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A Girl and Her Rune Dream

First off, just to prove to you that I do head out to Panera and write, I now have photographic proof, staged as it may be.


I believe Dire Straights wrote a song about me in the 70's.

I believe Dire Straits wrote a song about me in the 70’s.

That’s normally what I look like, save for the fact that I don’t have my ear buds in, but that’s due to having to reach over to the other table and get the camera.  You can also see the shiny keys from eight years of typing on this computer–that’s right, eight years.  One day I’ll have to get a new computer–as soon as I find a keyboard layout I like, or I invest in another portable keyboard.

We left off yesterday with Kerry getting the news that his “simple sex dream” was probably a lot more complex than that.  He was sent on his merry way–off to Sorcery, which is a laugh a minute, let me tell ya–and he sent Annie in to do battle with Coraline and Professor Arrakis.  Well, mostly Deanna, because these two do most of the talking . . .


All excerpts, this page, from The Foundation Chronicles, Book One: A For Advanced, copyright 2013, 2014, by Cassidy Frazee)

Annie didn’t waste any time getting to the point. “What’s going on? What’s wrong with Kerry?”

Deanna wasn’t interested in wasting time, either. “Kerry came into the hospital last night—”

Coraline stepped in. “There wasn’t anything wrong with him, but he was agitated, a bit upset. He spent most of the night and left in the morning without incident.”

“Annie—” Deanna’s soft voice drew her attention. “Kerry had a dream vision.”

“He did?” Annie couldn’t keep the shock off her face. “And he remembered it?”

“Why wouldn’t he?” Deanna almost grinned.

Annie didn’t know what she should say: she wasn’t aware of Kerry having a dream vision before this. “What was it about?”

“I can’t say, because I told Kerry that I wouldn’t devulge details. I will say, however . . .” He cocked her right eyebrow. “It pertains to your rune dream.”

Annie sat and stared at the seer for a few seconds before she found her voice. “You didn’t tell him that, did you?”

“No, I didn’t. It’s not my place to divulge the contents of your rune dream.”

She looked down at the floor below her feet. “Thank you.”

“However . . .”

She expected she wasn’t going to like what Deanna was going to say next. “Yes?”

“Kerry wants to talk about what he saw—one can tell. He won’t on his own, however, not without some prompting.” Denna drew in a deep breath. “It’s time you both discussed your rune dreams.”


Hey, kid:  it’s time to start talking about you dreams.  Hope there wasn’t anything embarrassing in them . . .


Annie hadn’t thought of her rune dream in months, but the mere mention of it almost froze her where she sat. “Professor, you know what’s in my dream—”

“Yes, and Kerry’s, too.”

“There are a number of things I’d like to discuss with Kerry, but—” Annie shook her head. “That isn’t one of them.”

“Not even if it’s related to Kerry’s vision?” Deanna turned her head just a little to the right. “You have to talk about them.”


Well, then:  it seems Annie doesn’t want Kerry to know all her secrets.  She wants him to remember all their dreams together, but she’s rather he not know about this dream.  Does it involve Bulgarian pop singer?  Hum . . . hard to say.  Well, not really, but she doesn’t want to talk about it–

Sort of.

However, Deanna sort of drops a bomb on Annie–


“Yes, I know.” She turned back to Deanna. “Why should we talk about our dreams now?”

“Because I told you, long ago, that you would. I said that the time would come when it would be necessary to discuss what you both saw. Well—” She locked her gaze upon Annie. “That time is now.”

“We can’t wait?”

“No, Annie. Waiting could be detrimental to your relationship.”

Something dropped out of the bottom of Annie stomach. “How so?” Always cool and composed, she felt that composure beginning to slip away. “Are you saying—”

“Not discussing these dreams would be a mistake—particularly your dream. You tell it to Kerry, the chances are good he’ll talk about his vision.” Deanna’s demeanor turned serious. “And then you can compare his to yours.”

It took Annie a few seconds to realize what Deanna was saying. “My vision? The one I had in Memory’s End?”


Annie couldn’t help letting her voice rise. “How do you know about what happened in that vision?”

Deanna remained as calm as she’d been throughout their discussion. “Because you told me.”

What?” Annie’s breathing slowed and her eyes grew narrow as she focused upon the seer. “I never spoke with you about that vision—”

“Yes, you did.”

“It didn’t take that long.”

“You were in a trance for almost eight minutes.”

