–and you never know if I might want to put that scene back into that chapter, or as I mentioned, another.

Really, can’t wait to get to Thirty-Two.  It’s gonna be so much fun.

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