The only sound at the table for about ten seconds was Annie’s breathing. “That’s impossible.”

“No: you were in a trace for almost eight minutes. As well as Kerry.” Deanna tossed her head to the side. “It was necessary.”


Knowing that Annie never really gets that excited, it’s sort of fun to imagine her voice rising in “agitation” as she realizes that someone has something on her that she doesn’t want known.  And that’s when she learns something else:


“What—?” Annie started at Deanna with dawning comprehension. “The tea cups.”


“You enchanted them.”

“Yes. Stirring the tea would force you both into a trance.”

“Why did you do that?”

“Because the day before, on the flight from Amsterdam, while we were adjusting to Salem time, I had my own vision.” Deanna’s tone turned soft and confidential, such in the way when she’d spoke with Kerry. “Adjustment sleep is dreamless; you are out and you wake up some time later relaxed and refreshed. Only that day I had a vision . . .” She leaned towards the young girl. “Of two children—not returning students, but A Levels who’d come to Memory’s End searching, one said, for answers. The vision told me that while they were visiting they’d fall into a trance and it was possible they’d both experience visions that would change them.”

Deanna sat back against her chair. “When something like that comes over me, under conditions which shouldn’t bring about a vision, I listen to what I shown. Especially when I recognized those students as the same ones who found their way into our private air compartment. And since my vision showed that you’d fall into a trance—” She shrugged one shoulder as she smiled. “I took steps to ensure it’d happen.”


When Seers Get Visions . . . they listen.  And Deanna was listening.  So here we have events that popped up about, oh, two hundred thousand words back, coming home to roost more or less.  And when people ask, “So why do you spend so much time plotting out your stories,” this is why.  Because something simple like having tea on Orientation Day with the sweet Muslim Seer leads to–


“Did you make us have visions?” Annie found Deanna’s actions astounding—though she wasn’t certain yet if she should be angry or not.

“No one can make you have visions, Annie: there isn’t a seer in the world that can do that.” She shook her head. “No, I only set up the corrected conditions to make it possible, but I had no guaranty it would happen: all my vision show was it was possible my visitors would have a vision.” She held out her hands. “I merely set the table; Kerry and you created the courses.”

“And I—” Annie found the next part difficult to believe. “I told you about my vision?”

“As it was happening.”

WHAT?” She recoiled into her seat. “I told you what I was seeing?”

“Annie . . .” Deanna’s grin spread wide across her face. “You were doing more than seeing.”


Um . . . safe to say whatever Annie was seeing, there was a lot more happening.  And it’s something she’s a touch embarrassed about telling Kerry.  I’m guessing–bad cooking class.  Probably.

Annie needs to know something else about this vision Deanna had that led to their visions:


Knowing this face gave Annie a dozen different ideas about what Kerry could have seen—and raised another question. “Were the runes enchanted, too?”

“Yes and no. Runes are strong amplifiers, and if a person is inclined to dream visions, they tend to cause the person to reach deep and summon visions that are personally and often kept hidden. There wasn’t any guaranty either of you would have a vision—but if you did, it would be a powerful one.

“No, the enchantment was in place to prevent you from discussing them with each other. I gave you the warning that you were not to talk about them, and that help reinforced that you would.” Deanna set her elbow upon the table and rested her chin on the back of her hand. “As you can see, there was a reason for waiting.”


Yeah:  I had to wait for your boyfriend to have his sexy time vision–and it does make one wonder just how much Deanna does know about the kids.  If you’re thinking, “She’s probably had more than one vision about them,” I’m not going to give you an argument.  I’m just not going to confirm your theories.

We head into the wrap up–


“Yes.” She stared off into space for a second before getting back to the subject. “What now, Deanna?”

“Here is what you’ll do.” She pointed to Coraline, who was finishing writing something. “Coraline is giving you a tardy pass for Sorcery; we did the same thing for Kerry. Helena won’t question it, so no worry there.

“Once in class Kerry will probably ask you questions about our discussion. Tell him that you can’t talk in class, that you’ll tell him during the walk back.” Deanna smiled. “Which is probably a good thing to do, since Helena would object to your talking.”

“Yes, she would.”

“On the way back to The Pentagram you are to tell Kerry that we discussed the your rune dreams, and that is necessary for you to discuss them alone and in private. Don’t stop to eat: retrieve your runes and go somewhere away from The Pentagram where you’ll be alone and undisturbed.” The seer’s eyes flashed towards the ceiling. “The north shore of Lake Lovecraft has been a good place for you . . .

“Once they, you only need exchange your runes to break the enchantment. Once that’s done, you’ll find you’ll not only be free to discuss, but you’ll remember every detail as if you had them last night.”


That Deanna:  she thinks of everything.  So does Annie–


“Is there anything that will make discussing mine any easier?” Annie still felt a slight trepidation at the thought of explaining this dream to Kerry.

“Do you know the axiom ‘Be careful what you wish for, it may come true’? Well . . .” Deanna nearly smirked. “This is it made real.”

Annie didn’t want to dwell on her wishes— “Wait—”


“I just realized something . . .”

Deanna sensed that Annie had already grasped the truth about these dreams. “And that is?”

“You said they were dream visions.” She closed her eyes slowly. “We both had visions—personal ones.”

“That is true, Annie—both about as personal as they get.”

“So what I saw—”

“Was a view of a possible future.” Deanna stretched, trying to work out the knots in her legs. “But after hearing your first vision, I knew that.” She looked down for a few seconds, then regained contract with Annie. “I think our business is finished. You should get on to class.”


Yep, you had some strange, personal visions, now it’s time to go to class and wait a few hours before you discuss it with your boyfriend.  But after Annie leaves comes the postscript:


After she was certain Annie had left the hospital Coraline stood and stretched. “I hate to say it—” She twisted at the waist a couple of time before facing the coven leader. “If I didn’t know you so well, I’d say you played the hell out of those kids.”

“Ah, but you do know me well, Coraline.” Deanna sat against the table edge. “And it would be wrong of me to ‘play’ them, as you put it.” She shook her head. “No, I prepared the stage, nothing more.” She looked over her shoulder at her friend. “Everything that happened after that was them, indirectly or directly.”

Coraline knew Deanna was telling the truth, and she wouldn’t have gone though the trouble to set up this long game unless there were a good reason—or she’d seen something. “So they’ll talk about these visions?”

Deanna nodded. “As much as Annie might not want to discuss these matters, she will. And so will Kerry.”

“Right.” Coraline cleared her throat. “And you know what happens after that?”

Deanna stared at the privacy enchantment for almost ten seconds, before giving the only answer she could. “Yes.”


Yeah, I wouldn’t tell that to either of the kids that you know what’s going on in their lives–or that you may have known about this for months and you’ve been sitting on it because, well, you just can’t tell people about the future, least they try to change it or force it to happen.

With this out of the way, we now get to the meat of the chapter:  the rune dreams.

Remember these?

Remember these?

And first up we’ll find out what Annie doesn’t want Kerry to know.

Probably has something to do with insides trading of Euro Zone stocks.


NaNo Word Count, 11/18:  1,890

NaNo Total Word Count:  34,728

18 thoughts on “A Girl and Her Rune Dream

  1. I’m really disturbed about Deanna’s warning of not forcing a vision to happen, or not to happen.

    About the runes…. that sexy dream of Kerry’s does not have anything to do with that rune dream that he had to relay to Deanna, right? I mean the sexy dream was like recent, while the rune dream was a month ago?

    So which dream are they going to ralk about, the rune dream, or this recent dream of kerry’s ? Are they really similar ? Hint, hint

  2. Cassie, I’m getting confused …..

    okay, they both had these visions at Memory’s End ( teacup )…. and now you reveal Deanna sort of induced the visions to come out. i know Kerry had that vision…. but Annie didn’t figure in that vision, it was another girl… ( I remember kerry blurting out Port Nelson…. I don’t know if that’s significant ) Then apparently, Annie had a vision too…. though you omitted to write about that . All this time , I thought it was only Kerry.

    Then, they were both given runes… I guess that’s for them to dream and remember the dream ? They both had to divulge their dreams to Deanna, and not discuss it with anyone.

    Then there’s kerry’s sexy dream …..

    My question…. which dreams exactly are they going to reveal to each other ? The runes, yes, that’s clear… how about the vision at memory’s End ? Is kerry going to divulge that, too ?

    • You’ll find out. It’s the section that’s coming up. Trust me: I will tie all that together.

      And there was a reason I didn’t write about Annie’s vision at Memory’s End, because . . .

  3. I have a feeling Annie’s rune dream is sexy, too, that’s why she doesn’t want to reveal that to kerry…. but you hinted that her rune dream is similar to kerry’s erotic dream. You didn’t say anything about his rune dream though.

    I’m also disturbed that their teacup visions will change their lives. that’s what Deanna said. But Kerry’;s vision at memory’s end didn’t have Annie in it. And kerry was aware of i… because he didn’t reveal the gender of the ” person” who figured in his dream. That’;s life – changing ? ?

    • As I’ve mentioned (1) Kerry’s vision does happy, and (2) it won’t happen for two more years. You have to wait until you see how it unfolds–all I need to do is write that, um, third novel . . .

      Trust me. It is life changing. In a lot of ways.

      • Which vision ? he has had 3
        1. teacup
        2. rune dream
        3. erotic dream

        I’m sure you’re referring to the ero dream vision? It sure is a happy one, he he

        the teacup vision …. it seems he wasn’t happy

        that leaves the rune vision…,. I wanna know that. is it a happy one ?

        Oh, my gosh, I’m obssessing. Yikes. help, Cassie. hint, hint.

        I didn’t sleep for this chaptyer, waiting for you to update ! !

      • More questions here…..

        What vision will happen in about 2 years ? kerry’s teacup vision ?

        By the way, I assume both Kerry and Annie fell into a trance at the same time. But it’s odd that it was just Kerry whom deanna had asked about the vision. And I think Annie came out of the trance before kerry did,. I recall that Annie kind of gasped when kerry suddenly blurted out the name Port Nelson out of the blue. What’s in Port nelson ? Was that the place that Kerry saw in his vision ? Why did Annie gasp when she heard it ?

        i think Annie’s rune dream and kerry’s ero dream are the same. Annie didn’t want Kerry to know that she had an inappropriate dream, he he. Deanna had hinted at that anyway, and Annie was made aware that , yeah. 🙂 Annie’s a pervert, too. ha ha.

        I want to know what kerry’s rune dream is. And Annie’s teacup vision.

        Also, why did Deanna say it was “URGENT” that Annie and kerry talk about their visions now ( at least, the rune dreams ), ” because not talking about them would be detrimental to their relation ship? ”

        of course , I won’t get any answers… booo. LOL

        • 1. Yes, his teacup vision. I mentioned that to you in the email.

          2. Annie actually shook and almost dropped her cup. And they came out at the same time. And if Deanna’s innuendo is any indication, she wouldn’t have asked Annie about it in front of Kerry.

          3. Annie the Perv. She’ll come after you for that. 🙂 Just imagine if Emma finds out about this . . .

          4. You’ll find out Kerry’s Rune Dream since there’s a scene titled “Kerry’s Rune Dream”. That’s pretty much a giveaway.

          5. You’ll have to wait on why it’s detrimental to their relationship not to talk about it. I think I talk about that in the forth novel. 😉

          • 1. yes, you did. it will come out in the 3rd novel… which is about 2 years from this latest.

            2. maybe her hand shook because she had a vision that she and kerry wouldn’t be together anymore

            3. Now, cassie, why did you mention Emma ? I have this nagging feeling Emma would be the other girl in a triangle…. and I’m almost 100 % sure Annie and kerry would break -up, for what reason , I don’t know, and he would be with Emma , instead, I’m alright with that. What I’m not alright with is the fact that you stated Annie would never give up on Kerry. That , in itself, is an indication that they will indeed break -up , BUT Annie will not give up. That, to me, is a depressing thought. The image of Annie alone and still loving kerry, while kerry is with another , will make me puke. And knowing Emma’s character, she will rub that fact in Annie’s face. o_O And the fact that Deanna herself warned them not to preven that vision from happening means that both will accept it. What a depressing thought.
            And thiese thoughts have made Kerry less likable to me. When he said I love you to Annie before she met up with Deanna, I . actually. rolled. my. eyes. I was like, yeah, right.

            4. yes, I read your outline. I don’t know his rune dream, but I wouldn;t be surprised if it had nothing to do with Annie.

            5. Fourth novel……. so these dreams are pretty much the core of the entire story.

          • 1. Unless I’m George R. R. Martin, then the third novel comes out in 8 years. 🙂

            2. Maybe, but . . .

            3. Do not worry about Emma. In time things will work out with Emma.

            4. You’ll be surprised.

            5. They’re at the core of this story, but they do set up things along the way.

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